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(A tall guy by name MKPONNAM 22 comes out from the kitchen)

MKPONNAM: (slaps Uforo and the water falls from her head) How

dare you talk when my mom is


Are you mad, is it because your foolish father sent you to school

and as such you think you should talk to

people however you like. Is that it. I wonder where you will go

now that your father is gone.

UFORO: (tears roll down her cheeks) What did I do to you now?

Why have you slapped me for what I didn’t do? Why?

ITORO: Go and fetch the water… Leave them alone Uforo.

UFORO: (cries deeply as she carries the gallon away) Daddy! Daddy mmi o!

Why did you choose to leave me so soon?

What were you thinking when you left me? Mommy, how about you?

Are you happy that I am going through all this? Imoh (she smiles) can you still recollect how much I told

you that I hate uncle’s family.

I knew they were never good people (tears roll down her cheeks) he has sold all the lands and has made

himself the landlord of papa’s houses. Papa I know you are seeing me, why not take me with you, why

not save me from this injustice world… I long to be with you people, am not joking, I hate the people am

seeing around me and my spirit does the same thing.

(she bombs into Paul, who wasn’t looking too)

Oh, am sorry.

PAUL: It’s okay. (looks up) Your face looks familiar can you please remind me of where that was, cause I

know we have met.

UFORO: It’s me Uforo.

PAUL: Yes yes yes, Uforo, the girl who drained me with her drink.

UFORO: Senior, it was a mistake, I didn’t me…….

PAUL: It’s okay. Am so sorry for what I did. And am so sorry for your loss too… So how have you been

and how is your sister Umoh right?

UfORO: Imoh.. She died at the hospital.

She couldn’t make it.


Oh my God, what a pathetic story. I am so sorry. So where are you headed?


To the stream to get some water.

PAUL: Would you mind if I accompany you to the stream.

UFORO: (she smiles) senior thank you…


My name is Paul Ekarika Eben. I do believe you know my father. Common let’s keep walking, it’s late

already. (they continue moving)

Do you know how to swim?

UFORO: No senior, how about you?

PAUL: Yea I do, but it is actually hmm… Am wordless.

UFORO: (smiles at him) apparently you have not swim before.

PAUL: Says who?

Okay, to be honest I hate going closer to water. My spirit hates water eh.

UFORO: (laughs at him)

Has anyone ever told you that you look very scary?

PAUL: (surprises) No. How?

UFORO: (looks at his eyes)

Your pupils are milky and scary. Maybe that’s probably why your spirit doesn’t seem comfortable each

time you draw closer to water. In order for you not to be taken into the stream by the mermaid, your

spirit develops this dirty fake hatred for it. (looks at him and chuckles)


You are very pretty whenever you smile

I actually doubted your friend when she told me about you. So tell me, how are you feeling now?

UFORO: better than before. There is the stream, senior can you please help take the water.


Uforo please do not send me this one, I can do any other thing for you but not taking water from the



Senior please (she kneels down jokingly) senior please.


what the heaven are you doing (holds her up) okay I will, please stand up before I too go on my knees

for you…


You see, you can be so gentle when you want to.

Paul: (goggles at her) Hmm.

I can’t believe that just came from you…

Uforo: yea, certainly. It came from me.


It’s getting gloomy already. Let’s start going home.


Alright. Thank you so much.


You are welcomed.


Light fade

Scene II


at school Paul and Rita are seen studying together at the library, Paul looks quite disturbed, he finds

it difficult to assimilate. Uforo comes in smiling at them.

Paul: (to Rita)

Are you okay with the life you’re living?


Senior I don’t get you…


There is this girl my father wants me to marry. I don’t like her, not in the least…


Have you talked with your father about your feelings towards her?


(buries his head in his palms)

Uforo, you think I haven’t tried, I have. I have spoken with the girl’s father and guess what the idiotic old

fool told me to my face…


No no no Paul, I won’t have you insult a man who is old enough to father you. Try to get rid of such habit,

it does not befit you at all.


Am sorry I called him names but I am so crazy at the man. I just don’t know why my father and the

damsel’s father keeps insisting that I take the girl to the altar before going into higher institution. Ufo

look at me very well, am I not old enough to make decisions for myself. Do I look like a tissue that can be

used and dumped anyhow?


Paul, stop complaining, stop it. Just relax, relax. I think the best thing for you to do is make enquiries

about the lady.


(looks angry)

For what?

Tell me Rita for what?

I don’t like that girl. She is narky, nasty, irritating and extremely horrible to be with.


Hmm. My brother life isn’t easy. I actually came to tell you guys that I have secured a job.


(looks at her amazingly)

Are you serious?

