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New Relationship Quotes You Should Know

New Relationship Quotes


The love they say brings out the poetic nature of every man and undoubtedly so as it is one of the dearest feelings one can ever imagine of. Putting in writings your fairytales regarding relationships is one of those eternal moments that would fetch you memories to last forever.

it would bring joy to your soul, gladdens your heart, and gives you that belief of hope when the day gets cloudy and dreary for you.


There are these tantalizing feelings that give you that warm feeling of butterflies in your tummy once you go through a relationship quote and you are able to connect the dots with that of your present situation In a relationship you might have found yourself in.

Well, without going anymore further to buttress any other points, we have compiled in a very much articulated form the best unique relationship quotes for the start-up of your new relationship. Who knows? the bond of your relationship might just be strengthened by them

1. “I had always known we both are going to embark on this adventure someday, Thank goodness it’s happening now”
2. “I once had you in my dreams all night long, but now I do have you in the warm embrace of my hands all day long.”
3. “I was into the habit of explaining love while I was single, now am experiencing it being hooked up in a relationship with you.
4. “You’re worth every time spent together with, only God your creator and I could attest to such a fact”
5. The very first moment I accepted Him into my life, there has been a dramatic change in my life ever since. Am not talking of Jesus Christ but you”
6. “The three words ‘i love you’ comes with a thousand meaning for each and every time you say that to my earing”
7. “The most priced assets of your body are your lips, there’s this sensational feeling I do get whenever I do place mine on them”
8. “They say love is a beautiful thing, but with you Love sums up everything good”



1. “For the sake of winning your heart, giving up was never an option”
2. My togetherness with you matter’s a lot as I can’t stand the struggles of life without having you by my side”
3. “To the universe, you might just be an ordinary person. But to me, I place you on the rank of an Angel”
4. “My knowledge of understanding what love truly means was as a result of me reading through a book which was your life”
5. “Beholding your beautiful smile each and every second spent with you is making my fantasies become a reality”
6. “Your feeling of love had made me a poet of which I was never one”
7. ”Loving you wasn’t deemed compulsory but a necessity.”

New Relationship Quotes



1. “Having been able to locate you like my long-missing rib makes me an achiever already”
most important relationship goal.”
2. I want this our affairs not just to last in bed alone, But also to Last so as long as eternity exist”
3. “Being with you alone just doesn’t make you my missing ribs alone, you are also my friend and business partner.”
4. “I had lived my life on a scale of imbalance for a long period of time, but ever since you showed up in my life, there has been a change in that story as we tend to balance each other”
5. “My relationship goal isn’t all about making you the perfect one but rather learning to cope with each and every imperfection of yours”
6. “Forget about our home being comfortable for you to inhabitants, my arms/thighs will always give you the perfect comfort you desire”

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7. “Just exactly the same way the rain wouldn’t cleanse the spot of a leopard, exactly the same way no life challenges would prevent our love from being visibly seen as I would always be there for you.
8. “My day hasn’t started yet if I don’t wake up from the bed with you beside me”
9. “Way more than the way your parents profess their love to you, I would always love, care and crave for you and your attention”
10. “You would never have an atom of reasons to experience loneliness with me as I would always give you the attention you crave for”


1 “I never knew I needed someone in my life until the day I met you”

2. “Love is sweetened by being with you
3. “Together forever, we would run the race”
4. “I would never give you any reasons to seek for another”
5. “Whatever you want, I would adhere to”
6. “Let’s tour and fly around the world together”
7. “Your love and care are all I wish for”
8. “If for me loving you will make me a sinner, then I am ready to sin every second”
9. “You’re beautiful both in your appearance and soul”
10. “I want your body and your aspirations as well”

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1 “I want to secure the bags together with you, the same way I strive to strengthen the chord that binds our relationship”
2 “I have been waiting for the right person to grow with me emotionally and financially, Luckily for me that right person is standing beside me”
3 Meeting and entangling with someone with the goal of life as mine is one thing I won’t stop praying for.

4 Going for a perfect partner is not something I was praying for because I know that no one is perfect and any perfect being is a pretending so with that, I am thankful that I didn’t meet a perfect partner but the best I can ever ask for in this life.

5 Not having any idea what it means to be happy with someone always made me scared of going into any relationship but the moment I took that decision to be with you, you have brought me nothing but happiness all day and night and I love you more for that.

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In conclusion, relationship quotes have a way of ministering to our needs in regard to the various challenges ravaging the relationship. It helps to administer hope, confirm, and self-belief that even though when the days are cloudy in the relationship, there would always be light at the end of the tunnel.

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