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How To Kiss A Girl

How to kiss a girl


How to kiss a girl – Maybe you have known this girl for some time, And both of you are into each other and you think is the right time to go for your first kiss but you are being scared cause you haven’t kissed her before or it’s your first time to ever kiss don’t worry is not as difficult as it seems all you have to do is to be bold and create a fl*rting scene and when you are sure both of you are ready for the moment when you go for it, With a little passion, tender love and lot of romance


What Are The Steps On How To K*ss A Girl?

how to kiss a girl

1. Practice :

Before going to kiss a girl you really love make sure you have already practiced especially when it is your first time kissing a girl it might sound odd when we said you should practice, Yeah!!! you can practice using your doll or something else the reason we advise you to practice before going for your first kiss is for you to avoid any mistake that will make your girl upset


2. Make sure you don’t have mouth odor:

Before kissing a girl for the first time make sure you don’t have a mouth odor because no girl will like to discomfort herself kissing a boy with a mouth odor, so if you have a mouth odor make sure you treat it before approaching a girl for a kiss


3. Create a romantic scene :

Creating a romantic scene will help put you both in the mood, how can you create a romantic scene?

i. you can take her out on a picnic to a quiet beautiful location then light up the moment with some romantic songs or with some amazing love quotes (check our previous article for some amazing love quotes)

ii. you can take her to your room and share some romantic love stories together or better still watch some interesting love movies together.

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4. Go for it :

When you have successfully carried all these steps by now I know she will be more in the mood to kiss you than you want to kiss her, once you are sure she is full into you no need to ask just full fill what you both are longing for and give her your first kiss


  How to kiss a girl for the first time

Above are some necessary steps you need to take before kissing any girl for the first to any form of embarrassment, like a slap or a fight

after putting her in the mood this is how you should kiss her


1. Take your face towards her slowly :

Take your face towards her face slowly don’t be in a hurry since it is your first time


2. if you are not bold enough close your eyes and :

if you know you are shy and not bold enough close your eyes and put your lips on her lips this is one of the elementary and the simplest kissing style do it softly fell her and allow her to feel you to

3. put your thumb around her face for balance :

The reason you should put your hands around her face is to make sure that you keep her lips firm to yours until you satisfied with the moment

4. Enjoy the moment while it lasts :

since is your first kiss with her I know you are going to catch a lot of amazing moments just enjoy the lovely moment with some cool music.

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  Types of k*sses to k*ss a girl

1. French kiss :

This is one of the romantic ways to kiss because it set your partner’s mind and put them in the mood it is simple just start by locking your partner’s lips with yours and extend your tongue to reach your partner’s tongue and roll it together just feel the moment and enjoy your self


2. The Sugar Kiss :

This type of kiss is best for people who have clean teeth and nice breath this kissing style is been done by putting some sweet substance in your mouth eg ice cream chocolate etc and kissing while you allow it to melt in your mouth


3. Ice Kiss :

This kind of kiss is similar to a sugar kiss it involves putting a cube of ice in between your lips and kissing your partner till the ice melt completely this type of kiss helps pain in the spine


4. Lizzy Kiss :

This type of kiss is related to the way lizards stick out their tongues, In this type of kiss both partners don’t use their lips to kiss they simply use their tongue it might seem odd but it is one of the best kissing styles especially when you are both madly in love


 Other Type Of Kiss To Kiss A Girl Include :

1. American Kiss

2. Lizzy Kiss

3. Single Lip kiss

4. Butterfly Kidd

5. Lip Trace Kiss

6. Nubble Kiss

7. Candy Kiss

8. Earlobe Kiss

9. THE Lip Gloss Kiss

10. Air Kiss

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