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Should I fight for my marriage or let go


Should I fight for my marriage or let go

Should I fight for my marriage or let go is a question that can only be answered personally. It is a personal business that even the best relationship coach cannot give you an answer to it. But then does that means that you can find help concerning this? No, you can find help but the decision is all on you. You have the final say to decide if you want to fight for your marriage or you want to let go of it.

Marriage is to be enjoyed but not to be endured but this does not mean that there will be no trial or hindered because there will be and you will need to learn how to compromise for your home to stand strong.

When people say compromise, it does not mean that you have to destroy yourself or that you need to make a fool out of yourself before your home can work. Below here, we will give you some signs that will help you during your decision-making if you should let go of the marriage or you should continue. But before then, let’s look at a few things that we need to compromise for our relationship of marriage to work.

—How to fight for your marriage

There are a lot of ways you can fight for your marriage if you still want to be there and below here are a few of them;

1 Support your partner: support is not always about money some support can be by giving someone some words of encouragement for them to know that you believe in them.

should I fight for my marriage or let go

It is bad when you do as if what your spouse is doing is none of your business yet other people out there are giving her their shoulders to cry on or to rest on when they need someone to speak to while you are claiming to be so busy.

You are sowing a seed of disconnection and when she starts feeling less connected to you emotionally, and mentally then sorry because you will be losing her soon if you don’t sit up.

So sit up and support your partner in any way you can… Fight for your marriage.

2 Compromise: most times, the only way you can support your partner completely is through making a sacrifice and that is where compromise comes in.

There is no sacrifice without first of all compromising because that’s the only time it can be called a sacrifice.

If your spouse is having a hard time fixing some stuff or is having an issue if you know a way out but is hard, you can do it just to make them happy anyway this is only if they deserve it. You can compromise your siesta tome just to make his favorite dish for him before he returns from work.

Make him feel special. A man or woman who loves you will never take you for granted knowing very well about your sacrifice and your schedules.

3 Initiating give and take: don’t always be the only one on the receiving side. Yeah, your spouse may not ask you for anything but does that mean that he or she doesn’t have needs as well. They do they just don’t want to ask.

So you must know what they like and what they don’t like so that you can make for them to feel special and valued.

For example, men wear clothes as well, if you can’t afford clothes, you can at least afford stockings or even neckties. Get it for your man. It may not be anything to you, but it tells them a lot of things including how much you love and value them.

4 Compliment: appreciate your partner in whatever little effort they show. If your man is dressed for a meeting or work, make him feel wanted. Yeah, let your eye speak the words if you can’t voice out immediately but make sure that it is what you think on the inside of you.

Another way of complimenting your partner is by dressing to match them, it may not be the same color or cloth, but your mode of dressing should be enough to make him or she wants to introduce you to the whole universe if possible as their own.

There are a lot of people out there are who are wishing to have what you have, don’t joke with it. Fight for what you want if you know that letting go will not go well for you. But never force love.

A man who loves you will be yours and cheating on you, will not even be on his mind.

There are a lot of ways to fight, but many of them can also be seen under this four-point in which I have summarized. All you have to know is that relationships are hard and do you want to know why? Then check it out.

Should I fight for my marriage or let go?

After all, being said, let’s check some signs that you can use to decide if to let go or not. Note that these signs include both the positive and the bad ones, so read carefully and decide after thinking over and over about it.

1 Abused: being abused can be in the form of getting beaten maybe on daily basis by your partner on every small thing that makes them angry.

You are not a pouching bag go be used daily for exercise. No man has the right to beat you up. You were married as a wife, as a soul mate, helping mate, CEO Assistant but not a maid. Never limit yourself to that.

A man who finds Joy in abusing you is not qualified to be called your life partner or is it a do-or-die affair? The decision is yours. You can also check the qualities of a good husband here

2 Cheating: If you love your position at the office where you work, you won’t want to cheat the company to avoid you losing your job and so is marriage. A man or woman who still loves you and values you the same way as before when you two got together will not dream of cheating on you.

Marriage is sacred and it is for life but if your partner chooses to bring in a third wheel and defile your home, then the power to make a decision is in your hands.

3 Treats you well: oh he treats me so well, he does not make me complain before taking care of everything, he is so caring, he is perfect and every girl dream but the problem is that he is not that talk or he is not body build, etc.

These are excuses in which if you sit down and look at it, you will discover that is not a case except we make it one. If you need a man with abs, you can encourage him to start working out at the gym. He will gladly do it as long as it is what will make you happy.

Maybe a caring man is not what you want in others to stay happy, you know what you want to make your decision and ensure that you won’t regret it later because it might be too late. As I said, a lot is waiting for us to make one mistake for them to make their moves.

4 Not Caring: once your spouse stops caring about whatever you do or how you feel it is a sign that things are changed if you want to save your marriage, then talk it out with your partner about the change of things and from the outcome of the discussion, you can decide from there if to give up or continue.

5 No longer compatible: when your partner starts thinking that you are no longer compatible with him or her, they start working on their own, making their own decision that has to do with the two of you without seeking your contribution before carrying it out.

Now, my question is, do you want to save your marriage or let it go? the decision is yours. You can also check signs to leave a relationship here if you are not yet married.


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