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He loves me so much, he checks up on me at all times, he is a nice guy, etc the question is, does he believe in you? How does he behave when you are with a male colleague? What about his friends?? When he believes in you, that’s a sign he loves you. What do I mean?

Love generates trust and trust generates belief and therefore belief brings forth understanding.

The best gift a man can give to you as his woman is to love you from his heart. Because when he does, insecurity and negativity give way for faithfulness and understanding to set in.

Quote me anywhere, “No home can stand a test of time if there is no belief and understanding.

One of the signs he loves you is that he believes in you and that  does not only have to do with romance kind of belief only but also

1. Your dreams.  A man who loves you and also wants you in his future will always have an interest in your dreams too and not just that, he will also try to generate a positive vibe to motivate you never to give up.

2.  He believes in your abilities:  A man who loves you will not try to use your weak point against you knowingly to him. Because he knows what you can do, what you can’t do, and what you will never do no matter what pressure it comes with. And that generates trust.

3.  He believes in the future: there are only a few men that can ask you about your plans for the future therefore if you happen to have such a man as a friend or fiance then hold him tight enough because it is also one of the many signs he loves you and cares not only about you of now, but then, you of tomorrow.

4.  He will be excited about your achievements: it is only a few men that feel this way when their women achieve something big.

Men always feel like since they are the head of the family, that they suppose to earn more than the wife nor anyone in the family, not the other way round.

But when it happens in the opposite direction of what they expected, then inferiority complex steps in and plays with their heads, and if care is not taken, they give in, then start using their own hands and jealousy to spoil their homes.

But a man who believes in you even when he’s jealous of you will comfortably invest his time to assist you on your project or profession Because He will always see your success as his success too.

When your wife succeeds, that’s you succeeding. Don’t let the mindset of ” If she earns more than me she won’t respect me again this and that. Because it will spoil your home for you.

They are still many ladies out there who still love and respect their husbands even when she knows very well that she contributes 60-70% of whatever the family needs.

Don’t use what Mr. Paul told you about his woman success behavior turn around and ruin your home. It is your home, your family, not Mr. Paul’s family.

So never compare your woman and you as a woman never compare your man to your friend’s husband or your EX. He is your ex because he wasn’t good enough to be in your present life so let him/her remain in the ex-world.

All home/women can’t be the same. Celebrate your woman’s accomplishment as well as she celebrates yours. You can’t harvest what you never investing no matter how she pretends one day she will be tired of it. So appreciate what you have don’t wait until you lose it.

5. A man who believes in you will not doubt your faithfulness: yea things happen which makes it hard for people to easily trust, but I want to ask ” why did you even marry her or him when you knew that you have a trust issue”?

Nothing hurts, like you trying all your possible best to be faithful to your partner yet he or she is still not helping matters due to trust issues.

A home without trust, do not function well, not because you don’t want it to work but because every effort you or your partner makes or puts seems like a waste of time, and effort and time are precious.

So value what you have and try not to scatter your home because you can’t trust someone.

It isn’t a must that you should trust your partner completely, but at least try because apart from saving your home, it will also help you in many ways like;

1. No high blood pressure

2. Peaceful siesta (a peaceful siesta is a nag that you take in the afternoon without thinking of how many ladies your man has touched or collected contacts from today.

3. Your kid’s health. one thing we ladies need to know is that the more you doubt your man and be fighting every day, hurts your kid’s health, emotion, spiritual life, Academy, social life, etc.  

Your kids should be one of your priorities when dealing with issues.

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6. He Gives You Attention: nothing interests us ladies like our men giving us attention even without asking.  Attention doesn’t mean him not doing anything in a day except sitting down at home to give a chat with you.

But attention in the area of him asking about your day, health, work, plans, your worries, your stupid jokes, your gossip even when he is not interested in your girls to talk.

7. He Gives You a breathing space:  there is a difference between insecurity and showing that you want someone.

You can still show that you want your partner without giving them the impression that you are feeling insecure.

If your man still lets you have some moment to yourself to sit with friends, communicate with other people even with the opposite sex without checking on you every minute to know if you are laughing with other guys.

It simply means that he believes you thereby trusting you that no matter who you chat with or sit with, you only belong to him and that he is not sharing you with any other man.

And that’s a sign he loves you.

8.  He Speaks For You:  anything or anyone that you believe in is worth protecting. So don’t be so blind that you don’t decode that he loves you even if he receives a slap or gets bullied because of you.

9. He smiles at you: so smile can be fake but when someone frequently smiles at you, you can always detect when he is showing affection.

There are so many other signs he loves you. But for now, know these first signs he loves you before the intimacy aspect which is coming very soon.


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