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The Journal Prompts for Depression


Journal Prompts for Depression

Are you feeling depressed? Have ever talked to someone either a friend or a family member about how you feel? What about you putting down what is troubling your heart into a book? There are a lot of ways that can make depression go away and the questions above are the ways. When you are depressed, you have to voice out and that’s why you need a journal but then why journal? Now let’s into the powerful journal prompts for depression.

Writing into your journal is good if you are someone that is having trust issues you are affair that if you tell your family or friends that they will leak it with that you keep all the depression to yourself. Your journal is a private possession that only you have access to it. So why not make it your best companion?

Is journaling good for depression?

Yes, a journal is good for depression. It is only the easier way to help someone out of the miserable depression that is why it is highly recommended by psychologists/therapists, etc.

Journal is one place that does not judge us if we are perfect or not, it does not try to betray us you know why? It is because our journal is like saying our carbon copy. They understand how we feel and how we feel so no matter what we want to tell them while writing, they are ready to listen to us and help us reduce the anxiety we are experiencing.

What is the benefit of journaling? 

There are a lot of benefits in using a journal and here, I will be listing just a few of them but don’t worry because they are going to be the top ones.

journal prompts for depression

1 It helps soften the heart: Have you ever experienced a situation where you are very angry or less motivated on something or someone but by the mention of someone’s name in which you hold dear to your heart, or by seeing something or someone online, you’re angry and less motivation changed?

If yes, then you understand the feeling because that is the same thing a journal helps in doing. When you pen down what you feel on the inside of you that you think that none of your family members or friends are worth hearing about it, it lightens your heart.

So when writing to your journal all you need to do is to have the mindset that you are talking with someone. it will also help you to grow as a person

2 It restructured our heart, mind, soul, spirit, and body.

3 It changes our moods

4 It restored self-confidence

5 It helps reduce the pains which we might feel.

6 It helps with our mental health, etc.

–Do I need to be a journalist before I use a journal?

No, you do not mean to be a journalist before you can start using a journal you just need a pen, pencil, etc. to get started or you used your tab if you have one.

Journalism is for people who have it in mind to write for a living. And not those that are writing about their lives.

–How to Start Journaling

For you to start journaling;

1 You will need a book, tab, or any writing material.

2 You have to set time to be writing, but you must make sure that you pen down something every day especially in the morning when you wake up or at night before going to bed.

3 Example how you feel and make sure that you leave nothing behind. Write your heart out, you are permitted no one will scold you for over-writing so write to your heart content.

4 Writing about your daily activities like your hobbies, your job, exercises, etc.

5 Write about your favorite things like food, your crush if you have one, etc.

Powerful Journal Prompts for Depression

These are a few journals prompts for depression you need to know to help you get started.

1 Write about your happy memories:

When you are writing in your journal, it does not mean that you are only entitled to write down the negative part of your life. Yeah, you are also to write about the good things that have to happen in life. This helps balance the emotions which you will develop when writing about your life experience.

2 What are your zeal: what is it you have always wanted to achieve one day? What is that thing that seems to be very far from you? Pen it all down. Write what you wish to achieve, what you have achieved, and what you wish you had achieved (Your Regrets).

3 Write about your likes and dislikes: ensure that you don’t miss a thing. Write down everything that you know that you don’t like, everything that if someone does to you, it will irritate you. Also, write the things that you enjoy doing so much. That thing that gives you happiness.

4 Write about your love life and fantasy: yeah, you read it right your fantasy. Most times we do dream of how we want our relationship to be when we are ready to go into one. We start imagining our lives then how it is going to be and how people will envy us because of our perfect partner.

This is fantasy, you have to pen it down also. This will help to remind you that you are still in the dreamland that it is not happening in the real world just yet.

Sometimes fantasy makes us remain lazy but you don’t have to worry because here you can learn how to stop being lazy and be productive as a person very soon.

5 Write about anything: You may be writing about how your day went and the things you like and in the process, something else crosses your mind, you must know that you are free to pen it all down.

So ensure that you write down everything that you think is occupying your mind when it comes even if it is an embarrassing thing. Remember that your journal is your best friend that has also experienced what you are going through so with that, it won’t judge you as others could have done.

Always remember to have fun and also chat with friends it will also help you with depression. if you don’t have friends, you are free to join our relationship space on Quora.

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