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Is love marriage allowed in Hinduism?

Does Hinduism allow love marriage


Is love marriage allowed in Hinduism? before answering this question let us look at the meaning of love marriage, love marriage is a type of marriage where both partners (husband and wife) get married on their free will to people they choose to without anyone forcing them to do so. Love marriage differed from arranged marriage as love marriage involved the free will to get married to the person of your choice while arranged marriage is getting into a fixed marriage usually done by the parent or close family members.


Hinduism as a religion is one of the strict religion when it comes to marriage issues. In the early days, the Hindus so much believe that arranged marriage is the best system of marriage because their children are not in the right state to decide for themselves in a complicated situation like that of marriage, so in the early day Hindus worshippers fight anyone who is trying to marry

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Does Hinduism support love marriage

Yes of course Hinduism as a religion is not against love marriage, Hindu Priest says that love marriage is very acceptable because It would be unthinkable for people to force their children into a marriage he or she is not happy about, they also advise their followers to get married to people they love and who people who also love them in return.


What Hinduism says about love marriage?

Hindus who also call love marriage Gandharva marriage advise that all their children who want to go into a love marriage should make sure they have received proper canceling from their parents and their priest before entering into any marriage


Types of Hindu marriage?

Brahma marriage – The Brahma marriage is the type of marriage in Hinduism where parents give their daughter out for marriage to a man of good conduct and learned. A Brahma marriage is when a boy is able to complete his student hood before getting married.


Daiva marriage – Daiva marriage is the type of marriage that is considered very inferior because it is degrading to womanhood. This is where a girl’s family will wait for a specific time to get married. And if she is unable to get a suitable groom, then she would be married off to places where the family chooses, with or without her approval.

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Arsha marriage – An Arsha marriage is one of the oldest forms of marriage practiced by the Hindus it is a type of marriage where the girl is given in marriage to a sage. The bride is been exchanged for some cows in the Arsha marriage.


Prajapatya marriage – Prajapatya marriage is a type of marriage where a girl’s father gives her in marriage to the bridegroom, treating him with respect.

Is love marriage allowed in Hinduism
Is love marriage allowed in Hinduism

Gandharva marriage – The Gandharva marriage is a voluntary union of a maiden and her lover, the Gandharva marriage on it own can be referred to as love marriage. Gandharva marriage in other words can be referred to as ‘love’ marriage, it is Gandharva marriage that is the more closer to love marriage in all Hindu’s systems of marriage. In this type of marriage groom and his bride could wed without their parent’s sanction.


Asura marriage – Asura marriage is when the bridegroom receives a maiden, after having given of his own free will as much wealth as he can afford, to the bride and her kinsmen.

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Rakshasa marriage – Rakshasa marriage is the marriage of a maiden involving her forcible abduction from her home after her kinsmen have been slain or wounded.


Paishacha marriage – Paishacha marriage is a type of marriage where a man takes advantage of a girl who is sleeping, intoxicated, or mentally challenged, it is called Paishacha marriage. This is condemned and known as a sinful act


 Is Love Marriage Allowed In Hinduism? 

If you have read this article from the being by now you will understand that love marriage is allowed in Hinduism and Hinduism is not against love marriage, infact Hindus and their religious head advise that their followers should engage more in love marriage to reduce the rate of broken marriages.



What are the 8 types of Hindu marriage?

1. Brahma Marriage

2. Daiva Marriage

3. Arsha Marriage

4. Prajapatya Marriage

5. Gandharva Marriage

6. Asura Marriage

7. Rakshasa Marriage

8. Paishacha Marriage


Is kissing before marriage allowed in Hinduism?

NO!! Kissing before marriage is not allowed in Hinduism.



Just like other religions, Hinduism allows love marriage they have also created a system of marriage called Gandharva Marriage which allows both males and females to marry a person of their choice. But one thing that Hinduism is against any illicit affairs before marriage.


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