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Why do girls love boys with flat belly – 32 food that helps burn belly fat

Why do girls love boys with flat belly


Why do girls like boys with flat belly? in our present world today, most girls love boys with flat bellies because having a flat belly makes a guy look young, cute, flexible, strong, and smart unlike having a potbelly which makes a guy look chubby and older than his age.

 32 food that helps burn belly fat

One of the reasons we should work on belly fat is to make our partners happy cause most girls are very proud to have a boyfriend with a flat belly and are very proud to introduce them to their friends and family while some girls are a shame to introduce their fat and potbelly boyfriend to there friends and family


 Five (5) Advantage Of Burning Belly Fat

1. It makes you look Smart :

It is true that most boys with potbelly usually look fat and chubby which make some of them not look Smart, an added advantage of having a flat belly is that it makes you look Smart in almost all feat you wear


2. It makes you look younger :

It is certainly true that having a flat belly usually makes a boy look younger than his age unlike a pot belly tends to make people look older than their age eg a chubby and potted belly boy of 25 years old might seems like he is 30 years old while a slim and flat belly boy of 30 years might look as if he is 27 years old or less


3. It Makes you flexible :

Mathematically most boys with flat bellies tend to be more flexible than other boys with potbelly having a flat belly is an added advantage for you to be flexible


4. It helps lose unnecessary weight :

having a flat belly helps eliminate all unnecessary fat and weight that chubby and people with potbelly are experiencing


5. It helps make a guy active :

A potbelly boy is not always active sports-wise but a guy with a flare belly is usually active when it comes to sport


 Advantage Of Burning Belly Fat In A Relationship

1. It makes your partner be proud of your physical appearance

2. It gives you the confidence to show your body in public as most people with potbelly are sometimes ashamed of their body shape

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32 Food That Helps Burn Belly Fat Fast :

some of the amazing food that helps kill belly fat include,


1. Blueberries :

According to a scientific study of food and nutrition blueberries contribute to losing abdominal (belly fat) The scientific experiment shows that blueberries contain the total body weight (1). Blueberries are also very high in vitamins that enhance the immune system to work well


2. Milk :

Milk is one of the amazing non plant food or fruit that help to burn belly fat fast, milk contains calcium and other necessary vitamins that help kill fat belly fat


3. Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are one of the amazing food that helps to lose belly fat very fast, They are also rich in essential nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants that help fight disease and lose those extra pounds.


4. Peas

peas are a great food agent for the loss of belly fat either you choose to have green peas or split peas, both are great for losing belly fat. Peas are high in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. They also contain complex carbohydrates, which are a good source of energy.


5. Blackberries

If green tea does not help you do the magic for you, then you can consider blackberries for and consume some daily, For every 100 g of blackberries, you get roughly 37 milligrams of catechins which is about 14 times more than what you can get in 3/4 cup of green tea.


6. Grapefruit

This fruit is one of the best food and is very good for losing belly fat Studies done on both animals and humans have shown that those who eat grapefruit daily or drink any type of grapefruit juice are likely to have better belly fat loss results. Because grape reduces insulin level and encourages weight loss.


7. Oatmeal

Oats are one of the foods that help burn belly fat fast due to their high fiber content. As we have seen, fiber helps fill the body, which means you eat less per day. oats are not just great belly fat loss foods. They are very rich for your overall health as they lower your blood cholesterol levels, boost the immune system, and regulate your blood glucose levels.


8. Pumpkin

just like oat has a high level of fiber content pumpkin also contains a large amount of fiber and low calories which helps to burn belly fat very fast


9. Salmon

Salmon just like eggs, is a very rich agent of omega-3 fatty acids that work great for fat burning. Salmon is also rich in lean protein which enhances satiety and your metabolism.


10. Chilies :

Chilies are known to help boost your metabolism, albeit for a short while which helps you burn more calories which equal weight and belly fat loss.



Other 32 food that helps burn belly fat fast are,

1. Mushrooms

2. Raspberries

3. Nuts

4. Avocados

Best Foods For Weight Loss:

5. Eggs

6. Grapefruit

7. Coconut Oil

8. Chilies

9. Peanut Butter And Other Nut Butters

10. Oatmeal

11. Chickpeas

12. Dark Chocolate

13. Salmon

14. Broccoli

15. Pumpkin

16. Chia Seeds

17. Tart Cherries

18. Sunflower Seeds

19. Quino

20. Peas

21. Blueberries

22. Beans

23. Milk

24. Yogurt

25. Bell Peppers

26. Apples

27. Tea

28. Blackberries

29. Turmeric

30. Farro

31. Fermented Foods

32. Kiwi Fruit

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