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6 positive signs she is into you


Understanding the Signs she is into you

signs she is into you: It is true that most men do not understand nor notice when a lady is indirectly making a move on them.

No matter how the hand writing is written boldly on the wall, they still don’t get it. with a question mark without understanding the signs she is into you

N/B It is not only men that always develop a chemistry for a lady first.

Most times, ladies do. For a lady not to ask you out, ask for your contact, your name etc first doesn’t

mean that ladies don’t have feelings except a man woo them before the chemistry starts developing.

At times it is because she doesn’t want to be seen as a slut, because in some part of the world, if a lady

ask a guy out or let me say initiate the love affair’s discussion, she will be seen as a cheap prostitute and

with that kind of mentality from most guys, ladies in that part of the world can not initiate nor open up

directly to a man she loves. But instead, she will be sitting and waiting for the day he will make a move

on her and most times, such waiting is in vain.

In this aspect, you can’t blame any of the party because is not their fault because the two parties are in


But when the man has no knowledge of how the other party feels too, he feels reluctant and without

courage, he can’t initiate the move in which the other party is waiting patiently for.

In this article, you will get to know some common signs you should look out for.. signs she is into you,

  1. ATTENTION: It is not easy to have a lady’s full attention. When I say full attention, I mean


undivided attention if she is not into you especially when you two are sitting out.


Note: a lady who is just your friend will always react either by smiling, arranging herself etc


when another man from the other table is admiring her from his seat. At times without you


noticing, she will look for a little act to perform just to send a signal to the other man that there


is no attachment between you two than just friends.


  1. CHEERFUL: she is always happy being around you, she laughs at every silly jokes that proceed


from your mouth be it entertaining or not as long as it is from you. At work, if you are sad or


dull, she will be available trying all she could just to make you smile she doesn’t mind doing silly


things just for a smile on your face.


  1. STARRING: this is the most common part of being into someone that you must always observe


but that doesn’t mean that everyone that stares at you is into you lols.


Let me explain this. There is how someone stares at you and by you starring back at him/her the


reaction on the person’s face changes. It may be a smiling reaction, an angry reaction, a shy reaction,

eyeing reaction etc.

Now this is my point.

“look out for those reactions” and know how and when to arrange your game and step up.

N/B but if is an angry reaction, my brother that’s not love whispering oh that is danger which means

disappear. Take my advice and thank me later. lols

most times, the heart and the eye speaks the same language especially when it comes to reactions.

So learn how to read someone’s face to help you identified a fake smile and the real smile because

both have something attached to it.

  1. PHONE CALLS: most ladies prefer texting to calling. But if she starts calling you like every day


morning, afternoon and night not for anything important or business but just to check on you,


my brother, you don’t still need a physician or a counselor to examine you then finding out that


those are signs she is into you full time.


And if you call her, she picks it up immediately. Don’t blame her nor call such desperation.


It is the power of love and she can’t help it because all she needs is those three words from you.


I LOVE YOU. Which if you don’t look out, it may be too late when you now decide to say it.


  1. DOMESTIC: She comes around just to help you with some chores around the house, cook for


You, your laundries and at times sits to have some fun, jokes with you.


Note: she doesn’t come around to help you because she is jobless nor is she a chef but she


comes around so that you could see her and notice her.


All she needs Is your attention.


  1. DISCUSSION: Once a lady uses a man as the sub heading of their discussion, know that it is


either she is in love with you which you are safe OR she dislikes you which is unsafe.


She discusses about you with her friends anytime the winds of love blow and for you to know if


you are safe, check the reaction of her friends around you. If it is positive know that she speaks


good about you to them more often but if their reactions are annoying, know that she speaks


nothing good about you anymore. And no reaction at all means that the love is dying.  And if you


don’t safe it on time by showing her that you are into her too then am afraid if you will be able


to get her full attention any more.


And if after all these signs she is into you that she is showing,  and you still don’t realize in and on time that she is in


love with you, my brother before you will later realize it, it may be too late. And that maybe


when she is already in the arms of another man.


There is a saying that goes this way:


“You may never know what you have until you lose it” but I will say:


“you may never know how much you love and needs a person until you see her in the arms of another man” delay is dangerous.


Do you still have the question mark, “Are these signs she is into you” make a move today.



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  1. Emmanuel says

    But there are some that won’t show you those signs but can’t Wait to say yes to the man. …
    Secondly most guys do not end up liking or loving a girl that truly love them.

    1. Joy says

      Thank you for sharing your own view… We appreciate..
      Even if a girl is desperately waiting to say yes to you, there must always be a sign that tells you that she likes you too no matter how she try hiding it from you.

  2. George man says

    Les settle it here, in western countries women walk to men and tell them they like them, why can’t our women in this part of the country do same without having anything in mind, like feeling so cheap, harlot etc…

    1. Joy Ekpouko says

      yes you are right. but that’s western countries, the level of understanding of other countries may not be same as your own country.
      The way men and women reasons are different. In western countries, there are things they don’t take as anything, but your country may take it as a big deal. so different country with different lifestyle…

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