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sex before marriage

premarital sex is a sexual activity carried out between two individual who are not married nor planning to marry. it is called sex before marriage.

Few days ago, I decided to write an article on this topic sex before marriage but something stuck me to set it as a questionnaire which I did.

I started interviewing people both single, dating and married couple.


Now this what I got from my audience as responds;

Anonymous 1 said “No, I don’t support sex before marriage. It’s because

1.Morally: it is wrong because the bible is against it.

2.Socially: it leads to wrong relationship, some thinks that sex is love especially girls.

While for most guys, sex is like a fun that’s why a guy can travel

far just for sex and men are polygamous in nature. While a girl is

easily emotionally attached.

Some do think that it is a way of knowing if your partner will

satisfy you in the future in bed but No, keeping yourself for each

other is better because no one will complain of one another, when

they both are learner learning together in marriage.

In terms of settling down- sex leads to confusion, they don’t know

who to choose why? It’s because,” A” doesn’t have what B has

but “A” is cute and tall but can’t treat ladies like” C” does, now

confusion sets in.

Many girl’s thinks’ that by satisfying a guy sexually will help them

to keep the man and with that, it makes them loose.


Sex carries spirits. The more sex you have with different guys determines how many spirits are following you. Cause is not guarantee that the very first man you sleep with is going to be your husband. Sex

also leads to extra marital affairs.

Real Reasons for sex before marriage

ANONYMOUS 2 said I will just tell you raw, “YES” I do support sex before marriage.


  • In terms of performance: sex before marriage helps you to know the ability of each other and apart from that, it helps you to know your stand example, you can’t be a man that can only last for ten (10) minutes in bed then you went ahead and end up marrying a lady that can last an hour and if not an hour, she is not even closer to satisfaction. And in this kind of case, what will you if you were against sex before marriage?

You won’t have a peaceful home and even if you try to fix the home by maybe deciding to involve a counselor, and she is asked what the problem was, she will say that you are not man enough. And why is she saying so? It’s because you can’t satisfy her on bed and it is not her fault neither is it yours but it is because you people are not compatible in bed.


  • In terms of wanting: they are many guys that loves kissing that is “they prefer kissing to sex while there are also many girls that prefer sex and touching to kissing. And now a days, there is how you will raise the question asking someone between sex and kissing which one do you prefer, and you end up looking like a pervert which you are not. So in this situation of our modern world, it is only during this emotional moment with her that you will know what she likes most cause that time, is when you will know the monster in any human being no matter how holy they may be.


 Anonymous 3 said “Nothing good comes out from premarital sex, which is sex before marriage except:

  1. THE SIN OF IMPURITY: (1 Cor.6:19). Our body is the temple of God. The bible says that God does not live in a Temple made by human hands. (1kings 8:27). Our body has been redeemed(Eph.1:7), cleasen. so premarital sex ends up keeping it unkempt.
  3. frustration.
  4. stagnation.
  5. Untimely death.
  6. rejection.
  7. negative point of example to others.

Anonymous 4 said “ Many youth wants to run faster than their shadow and that is the reasons millions of them are suffering. Going into sex before marriage is a great sin before God. It attract dead sentence from God. It is a shame seeing youth of now a days spending their time and energy in sex and they can not be anything in life because they are curses upon themselves.

Now i ask, What is your own respond to this? feel free to drop your comment on the comment box, let others learn from your wisdom…

If you have a question, feel free to drop it too.

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  1. Prince O says

    In the view of our changing society and with what had happened and is happening among young folks, I don’t support sex before marriage.
    Most relationship based on sex don’t end up well, if they put sex first, it blind folds them making them unable to focus on important crucial issue of life and battles they have to fight together when they’re eventually married.
    Putting sex first and launching into marriage, their marital ship will crash on an ice berge, completely taken aback and ignorant of what marriage is, they fail.
    Finally, marriage is honourable in all and on a bed undefiled.

    1. Joy says

      Prince O. thank you for sharing your view on sex before marriage.

  2. Nsi says

    Sex before marriage is wrong biblically.
    The Bible says, “your body is the temple of God ” so keeping it holy, is required from us…
    No matter what we do, heaven should come first in our dealings in life..

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