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5 Simple Ways To Make Him Chase You


Simple Ways To Make Him Chase You

You want to be pursued, right? After all, we all have that nagging fear that we’re not good enough. That no one will love us for who we are. While some of us have been conditioned by society to feel this way, you may want to know how you can make him chase you and not the other way around. If your relationship feels like it’s going nowhere or if you’re trying to figure out what’s missing, see this article for some advice.

1. Stop being so independent

Stop being so independent. People like to follow others, they like to be led, and they like to be inspired. Give them something to follow, give them something to believe in, and they’ll give you everything in return.

For example, at a restaurant once I was having a conversation with another couple. One person had just gotten out of opioid addiction. The other was the “momentary” hanger-on for a porn star. They both wanted to quit their jobs and make something of themselves. I looked at this couple and wondered why did they want to do this at all?

What made them decide to get off their butts and get a real job? It wasn’t because they were tired of their 9–5. They could have continued slinging burgers and drinking beer, and they wouldn’t have changed anything. Once they decided to take responsibility for their lives, they wanted to give something back to the world.

The world responded very positively to this couple. When they wanted to do another interview on the show they were invited to, the people in the restaurant came out and bought them dinner. They were able to sustain this level of success by taking responsibility for their lives, treating everyone as a friend, and taking nothing for granted.

Be the nurturer when you can. I was saying all of this to say that being independent isn’t that great. There’s a lot of negativity and fear that comes with being too independent and without eating the right food or sleeping at the right time. Get your shit together and take care of yourself before you show your partner how amazing you are. Your pain may be greater than his if you don’t start making yourself vulnerable and starting over with him.

One of the most satisfying experiences for me was when my significant other and I fulfilled a childhood dream to be CEOs of our own companies.

2. Compliment him often

Compliment your partner often. I know this sounds like a no-brainer, but don’t underestimate the power of a simple compliment. A compliment can be as simple as telling your partner how great he or she looks in that dress or how kind he was to take the garbage out. In a long-term relationship, compliments are golden.

Treat your date lightly. Your date doesn’t need to be your best friend or your life partner. You just need to treat them lightly like a third wheel. Even in someone, you met casually on a date, treat them like a person. Give them your phone number when you see them on a given evening. Spending time with someone, even a casual person, fosters the desire to be closer. You learn more from someone you spend time with than you would if you spent time solely with your ideal person.

Take your phone away from your partner after sex or on special occasions. Don’t want to hear another “I told you so, baby!” from your partner? Retire to your room alone for a few uninterrupted hours. This is supposed to be an intimate and exciting time. Why do you need to ruin it with your phone? Let your love talk forth and forth.

Don’t fight over your coffee. If your date has a problem with their coffee, tell them. Give them a chance to convince you. Shouting your disagreement — if you both share a similar opinion — won’t make it go away. Wait until the morning to argue over coffee if you want to get anything done. It’ll take a little pushing, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

Create highs with your punctuality. You want your partner to be grateful for the morning. Scheduling things well in advance keep your relationship on track. Whatever you choose, be consistent. Set aside a clear time for phone calls or meetings. Schedule time out for yourself as well.

Practice cool communication through calling.

3. Make him feel jealous (in a good way)

There’s a difference between making someone jealous and showing off. Take the time to build an amazing life for yourself and your partner will be happy to be a part of it. Don’t try to make someone jealous by showing off your amazing life – it’s not cool.

Every day I wake up and find my soul bursting with energy. I walk through my front door, look outside, and immediately feel alive. Life is random, where yesterday I might have had a peaceful morning, and a few hours later sun might have set. I remember a time when I hadn’t gotten out of bed for weeks at a time. I was stuck inside thinking about all the things I wanted to accomplish in life. My life was a mess and slowly I allowed it to become that way.

I’m alive. I have goals and I’m overcoming my past mistakes. I’m grateful every day I even live the way I do. My goals exceed my fears and I love every minute of them. Life is unpredictable and my love for being a partner means that the next day won’t be too bad either. You also won’t want to live differently just to please someone.

Jealousy shows people that their opinion matters more than someone else’s. It may seem harmless, but it’s a silent killer. When you make someone feel jealous, they’re more likely to talk bad about you to others or say things that even you don’t like. They also may not want to be in a relationship with you anymore because of the way you make them feel.

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Jealousy comes from an unresolved past. You may have suffered a lot, experienced heartbreak, or feel like there’s something missing from your life. You’re afraid to open up because it brings up too much pain but you need to tell someone this so that they can show you there’s more to life than what’s been taken from you.

This is important. It may be hard to share your feelings, but you need to do it.

4. Be mysterious

Don’t be afraid to leave some things up to the imagination. If people have to guess about you or what you do, they’re more likely to engage with you and try to figure you out. A little bit of mystery can go a long way and can make you more interesting and appealing to a wider audience.

If your partner doesn’t know why you’re leaving things to the imagination, it’s best if they don’t ask. And honestly, that could possibly be a good thing. If you find yourself saying something like, “I don’t think I want to know. Why would you want to know?” Well, maybe it’s best that you don’t ask.

We’re still learning as a species and the fact that science hasn’t done everything uses less of your mental energy. As soon as you let someone know your feelings on something, other people are going to start getting curious. Because as we all know, curiosity leads to making connections.

Do you want little hints and nuggets of information like how your hair feels right now, or is it a mess? Do you want to know if you ate too much, or was that a big Ritter Sport? If you want to know how you’re feeling, go ahead and ask. If that fails, that sounds like a whole lot of information to give out. You’re giving up some control, but for the safety of others around you, sharing information in a way that feels safe is the best course of action.

Not all of our conversations need to need to end with, “Gosh, woman, how are you?” and footsteps crunching around in the room. Maybe we can just start with, “Hey, where are you going?” That way, there’s no guessing involved, and it doesn’t matter if he gets confused. All he has to do is say, “Where am I going?” and it’s safe to tell him where to go. And if he’s following you while you walk for some reason? Just say so.

5. Don’t always be available or easy to get a hold of

It’s important not to be so easily available that people take advantage of you. If you’re always available, people will always expect you to help them. Be sure to set limits and be selective about when you engage with people. This can be even more difficult if you’re with a person you really like, but it’s important that you do it. Leave people to their nefarious arts and evil plots! If you want to have a wholesome, fun, non-serious relationship with someone, please spend less time texting them when a potential deal pops up. There needs to be some negotiation first.

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Once you establish some level of mutual respect with someone, it’s nearly impossible to look at someone — friend, business partner, family member — and actually dislike them. Give and you shall receive.

Take a few days. It does take a few days to see some patterns. Well, really, it does take about 30 days, but you may want to ease into it a little. The point is to slow down and savor those moments because they’re so precious. Write them down. Investigate. Go see the person in person. Either call or send them a message via text/letter.

If your goal is to get a certain person to like you and want to hang out with you, be sure to do a few things during these 3 days. First, spend time together, even if it’s just socializing. This helps to establish trust and sets you up for broader conversations like the one about you and your goals for your relationship. No one is truly lost once they make a connection with you. It’s imperative to make this process enjoyable, so make it your goal to see as many people as possible, leave notes, and ask to speak to their manager. Remember, people are people. Let them know you value their viewpoint and that you respect their work.

If you had to choose — none, I think, we’re better than the other.

There are a lot of ways to make him chase you but these are the 5 simple ways.

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