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Is Arranged Marriage A Good Idea


An arranged marriage is a type of marriage that is planned and agreed upon by families, dating sites,s or guardians of the couple concerned.

Arranged marriage happens to be one of the standard norms in the early days, come down to our days we can boldly see some advantages and disadvantages of arranged marriage in our present world.


The question is arranged marriage a good idea

can’t be generally answered if we haven’t considered certain reasons, advantages, and disadvantages of arranged marriage.

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Reason For Arrange Marriage

In our present world today the few arranged marriage we can see are mainly planned by parents or couples concerned due to one or two reasons of theirs. Some of the following reasons why some parents adopt the idea of arranged marriage include,


1. To protect perceived cultural or religious ideals :

Some parents often arrange a marriage for their children because they are trying to protect their children from choosing partners from a different religion or cultural background


2. Family ‘honor’ or long-standing family commitments :

Most parents arranged marriage for their children because of their reputation in society they want their children to marry a partner whose family is from the same social class as them.


3. To strengthen family links :

Most parents arrange a marriage for their children to marry their friends’ children to them, it will help strengthen their bond


4. Member / reduce the ‘stigma’ of disability :

Some parents who are poor will try all their best to fix to arrange for a rich man or woman to marry their children just to reduce the stigma of being poor


Why Some Dating Sites Arranged Marriage For People

Just the same way partner arranged marriage for their children for one or more reasons for their relationship and dating sites also arrange marriages for their own reason too, some reasons why dating sites arranged marriages for people include


1. To Get Commissions :

Note for every marriage arranged by a dating site two or either of both partners pay a certain amount of money to the site that arranged their union


2. To Get More Followers :

Single people tend to follow top-rated dating sites that can help them get a partner quickly, so most dating site owners try there possible best to arrange more marriages and relationships so that their brand can get more followers and grow fast.


Advantage Of Arranged Marriage

1. Similar values :

Most people who are being arranged by their parents for marriage usually share one or two similar values some of these values might be in terms of religion or even from the same ethnic group. So if these couples share similar values it won’t be hard for the new couple to have a peaceful and successful marriage.

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2. Financial security :

This is one of the advantages of an arranged marriage because there is also a financial aspect when it comes to marriages in marriage.


Many marriages, especially arranged marriages, are not done due to love, but due to the fact that one partner wants to improve his or her financial level. So in an arranged marriage, there is always financial security.


3. No stress to find a partner :

In an Arranged Marriage nigher the boy or the girl goes through any stress to meet their partner all marriage and wedding plans are being arranged by their parents, family, or dating site


Disadvantage Of Arranged Marriage

1. Arranged marriages create unions that often lack trust :

Since both couples hard know there self’s it will be very difficult for the couple to trust each other, thereby exposing the marriage to problems that come with trust issues


2. Potential higher divorce rates :

Most Arranged Marriage has a higher potential divorce rate than love marriage because in arranged marriage the couple never love their self’s at first they only agree to the decisions of their parents and after being married for several years or month and see that the marriage isn’t working they might decide to go for a divorce and rest from the marital trauma.

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Now back to our focus of the day is arranged marriage a good idea,

The question is whether arranged marriage is a good idea can not be a one-sided answer because arranged marriage has worked out fine for some people and also arrange marriage had destroyed the life of most people.


According to some research conducted in India, couples in arranged marriages have more extended periods of being in love than partners who choose their own mates.

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Some research carried out by various love gurus has shown that arranged marriage is a good idea while other research carried out by other love gurus has shown that the idea of arranged marriage is bad and should be stopped. So it is now left to you to weigh both advantages and disadvantages of being in an arranged marriage and if you think you can cope with it then you are free to go into it but if you think you can’t cope with it then you should stay clear from anything called arranged marriage


If you Want to hear the opinion of Relationship Network, We don’t think an arranged marriage is a bad idea, but we advise you to stay clear from it.

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