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List Of Davido Baby Mama’s

List Of Davido Baby Mama's


Popular Nigerian musician Davido is known for his clubbing lifestyle as a result of his club lifestyle and his love for women Davido has over 4 baby mamas so far and four kids

 List Of Davido Baby Mama’s

1. Sophia Momodu :

Sophia Momodu is Davido’s first baby mama, Sophia Momodu is a social media influencer and model with over one million followers on her social media handles. Sophia and Davido had a brief affair in 2015 which leads to the birth of Davido’s first child. Aurora Imade Adeleke, Aurora Imade Adeleke is seven years old.

Photos Of Sophia momodu

2. Amanda :

Amanda is Davido’s second baby mama, Amanda was born in 1993 Amanda she did her schooling outside Nigeria and is now fully based in Atlanta. Amanda gave birth to Davido’s second child Hailey Adeleke, Hailey Adeleke, is now five years old.

Photos of Amanda


3. Chioma Rowland :

Chef Chioma Davido Baby Mama

Chioma Rowland is a Nigerian young lady born May 1, 1995, in Owerri, Chioma is a proud indigene of Imo State. Chioma is the third baby mama of Davido and the mother of Davido’s first David Ifanyi Adeleke

Photos of Chioma 

4. Larissa Yasmin :

Larissa Yasmin is a professional makeup artist and model born in Angola but she is presently based in London. Larissa is the last and latest baby mama of Davido she gave birth to Davido 4th child whose name is Dawson meaning David’s son


 Name Of Davido Baby Mama’s And Their Children

. Sophia Momodu Is the mother of Aurora Imade Adeleke

. Amanda is the mother of Hailey Adeleke

. Chioma Rowland Is the mother of David Ifanyi Adeleke 

. Larissa Yasmin Is the mother of Dawson Adeleke 



How many baby mama does Davido have 

David has 4 baby mamas


What are the names of Davido’s baby mama

The name of Davido baby mama is,

Sophia Momodu


Chioma Rowland 

Larissa Yasmin


 What are the names of Davido kids

The name of Davido kids are

Aurora Imade Adeleke

Hailey Adeleke

David Ifanyi Adeleke 

Dawson Adeleke


Take note Davido has only 4 kids that two girls and two boys

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