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Do cheaters really love you?


Do cheaters really love you?

This is a question everyone likes asking, well you can’t blame them when they say how can he or she cheat on you if he loves you. This is because of the impression they see. Now to answer that question”do cheaters really love you” keep reading.

For someone to be a cheater doesn’t mean that they are allergic to love most times it is just that they are lost in that area making it very easy for them to get attracted and moved to any lady outside who they are with if they don’t have self-control.

So without self-control, it is well easy for someone who has promised you heaven and Earth and even introduced you to his family to still cheat on you.

So yes, cheats do love all they need is self-control.

Note this, if you research to check why these people cheat most times, you will discover that 

1 They are not ready to be committed to anyone just yet.

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2 They have found someone that has captured their heart and left them with a sleepless night when they are not together.

3 They wanna have fun They don’t see that as a problem since they are not married to you yet. This means that anything can change at any time. 

Now you know that someone can still love you but cheats on you.

#Can you still love someone after they cheat?

Love most times can make us do things that we would not believe that we could. Forgiveness is the foundation of a successful relationship or marriage.

But sometimes no matter how we try to forgive, it will be hard to forget the incident and when you remember it, you get hurt again. 

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Cheating destroys the trust which was built in your relationship. That is why it is very important you just avoid it if you still value your relationship.

No matter how much you love someone and the person later cheats on you, then you forgave him or her, it will be hard to forget and trust the person completely again.

This doesn’t mean that you don’t love the person again, of course, you do but not compared to before unless you see a bigger positive change in the person. If not, you will always doubt the person and question his movements and feelings towards you.

So Yes, you can still love a person after cheating on you gradually.


#Do cheaters always cheat again?

There is a saying that goes this way Do cheaters really love you? Click To Tweet. So it depends on the level of cheat… Hahahaha

What I am trying to say here is that most cheaters don’t cheat again if they are ready for a commitment with you. 

A cheater who is in love with u like 75% will not want to hurt you again knowing very well that you might leave him, so what’s the need of doing that again.

But a cheater who is not ready for commitment and faithfulness, will not care much about you leaving him or not because of cheating. Perhaps some continue doing it knowing well very that the lady in the picture is head over Hill for them. That’s to say, she can’t leave him even if she sees him with another lady.

This happens when you let a man know your soft spot without you knowing his.

So it is not all cheaters that always cheat again, you just have to give him or her another chance to see if it will repeat itself. That is the only time you will know your value in your partner’s life.



If you ask me, I will tell you that sometimes it depends on who is the cheater in the relationship. Now let me explain this.

do cheaters really love you

Most men cannot stand a second looking at a lady that cheats on them… Yes, they believe that you have no excuse to cheat on them and that makes you the biggest sinner.

And they are some ladies who love their men that forgiveness is very easy for them as long as he comes back to them.

When it comes to cheating, women forgive and take back their men the most this is not because they are desperate but because they love them and they don’t just give up that easily just because of one mistake which anyone can make. This is them having a soft heart and reasoning with four sights.

So if a man cheats and then comes back home and changed completely it strengthens the relationship and makes the bond stronger. But if it is a lady in the picture more than a half percent of such homes will be destroyed instead of getting stronger.

So 40% of homes if it is a lady that cheats get stronger while 60% fails and when compared with men, 70% of homes gets stronger while 30% fails.

Note that women have soft hearts compared to men.



Before he comes to you to ask for your forgiveness even when you didn’t know about it, simply means that he is sorry and he regrets what he did.

He regrets ever taking your love for him for granted.

And most times, if he doesn’t tell you about the deep he did because he is scared that you may decide to leave him if you were to know about it he will just be acting strange which if you love him closely you will easily detect that all is not right with him.

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So yes, a lot of cheaters do regret ever cheating on the love of their lives.



For a cheater to change, there must be someone that brings him or her back to his senses reminding him that he is getting mature and not getting younger. which means it’s time to start a commitment to one person.

So yes, cheaters do change except he doesn’t want to change.

If you think that you still love your partner and that you can give him or her a second chance, please do. Success your relationship.

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