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My Blood My Hater Episode 2

My Blood My Hater 2



INT: in school library

Rita is seen reading and also praying for her friends. Enter Paul, straight to where Rita was.

PAUL: Hello.

RITA: (carries her head up and panics seeing him stand by her) Hey, senior Paul what are you doing here?

PAUL: Do not be afraid, I’m not here to ignite trouble with you again. Rather, I am here to say am very sorry, I didn’t think twice before portraying such behavior. Am very sorry.

RITA: (calms down)

Senior it’s okay. I have forgiven you besides I wasn’t the one you offended anyway.

PAUL: Yea, I know. So where is she?

RITA: Her uncle came and took them home.

PAUL: (feeling sorry for Uforo) I hope everything is fine.

RITA: No ooo (she cries out). Her mother and father are gone. They are both dead, who will take care of them now? Who will be proud of her when she makes it?

To whom would she struggle to live for? Her sister ImOh just collapsed and fell down on the floor when their uncle told them about it.

Uforo just didn’t know what to do. Senior, she stood over there (points her finger towards the direction) not able to smile, laugh or cry.

She was dead inwardly, I called her she couldn’t reply. She once told me how her uncle went to her house in order to stop them from furthering their school…

I feel I bring nothing to her but bad luck, I could not do anything   to help, I feel like dying, senior, I feel like am the cause of her     problems. (cries more deeply)

PAUL: (hugs her) It’s okay… Stop talking, you won’t derive anything good from what you are saying… it will be fine, calm down okay?

RITA: (feels relaxed on his body) I pray so senior. She’s always happy. She loves her family so much mostly her mother.

She’s never ceased telling me about her and how she was going to be a blessing to her (tears roll down and soak Paul’s school shirt) her sister Imoh never stopped talking about her father. The two of them were al…..

PAUL: (cuts in) Enough. The more you think about her the more you keep crying. It’s okay. Come let me take you to your class.

RITA: Senior do you know she’s only fifteen years old.

PAUL: Yea I do. and she is very pretty and smart

RITA: You know what, at first, I used to envy her because all the boys In my class love her so much including our male teachers. She is a jewel in our class, very bright and intelligent. She ….

PAUL: (smiles at her) I know. I have seen her too. She is alluring dear. Let’s go to your class  now..

Light fade


ACT (3)


INT: At Itoro’s compound

People are seen crying and lamenting, Itoro who is in black sits aside looking at three caskets before her. She can’t cry, she can’t talk, she just sits over a corner looking at the three caskets….


What really happened?


According to the brother, he told me that his brother was very sick that they sold practically all he had to make sure his brother recover but all was futile…


So, he went to school and broke the news to the girls and all of a sudden Imoh fell down and died.


(tears roll down)

God why?

How did this happen?

They were very nice to the extent that married people started emulating their lifestyle… He stopped going to school in order to help his immediate younger brother who disappointed him. Oh Mfoniso, you were such a nice man, where ever you are my God will bless you abundantly…


Uforo! Uforo!


Leave her alone, she has been like that since yesterday… For three days now, she hasn’t eaten, crying day and night. She almost fainted when a doctor came and told us Yesterday that Imoh couldn’t make it.

(Uforo sits and recalls all she and her sis conversed about…)


In the hospital, Imoh is seen lying down on the bed crying, while Uforo sits beside her trying to console her.

Uforo: Imoh please stop crying please, you are making it very hard for me.

Imoh: What happened to me? my head is aching me…….


Uforo: That’s exactly why am trying hard to console you.

You fell down and broke your head.

Imoh: So am I dying?

If yes, please pray for me to go and stay with mom and dad. I don’t want to stay in this world without them.

Uforo: (tears roll down her cheeks) Imoh you are wicked. Do you want to leave me here all alone, Imoh please look at me, I don’t want you to go please?

Imoh: (she cries out)

Sister I don’t want to leave you either, I always want to be with you but right now am feeling terrible, please pray for me I don’t want to die but if I do….

Uforo: (holds her hand)

No, you will not die, Imoh you will live and make father and mother proud, you will not die. (tears gush down) Imoh please stop talking like this…. You are my twiny. what will then happen to me…….

