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6 positive ways on how to get him to commit now


How to get him to commit

commitment is everything in a relationship that is seeing the future and also in keeping a home together, as a lady, love your partner so much that you are ready for commitment but how to get him to commit is the problem now.


You have tried your best doing everything you can just for him to speak up that he wants to commit to but yet, nothing, perhaps he does as if he is not noticing it. But that may be right, he is not noticing it because all you are doing is a sign to him that you are doing it for a purpose just to get something in return.


Doing this, only leaves the wrong impression, sometimes it makes it looks like you are desperate. The truth is that you can’t blame him for thinking that way because you are doing the wrong things at the wrong time.



What do I mean by doing the wrong thing at the wrong time? What I mean here is that you can’t actually do anything to make a man if he doesn’t want to commit and that’s the real truth.


So now that how to get him to commit is very important to you, I will just keep this article short and simple so that you will be able to get all the gist. It’s cool, right? I know.


Before you think of how to get him to commit just know that there is nothing special you can do to get him to commit if he is not ready to commit or if he doesn’t want to be committed to you.


But there are a few things you can do for yourself that will help, so stop thinking of how to get him to commit.


1 Love yourself:  You can’t love someone if you can’t love yourself. It is called self-love. Loving yourself has a lot of roles to play not just in your life but also in your relationship and some of them are;


i. when you love yourself, you will know what the body needs and what it doesn’t need. that means you will ensure that you stay out from what is not pleasing the body including in your relationship that’s because you know what your relationship needs.


2 Learn how to cook: That aroma from your kitchen is better than the restaurant’s food. I don’t need to explain this further I’m sure as a lady, you understand.


3 Your dressing: Okay it is obvious that I like emphasizing this very point on almost all my advice to the ladies because it matters a lot. Your dressing may not be the only thing that keeps a man but your dressing has the power to channel all his attention to you.  


But does this mean that you should walk naked? No please, you can dress decent and no man including your man can keep his eyes off you. It is called “sight attraction” getting attracted to what you see.


4 Be romantic: Okay this is another one, Romantic. this point will not only help you on how to get him to commit but it will help you on how to keep him committed.


When your man is trying all he can just to be romantic so that you will not see him as a boring partner, you also need to do the same.


You can start by watching romantic movies, reading love stories online, reading relationship blogs, and participating in a relationship forum where you can ask questions and answer questions based on relationships.

how to get him to commit

This will help you to start thinking in a different direction, which will help your relationship. Perhaps no man wants a boring woman as a wife.

how to get him to commit is to avoid being boring.


5 Love his family: some ladies can be so funny. Do you think that there is a man with his right senses, who love and values his family that will allow or be committed to a woman who disrespects his family, especially his mom?


Well, I don’t think. When a woman loves her man’s family, you will know, and when she is faking it, you can also tell.


6 Be real: Stop trying to do things just because you want to please your man, more than half percent of men love strong women. Strong women in the area of not claiming to be who she is not just to fit in.

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It is better for a man to know the real you from the start because this will help him to determine if he will want to commit to you or not.


So the power of how to get him to commit is right in your hands, use it wisely and I tell you, you will get him to commit in no time.

Just be yourself.


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