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How To Avoid Heartbreak In A Relationship

How to avoid broken relationship


How To Avoid Heartbreak In A Relationship: To avoid heartbreak in a relationship there are several things you need to keep in mind, there are several questions you need to ask your self and they are several steps you need to take.


Love is a passionate feeling you have towards a person. A time we love blindly which later hurt us back and causes deep pains and broken hearts to us.


In avoiding heartbreak in a relationship we need to put something in check at different stages, some before the relationship and some during the relationship.


how to avoid heart break in a relationship

• Things To Do Before A Relationship To Avoid Heartbreaks :

the following are drastic steps we should take before entering into any relationship to avoid heartbreak


1. Know your personality/principles: Knowing your personality will help you define the kind of person you want to move out with, For example, if you are a religious pho-natic moving into a relationship with a complete unbeliever is not advice cause both of you will continue breaking each other principles which will later lead to heartbreak


2. Define the kind of person you want to move out with: Before moving into any kind of relationship first of all define the kind of person you want to go out with, Does he or she deserves your love, Does he or she meets your class/standers you able to define the kind of person you want is the first step to lead to a successful relationship that won’t cause you heartbreak.

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3. Define your interest: Before moving into a relationship make sure you know your interest and the interest of the person you intend to date, knowing your interest will save you from going into a lot of relationships that is not worth it.


Things to do during the relationship to avoid heartbreaks :

After choosing the right person you want to move out with this are the following steps to take during the relationship to avoid heartbreak


1. create adequate time for him or her:

Time is one of the essential ingredients for a successful relationship, In any relationship where there is not adequate time for each other heartbreak is inevitable, so always try to make out time for each other to catch some fun, share jokes and hear each other opinion


2. Define boundaries and laws :

defining boundaries and laws is you communicating with your spouse telling him or her what you want and what you don’t want in the relationship and him or telling you his likes and dislike


3. Avoiding third parties: in other to groom a strong relationship that won’t lead to heartbreak you must learn to avoid third parties in your relationship third parties may include your,

° neighbors

° Friends

° Co-workers and even

° Parents

avoiding third parties will keep you on the saver side of taking wrong advice from people


4. Accepting fault: in a relationship try as much as possible to accept certain faults when you know you are wrong. simply apologize to your spouse whenever you offend him or her instead of arguing. And this will make your spouse have high regard for you


5. Date with your Brian’s: In your relationship try as much as possible to take your brain along with your heart, don’t let your spouse be a parasite to you know his or her intention, if he or she just won’t use you for there selfish interest or truly love and appreciate you



• Five (5) General Questions To Ask Your Self Be For Moving Into A Relationship


1. Does he or she truly loves me

ans: Yes / No

2. Am I truly in love with Him or her

ans: Yes / No

3. What am I to achieve from this relationship

4. What are the goals of this relationship

5. Is this relationship leading to marriage or is it just for fun


• Five (5) Questions A Girl Should Ask Her Self Before Moving Into Any Relationship

1. What does he want from me

2. Do he want to just make use of me and dump me

3. Do he really loves me

4. Am I ready too for such a relationship

5. Will this relationship lead to marriage or it is just for fun

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• Five (5) Questions A Guy Should Ask Him Self Before Moving Into A Relationship

1. What does she want from me

2. Does she want just extras cash from me or she really loves me

3. Does she really loves me

4. Am I ready too for such a relationship

5. Will this relationship lead to marriage or it is just for fun


If you have successfully answered each of these questions and you are still convinced he or she is meant for you we wish you the best of luck in your relationship, never forget when traveling with your heart never live your Brian’s behind.

Heartbreak is something that no one should pray for because just as the name implies, it has the power to destroy a victim of it who is not mentally or emotionally strong enough to withstand it. so that is why, it is necessary, to ensure that before you go into a relationship with anyone, you do your homework.

And when you are in a relationship, you also have to ensure that you are doing your classwork alongside. this homework and classwork can be seen among those questions listed above.

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