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10 Guarantee Signs you will never get married


Signs you will never get married

The life that we live most times do determine what signs we see in our lives be it a sign you will get married or signs you will never get married which means that our lifestyle has a lot of role to play in our daily lives.

Although is God that has the final say in our lives but the truth still be told, “the way we run our lives most times determine if what God has ordained for us will come to us speedily or there will be a delay.

Yeah, delay. What God say about us cannot return to him void but it can be delay due to how we react or value it.

And some of the things that are posing as signs you will never get married especially if there is no change involved in the process are;

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1 Arrogant: Arrogance is the greatest enemy among other enemies of marriage. No man or woman will just walk to the alter with an arrogant partner knowing very well the kind of person the spouse is.

Marriage is to be enjoy but not to be completely endured, though in marriage, you will to learn to compromise in other for your home to run in a way it suppose to.

But when arrogant is the cause of the compromise, that’s not it because one day, you will be fed up especially when there is no positive change at all.

So if you don’t want to see signs you will never get married reflecting in your life, then work on yourself in and on time before you chase every suitor that comes your way away from you.

2 No room for a third party: If you don’t get close to people or allow people to get close to you, then how will you find or chose  a man or woman who has the qualities you are looking for in marriage?

You will not know the real people around you if you don’t allow people to come closer to you. This will only tell them that they are not welcome at all in your life. And truly, some of them will back off and is only a little percent will keep waiting for a change of mind.

3 Measurement: Yeah, I want to marry a man that is like dad in physical appearance, I need a man that will be showering me with gifts, I need a lady that is like my mum, etc.

The truth is that, you will wait forever because God created all with different gifts and wisdom, which means the way your mum handle things at home may not be the same way your woman does.

But that doesn’t mean that she is not unique in her our small ways but the issue is that she is not like your mum.

If you keep having such mindset, you will wait and get old because those signs you will never get married is already working big time in you.

4 Pride: I am working and earning well, I pay my bills, take care of my shelter, what will a man do for me? That’s pride. As a woman, no matter how rich and well you are doing, you still need a man in your life.

No matter what you might have experience in life in the past, so not determine your future.

I’m tall, handsome,  and well educated why should I tell a lady please or I’m sorry? My brother, matter your achievement in life, there must be someone in your life that her happiness matters a lot to you too if not you will end up marrying a woman who will not genuinely love you for you.

But will marry you because of those qualities you listed. So drop pride and work things out with your lady.

5 Abusive: It is not only when a man beats up a woman that makes it abusive, you can still abuse someone with the words from our mouths, manner of approach, the way we handle certain issues, the way we related, etc.

So one of the signs you will never get married is being an abusive fellow. No responsible man will want to end up with a woman who doesn’t have control over her mouth.

You don’t have to be a college graduate before you can control what comes out of your mouth, all you have to do is learn to minimize how you talk or respond to conversation between people, it will help.

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6. Scared to try: Everyone can’t be the same, which means that everyone can not be like your Ex, so you not giving it a try again just because of the last experience, will only keep you lonely and single.

There is no harm in trying things out again, but this turn, don’t expect anything from the relationship, just allow it to take its time to develop to another stage.

Most times we get hurt because what we expected of our partner did not work out thereby making it look like we are just wasting our time on relationships.

But the truth is that, you have to keep trying until you finally meet up the right one for you. Love is a beautiful thing so give it a try.

7 grouchy : keeping grouch will only cause you to keep losing the important people love brings to your side.

Love is all about forgiveness and understanding, but if you are a type that even after someone said oh I’m sorry please

8 Lack of trust: Trust is very important in a relationship. if you are a person that was once hurt by someone you loved, that is where these trust issues do set in from.

But the truth is that is not everyone that comes into your life that will hurt. so you only got hurt in other to meet with the right man or lady.

But if you don’t even try fixing that, I’m afraid to tell you that it is one of the greatest signs you will never get married now or anytime soon until you change the mindset that everyone will hurt you.

9 Freedom is all that matters to you: You like your privacy, you don’t want anyone to stress you out all in the name of relationship or marriage.

10 You don’t believe in marriage: You can’t succeed on something you don’t believe in. so to avoid signs you will never get married, you need to first of all start believing marriages.

Forget what you saw on the other person’s home and believe that your will be perfect.

11 Stinginess: A man who doesn’t want to spend on anyone even on his family, will be having difficulty to marry.

12 Not ready for commitment: Commitment is the key to marriage. If you are not ready to be committed to your partner and children, then don’t get married because the home will be an unhappy one indeed.

13 Not your priority: Some people are married to their jobs, but the truth is that after work, when you return home, the vacuum will be felt. so give room for another priority apart from job.

14 You don’t like children: No woman will follow you to that road and then comes back and sit and be looking at your face instead of her children.

You can’t have what you don’t like, to avoid that, you now decided not to get married.

Marriage is a beautiful thing, just drop all these signs you will never get married and fix yourself for marriage.

There is a man or woman waiting for someone as cool as you out there, please don’t keep him or her waiting take that bold step today.

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