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A relationship is something that most people including kids do not sit down to think about again before stepping out to go into one. and with this, they do end up in the wrong relationship and that’s why this high school relationship’s advice is very important.

As a high school student, we don’t say you should not try a relationship out but only do that or decide when you finish reading this article.

A relationship: is a process whereby two individuals are intimately and emotionally attracted to each other.  although at times this can occur due to one thing or the other, for example

1 Physical appearance: yeah, physical appearance, more than 80% of the youth chose who they want to be in a relationship with due to what they see, it may be:

i. Ways of combining clothes to wear.

ii. The body shape

iii. The complexion

2 The ways he or she talks, they are people who are moved by the way we talk and laugh.

3 Manner of approach: It is only a responsible man or lady that goes for this one, but the truth is that this is the most important point to look out for when choosing a partner.

4 Academy Intelligent: If you are intelligent, it is likely for many people especially your colleague to try being your friends. etc

Don’t rush into a relationship just because all your friends are in a relationship then you now feel like a loser, from there you also try having one too.

Below is some high school relationships advice I need to share with you:

1 Don’t be desperate: Desperation is something you should never introduce into your relationship no matter how much you love and value the person.

In a relationship, desperation is one of the keys that develops a turn-off from your partner.

2 Be yourself: when you are not desperate nor show your friend that you are desperate, it will help you to be yourself. Being yourself in a relationship helps you to still have yourself respect even if the relationship did not work out as planned.

It is better to leave a relationship and still have your respect at school, between your friends, his or her friends, and also at home.

So be yourself by working on who you are, what you want to be, etc. work also on yourself in the way of understanding things, your reaction to things i.e your temper, your jealousy checked, etc.

3 Don’t be too emotionally attached: although it is not that easy not to be emotional with someone you are in a high school relationship with but don’t let the emotions control you.

emotion is something that if you don’t get checked on time, it will be the one to be deciding for you and it will end up affecting your schoolwork.

so if you are not sure that you are strong enough to control how you feel towards a guy or girl in school, then don’t try a high school relationship.

4 Go for friendship: when you are in a relationship with someone, don’t be too fast to get intimate, in the process of being together during high school, try building a friendship.

Yeah, friendship because that’s what will help you to decide if he or she is okay or if a breakup is better. when creating a friendship, you will get to know the compatibility between you both.

5 Go for someone you have something in common with, if you are intelligent and you then decided to date someone that is intelligent too or that is very serious in trying to be better as you, then such person is okay for you.

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Don’t go into any high school relationship with someone whose interest is not in school.

6 Expectations: when you give your all into a relationship, don’t expect the same from the person. Loves happen naturally, most times it happens in a way we never expected.

so expecting the same thing you offer to your partner, you will only get hurt.

before going into a high school relationship with someone, just know that every relationship does not end in marriage.

A relationship is just a relationship, it doesn’t guarantee together forever. It is better to concentrate on your education and leave high school relationships until you are of age to understand what a relationship is all about.

7 Don’t be arrogant: dating the most popular guy in high school shouldn’t be the reason why people start disliking you at school or in your environment.

If you do, when you finally break up with this guy, you may not be able to re-stand the humiliation from colleagues at school.

so carry everyone along as before, especially your friends, don’t make them feel less of themselves just because you act as if you just won the lotto at high school.

8 Avoid clubbing: avoiding clubbing will help you to stay safe from a lot of things including abortion due to unwanted pregnancy, death due to security issues, etc.

All these things break shame to your family’s reputation and this is something that you may not be able to forgive yourself forever.

9 Stay safe: It is a relationship so, continue living your life because even while dating, life goes on. there are so many ways to stay safe and one of them which is very important is “SOCIAL MEDIA” You are in a high school relationship, it should remain in high school, keep your relationship at the level of a high school kid.

Showcasing your relationship on social media is not a nice idea, so to stay safe, avoid displaying it on social media.

10 Be honest: if you start learning how to be honest with someone you are in a high school relationship with, it will help you in the future, to be honest with your spouse when you finally understand love.


High school relationships do not last because as the name implies, it is high school which means that the people involved are still kids to understand what they want at that certain age.

So when they finally grow up and now understand what love is all about, they will move on and never look back on their high school sweetheart anymore.

To answer your question, high school relationships do not last just as it doesn’t stand the test of time.


More than 90% of high school relationships do not last either there even last more than a year or two.

high school relationships

Although is normal. Not every relationship should or will land in marriage.

High school relationships are just for fun while in high school, so it’s nothing serious.

Now if you are planning on starting a high school relationship with someone you have been crushing on, just make sure that it is with a person that will bring out a positive result in you.

Not someone that will create a negative impact on you.

I guess it was helpful. please leave a comment or a reaction thank you.

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