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National Girlfriend Day – When’s National Girlfriend Day

National Girlfriend Day


National Girlfriend Day: National girlfriend day is a day that has been set aside for boyfriends to celebrate their girlfriend in a special way.

National Girlfriend day is somehow different from valentine’s day but should be celebrated in almost the same way we celebrate other special days such as Christmas Days, New year’s day, Birthday and others, etc.

National Girlfriend Day which is normally celebrated every year on August 1st was established so that you and your girlfriend can have some time to catch Fun and also for you to celebrate with your girl.


What’s National Girlfriend Day

National girlfriend day is a day dedicated to honor female friends or a day meant for celebrating female romantic partners. The founder of national girlfriend day is unknown, but Mistress Susan strongly claims that was the one who created National girlfriend day and she first celebrated it in 2004.

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Mistress Susan is a blogger who runs a Luxury Website.


Facts About National Girlfriend Day

Below are some real facts about why National Girlfriend Day Was created

To Reduce Stress :

One of the reasons why National Girlfriend Day was created is to reduce stress, most females must have been working very hard right from the first day of the year, so the girlfriend day was created for them to have a little time to rest their minds. According to research by a professional scientist from the University of California Los Angeles, strong friendships between females can reduce stress, and it has also been proven that a stressed-out woman can be free from stress by spending some time with other women.


To Create Stronger Bound :

One of the reasons for the establishment of national girlfriend day is to set out free time so that girls can hang out with each other and invest more in their friendships by staying in touch and seeing together to strengthen their bond.


What Day Is National Girlfriend Day

National Girlfriend Day
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Take note that National Girlfriend Day is been celebrated on August 1st every year, and the first-ever girlfriend day was celebrated on August 1st, 2004.

National Girlfriend Day 2022 

Just like other years, 2022 National Girlfriend Day was created on Monday 1st August 2022


National Ex-Girlfriend Day

While National Girlfriend Day is been Celebrated on August 1st each year, National Ex Girlfriend Day is equally been celebrated on August 2nd every year. This day is set aside for former lovers to pay respect to their exes.

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How to Observed National Girlfriend Day

As We know girlfriend days is fully established for your girlfriends, The best way to celebrate this day and make it special for your girlfriend is to spend some quality time with her regardless of your schedule, you should spend time with your girlfriend caught fun and doing many activities together.

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Some fun activities you can do with your girlfriend are; Watching movies, Go for shopping, eating dinner at a nice romantic restaurant or even spending time at a night party, etc. This tradition will help you build friendships not just regular relationships.



National Girlfriend Day is a very special day, and as such you should make it special for your girlfriend and make sure you make her feel happy on this day, you are free to take her outing, fulfill her long-time expectations or get her that wonderful gift she has been craving for. In all, you do on this day just try your possible best to put smiles on the face of that girl you truly love (your girlfriend).


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