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9 signs he wants you in his future that will make you love him even more


signs he wants you in his future or signs he wants to marry you are very simple but complicated if you don’t have patience.


If you are truly into a man, all you will be hoping for is for him to say one day,” will you marry me” and

with that kind of feeling, you can’t wait to be his Mrs. lol

But at times you discover that it is only you that feels that way while he feels different things complete

but doesn’t worry from today, you are not alone in this, we will share what we know with you.

Here, I will give you some points that show that he feels the same way about you.

And also a future with you.


signs he wants you in his future
  1. INTRODUCTION: A man who is in love with you and wants to spend his life with you will not be

scared or ashamed to introduce you in public as his woman but not his friend to his close friends.

this act is a simple and direct sign he wants to marry you someday.


2. HE PRAISES YOU: A man who knows what he wants will never stop praising you in the secret and

in the open making you feel like the only woman in the world. Once you occupy his thought, no

other woman matters to him. If tempted because of dressing, he just ends up transforming you

to his taste.


3. YOUR OPINION COUNTS: It is obvious that only a few men listen to the opinion of a woman not to

talk of asking for their opinion. So if your man tells you about anything important and therefore

end up asking you for your own opinion, don’t misuse the opportunity because it shows that he

values you and he wants a future with you.


So this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss for anything in the world. See also: SIGNS THAT YOU ARE GETTING DUMPED


4. HIS PLANS: Men can be so secretive especially when it comes to their future plans. They think that

if they tell a woman about their plans that a woman will stick with them even if she didn’t want to

but because of the secret he shared about his life plans. So if a man includes you in his plans and

also opens up to you in other to plan it together, he is planning a future with you.



5. HE ASK YOU ABOUT YOUR PLANS: Not all men know that there is value in asking or trying to support their woman’s dreams. A man who wants a future with you will go the extra mile just to see a

smile on your face because he knows that if it works out for you, it will also be in his own favor.

Because you two are one.


6. HE VALUES YOUR COMPANY: when a man gives you his time even without doing anything but

you two just stay together maybe playing any kind of game or be chatting with each other constantly without him being bored.

If he finds you interesting. It means he can spend his life with you without getting bored.


7. RECOGNITION: When a man loves you and wants to spend his life with you, he recognizes you

even in your absence and in his future plans. Example building of a house, number of children he

wants from you, etc.


8. ATTACHMENT: Once a man gets so attached to his family, your friends, your loved ones, etc.

it is a sign that he wants you but also wants to be accepted by your loved ones.

Meaning he is trying to be part of the family.


9. NO HIDDEN SECRET: For a man to open up his secrets to you, it means he can trust you, and a

man who trusts you mean that he believes in you, and it can only take a man who wants a

future with you, to trust and believe in you.



Okay after all been said in knowing the signs he wants a future with you, many ladies still miss out on such opportunities of marrying a great guy because they thought that he or all men are the same.


Especially if all the guys you have dated in the past came as gentlemen but turn out to be the opposite of what you pictured in your heart about the relationship already. so here are some signs…

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  1. A man who comes to you for something serious, will not beat you around the bush.

2. He won’t fake his life.


3. He won’t pretend to be happy while things are not cool between you both just to make you happy.


4. A man who loves you will like to tell you the truth no matter how you react to it, he is ready to accept it as faith.


 5. He tells you almost all about his passion.


6. He is not over secretive.. Not because he truth you so much but because he doesn’t want to start his relationship with secrets and lies.


7. He is not doing fine boy instead he rises up as a man to hustle to ensure that he takes care of your needs in any small way he can.

Casual Dating Vs Serious Dating

8. He does not act as if he cares instead he shows that he cares a lot about you


9. He comes as a friend before initiating a relationship.


Note: that friendship was like saying school assessment… lol

10. He tries making you one of his priorities over other things.


11. He is not ashamed of you.


12. He stands by you.


13. A man who comes to date you will just fight for you but not with you. but a man who is serious with you will fight not just for you but will fight with you.


14. He appreciates you almost at all times.


What do you think about your man? do you see any signs he wants to marry you? Or has he said to you”please let me marry you? Can you share…





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