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16 qualities of a good husband you should look out for


Important qualities of a good husband that makes him a real man (men)

Qualities of a good husband is not always seen in all men because

any male child that is grown can be a man but it takes a self-

discipline, matured not only by age, self- confident and a positive

attitude male child to be a real man.

Therefore, the qualities of a good man is not frequently nor easily found.

Most men do believe that with their constantly kind of whatever

lifestyle that women will just fall in love with them but that’s not

it. Your “whatever kind of lifestyle”, only shows that you are “a

man alone “that cares about nothing but himself alone

Qualities of a good man is as follows:

qualities of a good husband

Personality: A good man is passionate about everything he

does, his Sense of humor is unquestionable, he is intelligent, he is

known for his generosity. a good man is less talk and more


He’s confident:  there is a different between someone being

cocky and having self-confidence.  He presents himself in a way

that his good image speaks for him anyway he enters.

He listens: It is obvious that men speak and the women do the

listening. But a real man knows when to speak and when to

listen. Listening doesn’t hurt but it gives room for understanding

to set in between two or more people.

He tries becoming a better man: It is true that it is better to

overcome one own self than competing with anyone. A real man

knows that his greatest challenger is his past life then he works

hard to fight and conquer to become better.

He is faithful and truthful: it is true that men are polygamous

in nature, but a real man believes that he can make the nature

not to have effect in his life there by meaning whatever he says.

He is faithful and truthful in his relationships with people and his


He is supportive:  A good man shows concern and support

toward his love ones.

He is a role model:  If you are a man and a mother has come to

you before and say check my son for me okay? Be my son’s

friend? Give him advice for me okay? Etc then know that you are

a good man. Lol. A good man creates good influence on people.

He is family oriented:  His family comes first in whatever he

does including dealing with money. A family oriented man will

know he has family to feed, clothes and bills to pay, he then

makes decisions and budget for himself. Thereby being careful

the way he spends.

He is well mannered:  his actions and decisions are made with

consideration. He thinks before acting.

He is not a title man: He is not after title (I am the head of the

family) instead he is longing for a way to create a good family


He is a builder: he tries building his home by bringing everyone

together and creating a tie bond not someone who brings in a

strange woman with a strange spirit into his home to contaminate

and pollute his home.

He accepts his fault: a good man is not a man who is perfect

but a man who accepts his wrongs and try amending them not by

claiming to be right but by learning to say I’m sorry please

forgive me.

He’s a team player: he understands that being the head of a

family is like being a captain in a football field, ship. And for the

team to win, team work is not a must by it is necessary whereby

caring more about the team winning is more important than his


He is a man of vision: he sees beyond what the normal eyes

can see. He leads with the realization that his actions today will

affect his life and others in the future therefore he doesn’t judge

the future by comparing it with the now.

He is humble: Now days it is hard to see a man that his humble

even after making money. But a good man is not cocky, he allows

his meekness and people to tell his stories.

qualities of a good man

He is not a bully: A man who raises up his hands against a woman is less than a man. a good man knows that hitting a woman is wrong.


  1. Go for a man who is not a show off.
  2. Go for a man who is not perfect but he is ready to be the best guy for you.
  3. If you are not a club type, then look for a man who is not club addict.
  4. Go for a man who is not a flirt.
  5. A faithful man.
  6. A man who is not proud.
  7. A man who knows that life is not to be joke with so with that he won’t joke with your feelings.
  8. A man who knows that distance is just a physical stuff but love is in the heart.
  9.  Someone you have something in common.
  10.  someone who knows that love fates away but is only understanding and communication that keeps two persons together.

With these qualities of a good man, use it wisely, don’t lose your man for another woman.

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