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Important Questions To Ask A Guy


Dating does not only have to do with enjoying and flirting around with each other. It is the process whereby two individuals get attached emotionally and in the process, get to know each other. but if you don’t know anything about him, how can you work to make your relationship better? which is why we would be considering some important relationship questions to ask a guy.


At the very beginning reason why communication is deemed very important in each and every relationship it is the key to each and every other door in the relationship that paves way for other things to follow suit

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In as much as having an interactive section in the form of conversation as regards values and goals might be beneficial to the relationship, in the long run, it is also expedient to ask some questions of your partner most especially in events that unfolded in the past, that which is happening currently which is as present and that which is yet to happen which is in the future.



Since you aren’t a mind reader, you shouldn’t for once assume anything about a girl, more so the one you crave to be in a relationship with. Communication is the key to a healthy relationship, and it just doesn’t start and ends with filthy conversations only, It also revolves asking questions of your partner to find out something more about their personalities, one that has never been brought to your notice from the onset.



1. What are the most priced assets you’ve got in possession

2. What actually is your honest take on cohabitation

3. You’ve been flitting around, when do you intend to settle down in marriage

4. What is that one ideal thing you admire and adore about yourself

5. What family tradition do your family members clings on to

6. Who is the most beautiful person you have ever come across in life apart from yourself and perhaps myself

7. Do you still have conversations with your Ex either through calls or texts, if yes mind sharing why

8. What is your taste as regards blends of fashion

9. What is the longest phase you’ve ever been in a relationship, and how long did that union last

10. What is your take on homosexuality

Questions To Ask A Guy


1. Out of each and every one of your family members, who do you share a close bond with; Dad, mum, or a specific siblings

2. What is the one activity that takes place in your family that disgust you the most.

3. If your life were to be a novel, what title would it be

4. As regards life, what is your biggest fear, and in which case scenario would that be

5. Should the opportunity presents itself, would you mind dating two different girls at the same time

6. With regards to every turmoil and challenge, what is the biggest lesson life has ever taught you

7. What is that one weird thing you do in the secret you wouldn’t want anyone to find out

8. What is your honest opinion as regards one being a feminist?

9. Have you gone through any mental health trauma, if yes mind sharing how you went about handling it.

10. What is the most fun and thrilling aspect of being single

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1. If you’re placed with the fantasy of becoming a celebrity overnight, who would you crave to be like

2. How high or low would you consider your fashion sense to be if you were asked to rate it

3. If you were asked to swap names with me, would you mind changing your name

4. What favorite cartoon character would you love to replicate if given the opportunity

5. What is that fun and the thrilling moment you have enjoyed while on a date

6. What would you consider your favorite relaxation spot; at the comfort of your home or hanging out outdoors

7. In a statement, not more than 7 words, what would you define a perfect date as

8. What are those most important traits a girl must-have for you to consider her your girlfriend or partner.

9. Who is that fellow you consider a clown with whom you love spending time with

10. What is that crazy thing you would do to anyone who tries to snatch away the love of your life from your hands and watch



1. What is the most regretful experience you might have had in a previous relationship that might be behind the reason you did not get entangled with anyone

2. Aside from s*x, what other forms of romance do you prioritize

3. How prepared are you would you consider yourself to be in terms of taking up the adventure of being in a relationship

4. What do you or would you consider a red flag in a relationship

5. What. do I stand being in a relationship with you

6. What do you feel about the prospect of having kids

7 What is your biggest fear in being in a relationship

8. At what date, time or place do you see yourself settling down in the future

9. Do you prioritize togetherness as eating together



In conclusion, the ability of a lady to be able to ask the right question is one trait never to be underestimated at all as it opens doors for the guy in question to learn and discover new things about his partner irrespective of how long they might have been in the union.


As a lady, you should never for once form the habit of running out of questions to ask your partner as it comes alongside its own fun and thrills reason while we had earlier compiled a list of questions you can always ask him at will.

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