Imoh: You live on to make us proud. You live on to be a blessing to us. (touches her) I love you so much, especially when you call me twiny, when you smile I see myself in you…

I love you so much, Uforo (she cries out uncontrollably) please do not quit school. God will help you to break forth on every side. ah! Ah! My head! My head! It hurts

Uforo: Doctor! (runs out) doctor! Please come and attend to my sister… Doctor ooo! (f/b over)

(after remembering tears roll down her cheeks)

Villager2: Uforo, how are you faring?

Uforo: Good day ma, As you can see, am doing fine…

Villager2: (brings out ten thousand naira note and hands it over to her)

take this dear, your mommy was such a nice woman to us all. she gave hope to the hopeless, helped us in time of need. sorry once again for your loss… I have got to go now….

UFORO:  Thank you so much Ma. I really appreciate.

Villager3: Oh, Uforo eyen ima mmi, (my love) I am so very sorry for your loss…

I don’t have much to offer but here, please do collect this token from me.

Uforo: (wipes her tears away with her palm) thank you so much, I appreciate.



Night fall:

Idara is seen cooking in the kitchen while her husband is conversing with Mfoniso’s best friend by name EJIKE 65, an igbo speaking person…

EJIKE: I just don’t know why I didn’t come back as at then.

I got back Yester night and I was so shocked when my wife told me about it…


(smiles devilishly)

My brother, it has not been easy at all with us. During the incident, we ran from one place to another seeking for where we could borrow money from but since things are very hard these days, no one ventured to borrow Us anything.

My brother, we had to sell all the lands and houses my brother had.

EJIKE: What? You mean, you sold everything Mfony had, why?

Oh my God, this is not good at all, but how could condition force you to sell all the seven lands your brother had and his three houses?

ITORO: (furiously) Who are you to question me?

How dare you come to my compound to rain abuses upon me, who are you to tell me what to do and what I shouldn’t do with my own brother’s property…

EJIKE: Sir please calm down. I am not here to battle words with you, neither am I here to make you feel bad.

The prime reason I questioned you that way is because he left three lands for his two daughters..

The last time he spoke with me, he sounded very horrible that I was forced to ask what was wrong which he aired it out and also told me should in case he didn’t make it I should sell two lands from the ones he gave his daughters and one house so as to make sure they complete their education.

ITORO: (laughs at him mockingly) So I should have allowed something bad to happen to my brother in the hospital?

Of what use is education when my brother was lying dead in the hospital, tell me of what use?


Sir please, can you bring down your voice, I am certainly not here to fight you… My question now is, have you reserved some money for Uforo?


For what? Have you no ears that I used the money to bury her father, mother and sister.. (stands up angrily)

Young man, leave my compound, enough of your useless questions. Stand up and get out. You, idiot

(on hearing the commotion, Idara runs out from the kitchen to where they were)

IDARA: ebe ida (my husband) is everything okay? What’s the matter?

EJIKE: Nothing ma, I am leaving. (he exits)

ITORO: Can you imagine that idiot, coming to tell me to my face that I am the cause of my brother’s death.

IDARA: What? you don’t mean it, how dare him? Who does he think he is? Hmm, who?

(Uforo comes back from fetching water)

Uforo: Uncle where can I drop the bucket?

IDARA: Are you blind or what? Can’t you see your uncle is angry.

Why have you decided to remain like this, why?

UFORO: (furious but hides it)

Aunty don’t be irritated, I didn’t notice. where can I drop it, please.

IDARA: No no no no, I will not take fade from you, if this is the way you used to talk or relate with your mom, I will not take it from you.

UFORO: Aunty did I say anything wrong?

(A tall guy by name MKPONNAM 22 comes out from the kitchen)

MKPONNAM: (slaps Uforo and the water falls from her head) How dare you talk when my mom is talking?

Are you mad, is it because your foolish father sent you to school and as such, you think you should talk to people however you like? Is that it? I wonder where you will go now that your father is gone. nonsense


to be continued…..

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