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12 Outstanding Surprising Signs that your spouse is cheating


Signs that your spouse is cheating:

Love can be so beautiful and sparkling that we turn blind-eye to the main things we suppose to be looking out for in our relationship as “signs that our spouse is cheating”

Most times, we choose to believe in the lies our partner tells us more than when the truth is being told, with this, we give them room to use their sweet tongue to Manipulate our mind with lies and flirt.

When. You are in a relationship, get to know your partner well so that when changes occur, you will be able to decode it in and on time without being deceived.

Though it is not all changes that means that your partner may be cheating but no matter the kind of change that occurs, you will know by so many things.

If you are finding it difficult to know, then let me walk through with some points.

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—-Signs that your spouse is cheating on you or is trying to cheat—-

1. Secretive: I use secretive as number one because no matter the way he or she wants to manipulate it, he will try to hide it in a way that you will never suspect or believe it even if someone tells you about it.

Therefore just watch as if you don’t smell a fish in the pot.

2. Excuses:  A partner who used to give you his or her attention more often suddenly changed to an excused one in a twinkle of an eye, my dear something is not right if you ask me. Excuses break marriages and relationships and with this insight, he still chooses to flow with the excuses then is a simple sign that your partner is cheating.

3. Scared: A man or woman that maybe cheating will have no complete peace at home even without your confrontation, he or she will be running up and down, even while eating, he will be observing you from his sit just to check if you suspect anything.

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4. Secret Phone Calls: marriage includes being transparent to your partner but when your partner starts sneaking in and out just to answer his or her phone, running away from your present. Something is up.

What kind of phone call will make a man run out of the bathroom or toilet naked to carry his phone to avoid you checking the caller?

When I was at college, there was this guy I dated, we were serious anyway since we were at college, we wanted to get married after our degree. We were into the relationship that his siblings knew about us.

The only thing is that he finished college before me, so with that, there was a little distance, we couldn’t see each other every day as before but video calls were always our ways of communication.

Few months after he graduated, I went to spend the weekend with him, on reaching there, we decided to sit out with his friends. But during that siting out, there was something fishing going on.

All his friends couldn’t loom me straight in the eye, I tried to ignore it just to enjoy the money, a few minutes later an elderly lady walked into the bar, immediately his friends started seeing each other and they all looked toward the same direction.

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Before you know it, one of them stood up and walked up to the lady, then they both went out.  A few minutes later he came in smiling.

I knew that something was not right but I didn’t know who to ask between even my friend couldn’t stand on his two feet again after the lady left.

When we got home that night, I went into the kitchen to microwave dinner so he went into the shower and left his phone on the center table has usual

A few minutes after he entered the bathroom, his phone began ringing, before I could stop out of the kitchen just to help him with the phone, guess what??

He was already there striping wet, then I now decode that the lady at the bar actually came for him but his friend stood up to cover his deed so that I won’t suspend. I didn’t ask him but my behavior that night changed.

The next day I went back to school, I hardly call him, nor text him as before, when he notices that, he now discovered that I knew about It but still he said nothing for about six months, but before he could even start explaining to me why he did it,  it was already too late.

I gave him time but he was still not ready to come out.

When someone loves you so much and values you, he or she will not stop being transparent with you.

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5. Stay out late at night: What will keep a man or woman outside his home at night leaving his woman alone in the house?? I don’t think there is any job that is a must and compulsory to work until 11 pm or 12 a.m in the office except he or she is security personnel.

And even as security personnel, you work by shift, no security works from morning to night, without a break to go home to his family.

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6. Fight: fighting is another format for a breakup, a man or woman who wants to break up in her relationship, or divorce in their marriage normally starts it with a fight.

Yeah, a fight he or she starts by going against you or do things that will annoy you so that he can use that against you, making it look like you are the case.

7. Negativity: He was never like that from the very start but along the line he changed, he does believe in possibilities anymore, he doesn’t believe that you can do it.

All he does is “Honey I don’t think we can do it “Honey about Jake’s school, don’t you think is expensive? Why not take him to a public school? etc.

All this is not because you guys are broke but are because he is not ready to spend much on the family therefore he starts using this format to cut the links.

My advice: Start working even harder than usual for backup so that nothing will take you unawares. signs that you are getting dumped

8. Complaints:  He goes fuses on everything and on anything you do, nothing you do in the house that interests nor please him anymore. And that’s because there is another woman or man in his life who is marking time to break your home just to come in.

9. No Intimacy: Most times intimacy stops because he or she has no interest in you anymore or the feelings for you are less than the percentage it was from the start.

Even when some tries faking it, you that is involved, if you check it well, you will notice that his or her heart is not really into you anymore no matter how he pretends there must always be something in his heart even while being with you.

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10. Attached to chats: As a single man or lady, social media can be your attachment but when you have a spouse, many of those will just stop without your noticing. Is a normal thing.

But when along the line, your spouse changes again to that single lifestyle, so attached to social media is one of the signs that your spouse is cheating. Just watch his reaction while chatting, then you can tell.

11. He avoids family discussion: communication is what generates understanding in a home and every good home manager knows about this, but when your spouse starts avoiding any discussion that has to do with the future of the family, then that’s it, you don’t need a fortune teller to tell you this one. But your mind needs therapy if you want to save your home.

That’s if only is not beyond repair.

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12. He or She is so into their appearance before stepping out of the house: As a spouse, all their interest when it comes to their appearance is to look good in front of their partners, just to have more of their attention.

But when that’s not the case anymore, it means there is someone else in the picture in which he or she is trying to impress out there without your notice.

Therefore if you don’t want to get broken when any of this results in a breakup, then take this article signs that your spouse is cheating seriously.

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