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9 warning signs she doesn’t like you




If you see the signs she doesn’t like you, or she doesn’t want a relationship with you. then you need to change your game and sit up. As simple as A, B, and C. Everyone can’t wear the same size of shoes nor clothes that’s where the individual difference comes in.

In a relationship, we all know what we want before we go into it.

 A relationship is not something you should go into blind, nor neither go in blind expecting changes from the person.

N/B you can change the cover of a book or a page but you can’t change a whole book except you are ready to get a new book completely just like a human there will always be a part of us that can’t be changed, no matter how someone tries.

If she doesn’t like you, that shouldn’t make you feel bad or less of yourself, it simply means, she is not your type and she doesn’t like you as you are into her. How to show someone you really like them part 1

When this happens, never judge her, because you can’t fit in, in her shoes to know how heavy or tide it is. Just take it that she wasn’t for you or that she doesn’t like you.




  • Visions and Dreams.
  • Dressing pattern/ Physical Appearance
  • Relationship with your People
  • Circle of Friends
  • Emotional unavailable
  • Your presence irritates her
  • Avoid quarrel
  • She never accepts fault
  • Nothing ever pleases her


  • VISIONS AND DREAMS: The vision you have today about your life may be the opposite of what she has or want. Or she doesn’t even have plans yet. Therefore if your vision is different from hers, there is a possibility of her not to like you because she won’t pick interest nor see sense in what you do.


  • RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR PEOPLE: Look out for this sign very important. The way you carry yourself and the way you relate with people will determine how people will see nor take you.


Watch out for her behavior with the people around her and watch out for her behavior when she is around you, get to know a little of her from people that know her, or children from her environment. Compare and contrast, then ask yourself, after hearing all these, can I still make my move? Or should I hold my peace and stay away from her?


Whatever the response is, then you take it. But note” don’t try to go and carry a woman who fights with her family almost every day, with her neighbors regularly, curses children frequently for friendship if you know that you can’t take it, or if you know that you don’t like such life. Is very simple that she won’t like you for long.


She may be ready to change but it won’t happen immediately, it will take time and God’s intervention for her to depart from such life. But if you can’t take it. Then the handwriting is boldly written and is clear that she is not your class and since you are not her class, she won’t like you and she doesn’t want a relationship with you. So don’t force it.


  • CIRCLE OF FRIENDS: Show me your friend, and I will tell you who you are. The company you keep determines how people address you.

You can decide to join a bad company because you think you can change them, but that’s not how the people see it.


All they see is that, you are their friends and if anything happens, you will also be suspected. Why?

Because you are addressed like the friends you keep. So choose your friends wisely. It is either you are in, or you are out, don’t try playing a CIA, stand in a distance to change whoever you want to change. Not until you join them.


So watch out for her circle of friends from there, ask yourself the same question “can I fit in? how will I be addressed by people when I start keeping company with her? And remember, your friend’s friends are your friends too.

If after trying your best to change her and she is still as she was, my dear, she doesn’t want a relationship with you and she doesn’t like you.


EMOTIONAL UNAVAILABLE: Being in a relationship with someone emotionally unavailable can be so hard that if you don’t control yourself, you can do something stupid.

Once she stops reciprocating your feelings, your love messages are ignored, a kiss doesn’t occur unless you take her by surprise, even with that, she goes mad and angry at you for doing such thing and for having a childish behavior.

It can be a matter of stress or her mind is occupied with something outside the relationship. it can be a sign she doesn’t like you anymore and she doesn’t want a relationship with you anymore.

So she has to act that way so that you will start complaining about her to use that against you as a nagging man who acts like a woman. 6 SIGNS THAT YOU ARE GETTING DUMPED


still, on warning signs, she doesn’t like you

  • YOUR PRESENCE IRRITATES HER: She gets mad at you for everything you do nor say, her mood chances mere seeing you coming, she avoids eye contact, she chats and laughs with others more than she does with you at home nor in public. you start feeling like a liability inside of you, it means she doesn’t like you.


  • AVOID QUARREL: Most times, quarrels do not come to weaken us but to strengthen us. It is normal for a quarrel to involve in a relationship, friendship, siblings, etc. A relationship with the absence of a quarrel caused by misunderstanding won’t last, quote me right.

If she starts avoiding quarrels because she doesn’t want to sit down with you to talk things out, then she doesn’t like you and she doesn’t want a relationship with you. so with this, she knows very well that the relationship is going nowhere, so what’s there to talk about with you.

  • SHE NEVER ACCEPTS HER FAULT: She is Ms. Right, every other person is wrong, only she is always right. You are always at fault, if the relationship isn’t working, it’s all your fault, if the tax wasn’t paid, is all your fault. Her family visits without your knowledge and you call her to have a chat just to know why she didn’t inform you first, she starts nagging, shouting at you, and even starts calling you names.

Every small thing, she points fingers and threaten to leave the relationship. just know that is the signs she doesn't like you Click To Tweet

  • NOTHING EVER PLEASES HER: You buy her Samsung she said No I needed Techno, You cook dinner for her, No, I want to eat out, you try helping her with her laundry alongside with yours, here she comes ” Who told you to touch not to talk of washing my dresses, are you trying to use me for selfish desires, pretender like you. Give me my clothes.

These are some signs she doesn’t like you

How To Know If A Girl Likes You As A Friend

  1. she is worried if you don’t call.
  2. She looks out for you.
  3. She speaks about your future not because she is seeing her in it but because she wants you to have a great future.
  4. She smiles even when your joke is not fun.
  5. She is open-minded.
  6. She makes your friends and siblings her friend.
  7. She gets you gifts even without an occasion.
  8. She blushes when you look at her while talking.
  9. she is shy when you make eye contact.
  10. She enjoys talking with you.
  11. She easily gets mad at you when you misbehave…



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