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10 Signs You’re In A Relationship With A Narcissist

Relationship With A Narcissist


Relationship With A Narcissists can be very difficult because Individuals who have narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) see everyone as inferior and they always believe they are superior and more l unique compared to others around them. In this article, we will be outlining several signs for you to know that you are in a relationship with a narcissist and also we will be giving you tips on how to handle your partner who is a narcissist.


What is a narcissist?

A narcissist is someone who talks too much about himself or herself or does certain things just to oppress and make others feel less important.


What does a narcissist want in a relationship?


1. Accomodation :

One of the major things Narcissists seek in a relationship is accommodation, they are always in search of a place to run to whenever they have a bad fight with someone especially if the person they had an issue with is in a higher position or more influential than them, they will quickly run to their partner for comfort.


2. Loyalty :

Narcissists require loyalty, many narcissists demand loyalty from their partners, while they keep betraying their relationship themselves, sometimes by even cheating on their partners, without any remorse.


Can you have a loving relationship with a narcissist?


It is very possible to have a relationship with a narcissist but the truth is that It’s very difficult to have a genuine and loving relationship with a person who put his or her selfish interest before anything else.

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In addition, people dating narcissists are likely to experience constant psychological and emotional abuse from the hands of their partners.


How to treat a narcissists in a relationship 

Narcissist some times treat their partner in a unusual manner that will make their Partner feel inferior. Most time narcissist do certain things without thinking how the their partner will feel.


1. Find a support system :

One of the ways to deal with (treat) a narcissist is for you to build up a healthy relationship with people so that you can be spending more time with them. Because a narcissistic personality can make you always sad and leave you emotionally drained.


Try your best to Rekindle with old friendships and try as much as possible to make new ones. Get together with family more often, with this your relationship with a narcissist will no longer stress you.


2. Speak up for yourself :

There are sometimes that ignoring someone and walking away is the best response to give to them, but sometimes you should open up and tell them your mind. If you continue to speak up whenever your partner does something wrong to you he or she will notice that you don’t like what they are doing and might retain from what they are doing but when. you are always silent they might continue to hurt your emotions.

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3. If you don’t want something to be used against you, don’t share with your narcissist partner :

It is a common act for narcissists to use something odd about you as a form of manipulation to get their way or muck you, so you should be careful when sharing certain sensitive and personal issues to avoid unwanted embarrassment, from your narcissistic partner, because there is a possibility that he or she might use it against you if sometime in the feature.


4. Don’t Take Things Personally :

In other to gain peace of mind when dating a narcissist you should learn not to take certain things too personally because they will only make you feel depressed. When you take Evey actions if your partner who is a narcissist serious it will leave you feeling emotionally attacked and frustrated.


5. Accept Who You Are :


Narcissistic individuals usually lack empathy toward others, they hardly appreciate people’s efforts and look for a silly mistakes to condemn someone’s hard work so when you are dating a narcissist learn to always appreciate yourself for who you are. Whether he or she appreciates you or not, you need to take care of yourself and protect your mental and emotional health.


6. Put your own needs first :

When dealing with a narcissistic partner don’t let his or her needs prevent you from achieving your own needs, this is because they hardly appreciate someobe effort so what the need of trying to drum on a rock.

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7. Praise his good behavior :

Positive acknowledgment makes a narcissist more likely to change their behaviors. If your partner does something that you like feel free to appreciate his or her effort and tell him, this will not only feed his or her ego but let him or her know that they should do the same thing in the future.


8. Encourage your partner to seek help :

A professional therapist may be able to help treat your partner’s ego ensure to also advise your partner to seek professional help. And when telling him or her ensure to tell them politely, for example; Tell your partner that you think he or she should seek help and that you’ll assist them in the best way you can.


9. Don’t put too much attention on the relationship :

The reason we advise you not to put too much attention on the relationship is because the relationship is likely to crash in no distance time and if you put your full attention on the relationship when it crashes it will deeply affect your phycological.


10. End the relationship if you need to :

If you have tried all you can but your partner is still abusive or toxic, just know it is the right time for you to leave. Remember, you deserve to be in a happy and loving relationship.

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Dating a narcissist might be possible but it is very difficult to keep a healthy relationship with a narcissist because he or she will also make you feel emotionally down. We are advising you that after trying everything that you can and your relationship is still not giving you Joy the best you can do is to take a break and move on with your life.


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