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6 life partner qualities everyone should have


6 most essential Life partner qualities you need

Your choice of life partner qualities matters a lot..

It is obvious that women were born with four sight and that’s a

good start but apart from this four sight, what have you done to

improve yourself? What is it you want in life and what are your

plans towards that?

What we do and how we do it determines were we are and where we are going.

A friend once posted her boyfriend photo almost everywhere on

social media but few weeks later, she

took down those photos and updated a status saying;

“To hell with those who think I cannot do without them”

When I inbox her to know what brought about such status, she

told me that she had a fight with her

boyfriend which result in breaking up. That is not the kind of man

that she wants in her life.

I now asked her what is your kind of life partner qualities you are looking?

She said;  Do you want to marry or date a Filipino? then start here

  1. A man who will respect me A man who will love me unconditional and shower me with gifts at least A man who will support my dreams and stand by me A man who will love my family. A man who knows how to save. A man who has plans for the… Click To Tweet

After she told me all this, I now discover that if we expect this

from men, it means they even expect more than this from us.

You know why?

It is because we were the ones born with four sight.

Which means we have responsibilities too, apart from raising children.

A man need a woman who respects him. No man will like to

marry a woman who doesn’t know what it means to respect     someone.

And mind you, you can never respect a man if you don’t respect     your parent.

The character of a child can be trace to his/her root.

A child who is the same age with her parents will also carry that

life style outside no matter how long she pretends, she will one day unveil.

Even a man needs a woman who will love him not because of what he is capable of during

for her at the particular moment but a woman who will love him unconditional without

second thought which is doubt.

Love has the power to twist someone’s mind even without him knowing.

Which means that even a womanizer has a soft spot which just needs that right lady to get to it.

Even men deserve gifts from their ladies. The same way we expect from them. that’s why having a life partner qualities is important.

Example: you asked him for some cash to go shopping and he gave it to you without

complaints you now went to the mail, you end up spending to the last dime of the cash he gave you. You return home smiling because you got the latest stuff in town, you start show cases it to him and he sits looking at you.

Telling you am glad you are happy and you smile and say thank God I have you. I love you.

And you think that’s it?

Do you think of what he could have said if only you got maybe a tie, key holder, a shirt,

stockings etc from the same money he gave you as a gift to him while you were busy shopping for yourself? It looks simple but it has its own rewards.

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Men like women who make use of their four sight. You told him about your dreams, what and where you want to be in the next three years. But have you ever care to know about his own dreams if he has any at all or not?

What is his stand and his plans towards this dream of his?

Have you tried being a source of encouragement to him or do you look down on his own dreams while your own is the only important one.

If you have not, then that is self-centered. Men don’t like self-centered women

Learn to show him that you care a lot about where he is going.

A man who loves his family will never accept a woman who doesn’t respect especially his Mother because if you don’t respect and love even your own family, you can never be a good mother no matter how hard you try.

A woman who can save: is it not a bad thing to spend but it is good when you know that there is time for everything.

you can’t expect your man to have a saving when you are busy spending.

He has friends which he can likewise sit out with for drinks but instead, he is busy trying to put things together while you, in the other hand you are not helping, my dear, he will soon get tired of you. You know why? It is because you are feeding him with the impression that if he gets poor, you will break up with him.

Most ladies love to put down on their diary the quality of men they want and most times they stay like forever without getting such men they wanted.

Is it because such men don’t exist? No, it is because they don’t have the qualities they are looking for in a man. You can’t give what you don’t have.

Let the you, speak for you, work on yourself and not your diary, let the life partner qualities you are looking for be first of all be seen in you.

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  1. Emmanuel Udoka says

    Insteresting piece ….
    Let’s finish it up.

  2. Joy says

    thank you for reading….

    1. Nwobi George says

      Hey,, am highly inspired by your write up,
      in life people make many choices wether ryt or wrong.
      It’s good we make the ryt ones

      1. Joy Ekpouko says

        I’m glad that you are inspired. yea its best thing to do.

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