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10 Relationship Red Flags You Should Never Over Look

Relationship Red Flags


Many people are fond of talking a lot

about ” relationship red flags“, but in reality they don’t understand what the term means exactly. I know that some questions might be ringing in your mind some of which might be, Are all red flags the same for everyone? And should red flags be a reason to walk away from a relationship? or should red flags be addressed and mended. If any of these questions are running through your mind worry no more because in this article we will take our time to explain and give answers to this question and other questions relating to relationship red flags.


What Are Relationship Red Flags?

In simple term, relationship red flags are signs and behavior that shows/tell you that a person probably can’t keep a healthy relationship. In other words relationship, red flags are like early warning signs that tell you to quit a relationship, and proceeding down the road together would be emotionally and mentally dangerous.

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Relationship Red Flags vs. Yellow Flags

It’s very important to understand the difference between a red flag and a yellow flag in a relationship, this will help you to know the right time to walk away from a toxic relationship. In a Relationship, red flags simply indicate that they are a need to cease or back away from a relationship, while yellow flags are is a signal that the relationship can stand but only needs caution. Yellow flags may be some little character our partner’s exhibit but we can help them to change while red flags are behaviors that are above our capacity to handle.


10 Relationship Red Flags To Look Out For


Before you can deal with relationship red flags you first of all need to be able to identify them properly before knowing how to deal with them. But unfortunately, many people see relationship red flags as a normal package” rather than see them as warning signals.


Below are some relationship red flags you need to know 


1. Lack of trust :

Lack of trust should not be overlooked because this is a serious relationship red flag. When you and your partner are not yet Officially married and your relationship is already suffering from lack of trust you both should call it a quit in other to avoid unnecessary pains that might come in the future.


2. Narcissism :

Whenever you noticed that your partner is becoming a narcissist you should put them to caution because narcissism is a very visible relationship red flags that is capable of destroying your relationship and your emotional life.

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3. Jealous :

Jealously sometimes can be harmless because it is now common in a relationship. But if when your partner starts to become possessively jealous over everything then it is a relationship red flags because the jealousy of your partner can lead to several harms, it could even lead them to commit several wicked act such as injuring someone or something even worst.


4. Obsession with social media :

In as much as social media is fun, it is very bad to let your partner become addicted to it because when it turns to become their habit it becomes nearly impossible for them to have enough time for you or the relationship.


5. Abusive behavior

In as much as we can become patient with our partners whenever they abuse us, it is highly not advisable to remain in a relationship where abuse either emotional abuse, verbal, physical, or s*xually abuse is frequently repeating itself.


6. Lack of healthy open communication

Communication is a solid foundation of every healthy relationship, so if you and your partner can’t communicate openly this simply means you are ashamed of your partner or your partner is ashamed of you. And if you keep ignoring this relationship red flags it going to run you into serious problems.

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7. Frequent lying :

Frequently catching your partner being dishonest is a clear relationship red flags, “We might be all guilty of telling white lies but if you frequently notice that your partner is consistently deceiving you then it is a great relationship red flags that you should not ignore.


8. Isolate you from their family and friends :

Whenever you noticed that your partner is trying is isolate you from his or her family you should become very careful in giving in fully to the relationship, Maybe they don’t intend to marry you later.


9. Keep secrets :

If your partner is purposely vague and secretive, it raises a warning signal that you need to be careful because being excessively secretive is a dangerous Relationship red flag.


10. Disrespectful or Doesn’t Respect Your Boundaries

In your relationship, how does your partner treat you? this is a great question that you need to answer within yourself, if you noticed that your partner treats you with disrespect then you should become careful of the relationship or seat him or her down and talk some sense into them but if they continue to be disrespectful it a warning signal that you need to be careful.

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How to Resolve Relationship Red Flags

Before finally giving up on your relationship you should remember this: A healthy relationship doesn’t have to be a perfect one.


If you experience a Lack of trust, Narcissism, Abusive behavior, or Disrespectful behavior, you should learn to keep a watchful eye and also be prepared to honor your mind and make a decision that might seem hard in short-term but of great benefit for long-term, this is the only way to approach and resolve relationship red flags.



Put in mind that relationship red flags are great warning signs that communicate to you directly that your relationship might be headed to doom, in this case, you should try to drop love lead with empathy of reality.


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