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Relationship Advice For Couples


 The love they say is a beautiful thing but finding the right partner is Gold from heaven and a blessing. Being with the right partner in life makes you happy and brings you to the brighter light of life, just like finding the right partner in a relationship is a blessing yet our relationship sometimes can be complicated, challenging, and rarely straightforward.  So you have to check this relationship advice for couples which I am sure will help.


However, they are several ways we can have a successful and long-lasting relationship despite the challenges es that we might face in our relationship. A relationship basically has two faces and these faces are,


1. The smooth face :

This is when everything in the relationship is moving fine, it is usually at the early face where both couples are very much into each other and the only thing they are fighting for is to ensure the happiness of their partner


Is it the face in a relationship when the love in the relationship is so fresh like the morning flowers moving smoothly without any complications of any kind?


2. The rough hard face :

This is the hard face of the relationship where everything looks like a nightmare and both couples now forget the love, affection, and nice moment they shared with each other, at this stage they now see their self’s as enemies.


Seeing the second face of a relationship can make some of us become scared of going into a relationship, however, we’ve distilled a lot of wisdom into what we think is a practical guide and advice for couples to have a successful and long-lasting relationship during different faces of the couple relationship.


In this section, we will be giving you some advice on how to handle a couple’s relationship in the two different faces of a relationship



Relationship Advice for Couples Enjoying The Smooth Face Of Relationship :

At this point, the love is still fresh a d needs to be maintained this is some advice on how to maintain a smooth-running relationship,


1. Take time to nurture your relationship with a weekly night date :

Since you both are still very much in love with others you should try to at least create a single day in a week to go for a date with this you both will be able to grow a lot of memorable moments.


2. Try an old-fashioned picnic :

Picnics help strengthen the bond of marriage and relationship at large try to go on a picnic with your partner once in a while

Other advice tips for enjoying a smooth-running relationship include,

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3. Watch each other’s favorite movie together.

4. Cook or bake something new together.

5. Go on a bike ride around a new neighborhood.

6. Start a hobby together.


Share Household Responsibilities, and Don’t Let Gender Dictate Tasks

Relationship Advice For Couples

Relationship Advice For Couples Passing Through The Rough Hard Face Of Relationship :

No true partner is happy when their relationship is passing through the hard face, if you are not happy passing through the rough face of your relationship this is some advice you should follow to take your relationship back to the smooth face.


• Identify Bad Behavior/Fault :

Identifying bad behavior or fault is one way forward in solving any relationship problem. Once you discover that you and your partner are not on good terms the number one thing you should do is to sit back and try to remember what must have transpired between you both once you find out the main cause of the problem you should find a way to solve the issue instead of being angry with your partner

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Remember the Good Times :

During the hard face of a relationship what most people usually think is to quit the relationship but no! at this point this is not what you should be thinking if you truly want the relationship to work.


If you truly want your relationship to work out during the hard face you should try as much as possible to remember the good times you and your partner had spent together remembering some of the good times you have spent together will give you strength and hope that your relationship can still work out


This good time can mean something such as your wedding day, your first date, your honeymoon period, or an amazing day that you both hold close to your heart


• Ask for Advice From Family and Friends :

In such a difficult time we will advise you to always seek advice from your loved ones such as your close friends and family members just maybe they might present you with some reasonable advice that might solve your relationship problem

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You Can Repair the Rough Patch in your Relationship

Going through hard times is difficult for all couples but remember that no relationship is perfect. As long as they are loved and ready to make your relationship work you and your partner can overcome any kind of relationship Storms.


Make sure you are always positive then use this and other tips in our blog to repair your relationship am sure you and your partner will work things out


we wish you luck and a happy relationship

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