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MY GIRLFRIEND scene 1 to the end




Though love is life for lovers but when it breaks then it really


Sometimes the way of love doesn’t go smooth and sadness takes

the rule of hearts which is really unexpected.

Will this love survive? (My Girlfriend)



OLIVIA 23, and her boyfriend GAEL 25, are standing near

each other but Olivia’s friend MARY 23, is standing a bit further

from them.

Suddenly Olivia slaps Gael who smiles gently and looks back at


OLIVIA:  Gael how dare you?  How dare you call me a slut?

GAEL: (holds his right cheek) Tell me Olivia, isn’t that what you


OLIVIA: (looks at him furiously with tears in her eyes) Gael, I

thought you loved me.

I thought you knew me all these years but no, Gael you never

loved me.

GAEL: Yes, I still love you. But I just can’t bear seeing my girlfriend, my  own woman sleeping around with men for mon…..

OLIVIA: (slaps him again as tears trickle down her cheeks) Gael I

hate you, I just hate you from the bottom of my heart.

I was a virgin when I met you, Gael you took my virginity, you

promised to be with me for the rest of my life.

(she places her two hands on his chest)

OLIVIA: Gael, please don’t leave me, please don’t abandon me

right now (she looks into his eyes but he pushes her away)

Gael please, I need you and someone else needs you right now.

GAEL: Olivia! Olivia it is over between the two of us can’t you get

it? How else do you want me to tell you?

I don’t need you anymore, I don’t want to see you ever again in

my life. Go to your sugar daddy. Leave my poor life alone.

OLIVIA :(she goes down on her knees and holds his legs) Gael

please, I am sorry. Please do not leave me

alone. I need you now more than ever, Gael I love you so much.

Please calm down and talk to me honey.

GAEL: (looks around to see if people are watching them) Olivia

please stand up. Stand up, people might see us.

OLIVIA: (cries out loud) No Gael, not until you forgive me.

(Gael hisses and pushes her down. He turns his back to leave but

he is restricted by her voice)

OLIVIA: Gael please don’t go. Gael! Gael!

GAEL: (unable to look back as tears fill his eyes) Olivia please

forget about me.

Baby, you deserve someone better.

(he turns to her who is sitting on the ground, bends down &

kisses her forehead. She holds his hands)

GAEL: I love you. I love you so much dear. Pump yourself up.


(he turns back and walks gently away as tears trickles down his

cheeks. This time around he leaves her without stopping or

looking back)

OLIVIA: (screams) Gael!! Gael!! Please don’t go. Don’t leave me

here, I still love you. Gael!

MARY: Olivia C’mon is okay Let’s go home.

OLIVIA: Mary please go call him back.

MARY: Over my dead body.

(Olivia puts her head down and cries)



Gael is seen lying down on the bed looking miserable. His

friend HOLY 25, comes in.

HOLY:   My boy how far? Why you still dey lie down for bed?

GAEL: Holy abeg, carry your wahala dey go your house.

HOLY: (laughs) Common get out, you are not feeling fine. How

far na where your babe dey? E don tae I no dey see her again

wetin happen?

GAEL: (he sits up) My brother, I broke up with her last week o. I

dey try to call her but her number just no dey go at all.

HOLY: Nonsense! Why you dey foolish like this for this small


Wetin she do?

GAEL: Guy no be that one dey do me now, I wan see her, I want

to tell her how sorry I am.

That is, I wasn’t myself that day. Thelma told me Olivia has been

sleeping with her father.

So with that anger I went straight to her and (he hisses)

HOLY: And you believed that naughty bitch, Jesus! Guy why is

your life like this.

How could you be so naive as to believe every single thing that

liability, saucy bitch tells you?

GAEL: Holy guy, see no blame me na. Thelma don tell me this

thing plenty times and that day wetin make me no think twice

before I do wetin I do be say, I see her leave

that man office that day.

Guy tell me if na you how you for feel?

HOLY: Why didn’t you ask her what she went there to

do, it might have been something opposite of what you had on


GAEL: Na later she come text me say she bin go collect her

money from the man.

She had called me with her friend’s number like ninety-nine

times that day but I didn’t pick up.

Guy I was extremely angry and jealous.

I later confirmed she wasn’t lying when I met Thelma’s sister

Ruth and she told me everything I needed to know and that her,

her sister lied to me.

HOLY: Mumu guy, you no sabi say Thelma dey look for you. She

wants to have you… Guy look is okay, just try calling her.

GAEL: My man no calling of names na abeg. help your guy out

abeg, follow help me Call her and tell her I am

sorry and that I love her more than ever.

HOLY: Thank God you know that if you let Olivia go….

GAEL: I will never find any girl Like her.

Please call her up for me, I want to see the love of my life.

(The two laugh)

Scene 3


Olivia and Mary are seen conversing. Olivia is crying deeply

while Mary tries to console her.

MARY: Olivia, please stop crying.

OLIVIA: Mary I wish I could stop myself.

Mary, it is very painful to be abandoned by a man whom you love

so much in this life.

MARY: But right now it seems Gael doesn’t need you in his life


OLIVIA: But I need him, my baby also needs a father….