Oh my God, darling am so happy for you (hugs her)


Thanks dear. Without you guys on my side it wouldn’t have been easy for me. (she looks at Paul who isn’t

showing any signs) Paul, aren’t you happy for me?


My dear am sorry, I just don’t know what is wrong with me. So tell me where precisely did you find the

job and what kind of job is it?


good questions.

The job is situated here.


I don’t grab, can you be more specific. Where precisely?


Here in school.

At the school canteen. She has finally agreed to employ me and guess what?


how much is your salary?


I don’t know why I can’t guess. So don’t keep asking me to guess.


five thousand naira it okay?


It’s something closed to being cool. Make sure you start saving for your own good.


Thank you. she has given me a free room very closed to the canteen and finally, I have got a second plan

to execute…


(hisses her)

Why a second plan when you are already making it.


Yea Ufo, Paul is right.

Why do you need a second plan when you have just landed yourself a new job?




life isn’t the way you guys think, I can’t just work there, I need to do something else so as to see myself

through school. I don’t want to end up here, after my secondary sessions, I would make sure I get jamb

form immediately. My brother, I want to make my parents and my lovely sister proud of me wherever they are…

Paul: (looks at her compassionately).

okay, what is it you really want to do?


(looks at them pitifully)

I had a dream last night and in that dream it was raining heavily. My aunt came out and told me to go

and fetch water unlike the real her, she doesn’t like rain water at all. So in that dream I got outside to

fetch the water I saw my father in white, he was drained with blood instead of the falling rain, he was

trying to tell me something but couldn’t, it actually seemed like his throat was closing up and blood was

gushing from his mouth. (tears rush down her eyes) He was seriously crying and looking at me

pityingly. (wipes her tears with her left palm) I went inside the rain, tried touching him but couldn’t. And

all of a sudden my sister in white tapped my shoulder and when I turned towards her direction, I saw

her, she was so beautiful, much more beautiful than when she was alive, she smiled at me and vice

versa. She sat me down in the rain and told me she has never left my side. She said so many nice things

about me. It was so real that I thought I was dead. She told me to start selling and that I will definitely

derive pleasure from it and it will surely help me, she put out her hand and handed me some money. I

was about counting the money when I was woken up by the voice of my aunt.

(she smiles) can you imagine, on my way coming to school I met a middle age woman who looked so

much like my mother, she gave me twenty thousand naira. After which, she told me sorry and that she

believed in me and my abilities, she left. I was so surprised and wordless. I still do not know what she

meant by she believed in me and what I can do.


My dear, your deceased parents and your sister love you so much, and what they couldn’t achieve

because of death you will certainly achieve all of it. I think I have ten thousand naira in this my school

bag, my uncle in the city gave it to me to get a new school material set. But I was thinking of giving you

the money seriously. Immediately the money got into my hands, your name began ringing in my head,

you guys may not believe me but am dead serious.


That’s by the way, we aren’t doubting you. (to Uforo) My dear, I don’t know what to say at all, but I want

you to know that we are always here for you. I also want to support you with five thousand naira (brings

out the money and hands it over to her)


Thank you so very much, you two.

Thank you for standing by me regardless of my dreadful plight. thanks to you two for your contributions,

I really do appreciate it with a tender heart (laughs) so, Rita, where did you get this money?


Yes, Rita, tell us and do not lie, who gave you this money?


(tears flow down from her eyes as she stands up and moves forward backing Paul and Uforo) Am

married off to an old man with six wives and ten daughters who are older than I am.


(looks at her shockingly. she walks up to her)

What do you mean?



You should know. My father has been collecting money from this right from when my mother gave birth

to me, and I never knew. I won’t be able to further my education anymore. He wants me to give him a

male child (to Uforo) life is not fair, life is killing me (she cries and goes down to her knees) Uforo I feel

like killing myself. The money I gave to you was my savings, I have saved that money for my new school

material set.



(holds her up and cuddles her)

Rita dear, it’s okay. Am sure everything will be fine ok.



Oh my God, am so sorry dear. Don’t worry God will visit you.



He has even given twelve pieces of land to my father already. And tomorrow he will come and get me

(she cries out loud)


(in unison)



Why tomorrow?

They should give you some times to make your own decision. (he stands up) I hate this world, (to Uforo)

You see, have you seen how crazy and stupid some people can be simply because of money (he laughs)

Oh God, rescue us, we are another Daniel’s in the dens of the lion.



Hmm. I have to go home now.


Oh no, do not leave me behind, have you all of a sudden forgotten that we go home together. How is it

doing you.


Leave her, na she wan go cook for her visitors

(they all laugh together)

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