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5 Causes Of Emotional Damage

Causes Of emotional damage


Emotional Damage is a State of emotional suffering, it is a state when a person is mentally and psychologically down, its symptoms are depression and anger.


They are a lot of things which cause emotional damage some of those things are some happenings in our environment e.g. place of work church, market, etc. while others are some happenings in a marriage or relationship, it is most likely to say that the popular cause of emotional damage in our society is as a result of happenings in our marriage and relationship.


1. Causes Of Emotional Damage


Divorce/Break up :

Divorce and breakup happen to be a major factor that causes emotional damage. when a person gets an unexpected divorce or heartbreak his heart immediately gets weakened and his emotions get a damaged cause of the shock that comes with it.


Death Of Love Once :

The death of a loved one is another major factor that causes emotional damage, this is a result of the sudden shock you experience on hearing the news. Another thing that prolongs emotional damage is when you think of the nice times you have shared with each the, when you remember the promise he or she made to you or when the dead person is your close friend or your spouse this will temporally prolong emotional damage


Debt :

Debt is another cause of emotional damage when one is in debt, he or she becomes emotional down especially when the agreed payment date is by the Conner, frequent reminders of dept an individual is expected to pay causes that person to be scared which is the foundation of emotional damage for example “Benita is a student of bright international School, and she is owing to a school fee debt of $120 and the school exams are in three days time and all students are expected to pay their fees before they can be allowed to write their exams at this point whenever Benita remember she needs to pay her school fees and the consequences attached if she fails to pay her fees she will at that point become emotional damaged”

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Serious illness/sickness :

When someone is suffering from a serious illness like HIV, gonoria, or syphilis frequent reminders of such illness and the effect on the body will cause the person to be emotionally damaged for example ” Mrs favor is a single mother living a happy life with her only son, but Mrs favor was diagnosed of leukemia and the doctor told her that she has only 5 years to live whenever Mrs favor remember her leukemia illness and the doctor report she becomes mentally distorted and emotionally damaged

Barrenness Or Childlessness in Marriage :

When a couple gets married for several years without children it places a kind of tension on the couple as a result of stigma that might arise from the environment and other family members, when such a couple remembers their state of Childlessness they become emotional damage and mentally distorted for example John and Mary have been dating for some time and they both decided to get married eventually they finally got married after five years of being married they are yet to have a child or children and several people start mocking them at that point both John and Mary will become emotionally distorted/damaged

Causes Of Emotional Damage

2. Symptoms Of Emotional Damage


Confusion: when one becomes emotional distorted he or she becomes confused and absent-minded an emotional disturb person tends to be confused and forgetful in whatever they are doing

Anger: Another symptom Of Emotional Damage is that the person will become unnecessary provoked and any little thing angers him or her

Depression: An emotional distorted person is usually depressed feels utterly dispirited or dejected

Withdrawing from friends and family: an emotional damage person love to be alone and always try to withdraw him or herself from friends, family, and the society

Headaches: as a result of serious depression and anger an emotional damage person is prone to Head ach and fever



3. Signs Your Friend Might Be Struggling Emotionally

some of these are some signs for you to know that your friend is emotional struggling

when he or she becomes unnecessarily annoyed with any little thing

When he or she becomes moody always

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When he or she takes several actions without minding the aftermath of such action

when he or she no longer does those things that give him joy


Conclusion :

When ever you see someone who is going through a lot emotionally try your possible best to draw close to them and comfort them in there emotional pain with this you might save a life cause many people who where emotional damage committed suicide because they had no one to talk to or any shoulder to lay on.

If you are going through this emotional trauma, feel free to join our relationship space.

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