MARY: Olivia please don’t tell me that bullshit. Is he the only guy

on earth?

There are many guys out there waiting to have a beautiful

princess like you for a wife and not….

OLIVIA: Mary, have you ever been in love before, do you even

know what love is?

MARY: Yes, I have and also yes I do know.

OLIVIA: The problem is that as much as I can’t force him to love

me, I can’t force myself to stop loving him.

MARY: (sigh) I’m tongue-tied, I don’t know what else to say


Olivia, I think you need some rest.

The doctor said you shouldn’t stress yourself that much.

OLIVIA: Am not stressing myself, I am only thinking about Gael.

How is he doing right now, has he eaten or is he thinking about

me, who knows?

MARY: I just feel like hating you right now.

You are the one in danger and yet you are still worrying dead

about that nonsense who doesn’t deserve you at all….

OLIVIA: (stands up instantly & yells at her)

Gael isn’t a bad person. He isn’t nonsense… He is just angry with

me because he thinks I have been sleeping with Thelma’s


(she pauses and holds her belly) my stomach, my stomach.

MARY: (stands up and holds her) olivy are you okay?

What is wrong with you Olivia talk to me what is it?

OLIVIA: Call the doctor. (she collapses)

MARY: No no No ooo (she screams) Olivia please don’t do this to

me please. Olivia!


Scene 4


Gael hears a knock on his door, he stands up and opens the door

as Olivia’s friend Mary comes in.

GAEL: Mary Good Morning Is Olivia back home now? Please sit

on the bed.

MARY: Actually, I am here to deliver this letter to you (looks away

and brings an envelope from

her handbag) she wrote this for you (she hands it over to him and

sits on the bed as he reads it out to

her hearing)

GAEL: Hi sweetheart, I don’t know why I am writing this, but I

really hope that this letter never gets

to you, because if it does that means I am dead (he pauses in

shock and looks at Mary who isn’t looking

at him) and it also means I never had the chance to show you

how much I really did love you.

You are the beat of my heart, the soul in my body.

You have shown me what love is and what it feels like

to be loved.

Every time you kissed me and our lips touched so softly, I could

feel it when our hearts get so closed they are beating as one.

You are the person I know I could turn to when I needed help,

you are the person I looked at when I needed to smile and you

are the person I went to when I needed a hug…

(he turns to Mary) Is this one of her jokes?

(no response from her, he continues)

GAEL: (tears trickle down as he continues)

Each night I could go to bed, kiss my fingers, then touch your


I would put a photo of you over my bed so you could look over

me as I slept, well, now it is my turn to look over you as you

sleep and keep you safe in your dreams.

I’ll always be looking over you to make sure you are safe and do

not worry at all your baby is safe with me Gael.

Love always and forever, Olivia.

(he kneels down and weeps bitterly)

MARY: (Not still looking at him)

she died as a result of severe Preeclampsia and it was too late for

the baby.

GAEL: Baby? What baby are you talking about?

MARY: Your baby Gael. She had your child lived in her womb for

some weeks.

GAEL: My girlfriend? She never told me she was with my child.

MARY: (speaks in anger as she turns to him)

Yes, your girlfriend, she came to tell you, you walked out on her.

She was ill for two

good weeks after that day, did you care to look for her?

Her phone was stolen that same day you broke her heart, she

tried reaching you with my phone did you care to return her calls?

No (she shakes her head as tears fill her eyes) I hate you so

much Gael,

I hate you with so much passion.

(she goes out and slams the door behind her angrily)

GAEL: (screams) I caused your death. I am responsible for your


(he cries out) Oh God I hate this world, I hate myself.

I wish I had come like a tree or never came at all.

Olivia please take me with you

please my love, I want to be where you are. I want to take care of you and my baby.

Am very sorry my love.

(he bends down and cries louder)

(A voice speaks) do you really mean those word?

Gael: You are dead!!! You are dead!!! Olivia please forgive me,

am sorry don’t kill me please

Olivia: am not going to kill you.

(Mary enters)

Gael: Mary! Mary!  ghost, ghost (pointing at Olivia’s direction),

can you see her? Help me beg her not to

kill me please.

Mary: Yes, I can see her.

Olivia: Am not dead. Well maybe I was some hour’s ego before

Mary brought you the latter.

Gael: How? How is that possible?

Olivia: I was on the journey when I heard a voice calling my

name, when I looked, it was my grand ma,

I was so happy to see her after so many years, but she was

angry at me so she pushed me away. I never

knew why she did that, but I kept on running back to her telling

her how much I missed her but she said

something to me that got me angry and I ran away from her

thinking she will call me back but she

didn’t and that’s how I woke up.

Gael: what did she say?

Olivia: she said” I don’t miss you” but now I know that she didn’t

mean that, she only said that to make

me feel bad.

Gael: (cried out) am sorry Olivia, I should have trusted you, I was

so foolish.

Mary: yes, you were really foolish

Gael: I was so foolish to ever give a third party space to come in-

between us.

I lost you once but I will never lose you again please I promise to

love you and the baby with my life.

(they both cried and hug each other)



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