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My wife never knew I could do this –but her reaction was amazing.

My wife never knew I could do this --but her reaction was amazing.


My wife never knew I could do this –but her reaction was amazing.


I was thinking of how to surprise my wife today since it’s our last day at work and we have to go on a vacation.

So, in the morning of that day, I woke up bouncing off walls, and my wife had just finished preparing my favorite food which is our breakfast.

We ate the food fully and I didn’t stop complimenting my wife for her cooking skills.

At 7:30 am, we retired to our working places at greased lightning because there wasn’t much traffic on the road.

I dropped my wife at her place of work before going to mine.

While I was in the office, I was on my earpiece with Michael Jackson’s speechless booming in my ears.

I was on cloud nine because I couldn’t wait to spend this holiday with my adorable wife.

Shortly, an unknown number called me, insinuating that I should leave my wife for him and that this is the final warning.
And when I wanted to ask questions, He hung up.

I was in a black mood.
Luckily, The time to vacate from work reached and I left the office to my abode directly.

I threw my wife’s belongings outside the gate.
I couldn’t hear from my wife’s side.
“Come and take your properties to your father’s house, they are outside ” I disclosed the news to her on phone.
“what did I do?” She kept asking as I hung up.

She came back soon and saw her pieces of baggage outside.
She started knocking endlessly at the gate
I left the sitting room, went to the gate, and opened it.

“Go and freshen up baby,” I said “we traveling to where we shall spend this holiday”

“Ah! Honey!, you won’t kill me” she said and heated my chest.

The reaction was amazing
I chuckled.
No one called me, it was just what I fabricated

I signaled my gateman whom I ordered to look after those pieces of baggage to come out from where he hid, He came out.

And my wife freshened up then We drove out.
And the light faded.

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