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Signs your ex is over you


Signs your ex is over you

Did you have a breakup with someone but you still love the person or you are just wondering if they are over you? Well, getting over someone you once truly loved is not always that simple like the way it sounds but then when there is no option left, moving on is the best thing to do. So what are the signs your ex is over you so that you can also move on?

There are a lot of signs to look out for so keep reading.

Signs your ex is over you

Before I start giving you the signs, there is one thing you need to know and also you need to understand and that is. Before checking for any signs or before giving meaning to signs, ensure that his or her body language is speaking the same as the signs.

But why do I need to do that?

The reason for doing this is because most times we pretend to be strong while we are crying and speaking something else in our hearts. So to know if they are over you, you have to read the signs alongside their body language.

Okay let’s look at the signs your ex is over you

1 He is not checking on you: Don’t expect that your ex is over you just because he doesn’t check on you for a month or two. You need to give it more than that unless you see him or her with another partner if not, be patient a little longer. This is where you also need to observe the body of your ex.

2 He ignores you completely: if you have been calling or texting or even chatting with your ex but he or she keeps ignoring you, then stop it because it will help you faster than that calling and texting.

When you keep calling or texting your ex, it shows that you still love them and you want them back, doing this makes them feel that they are not too late coming back to you.

signs your ex is over you

But if you text or call for a while and your ex keeps ignoring and you then decided to stop doing those again once he observes that you have stopped pestering him if he still loves you, he will call you or text you

He will be scared that you are ready to move on now that is why you are no longer coming after him.

So if your ex is over you, he will ignore you completely whether you call him or you don’t. check this out 9 warning signs she doesn’t like you

3 He blocks you: yea this might sound like childish stuff but it helps most times if you want to move on from someone.

If you truly loved someone and at the end, the person decided to quit on you then after some months, years you still can’t move on, one of.

the way is to block the person to avoid you seeing the person’s daily activities.

So if he or she blocks you it means that he is getting over you.

4 No more interest: he is no longer interested in whatever you do with your life, he is busy trying to do whatever gives him or her joy not minding if it will hurt you or not.

When your ex is over you, you are no longer is responsible so the way he used to care for you will reduce.

5 He is more engaged with other ladies than before: when a man loves a woman, he reduces the way he chats or plays with ladies especially on social media, at work, at the bar, etc. They avoid anything that will make you feel jealous. But once he is over you, whatever he does is no longer your business so they don’t care anymore what matters now is his happiness and not yours.

6 They have someone else in mind: have you ever sat with your friend or your ex before and all he or she talks about is this guy she meant at work or school or on the street? Does she constantly repeat the guy’s story? Then she is drifting away from you… Her heart and eyes are now on the guy she meant and no longer on you. more updates on this join me on Facebook

7 Communication is awkward: it is not every ex that cuts communication when they break up some still keep in touch but then it will be less fun and awkward.

Learn his body language if he is not over you, he will always be trying to remind you of the memories you both shared and how happy you two were, etc.

But if he is over you, he will only chat like normal friends on social media or once a friend kind of chat which will be awkward.

There are a lot of signs but these are the top 7 signs.

How to test if your ex still loves you

Do you want to know how to test if your ex still loves you so that you can decide if to hang around or give up if he or she has moved on? Then check below.

1 Get a friend to act alongside as your admirer: one of the ways to know if your ex is over you is by acting a little mind drama.

If you appear in a function or supermarket with a friend acting like a love bird, if your ex becomes jealous, or keep staring in your direction know that he is not over you just yet.

2 Update an emotional thing online: you can post something like “I’m down” or “I’m bored”, etc. And make sure that he or she sees it, if he is not over you, he will be at your inbox right that moment to find out what’s wrong with you that you are down.

He will try to know what is going on with you lately and like that he will keep talking just to keep you company. If you still love him, that’s your chance. you check 17 of what to say to a girl

3 Dress smart but attractive: Do you want to know if your ex still loves you? Be ready for a party, get a new dress or a nice dress that he hasn’t seen you on before making your hair or have it washed, if you are a makeup type, apply a little and then get a plus one or don’t. And off you go.

You want to know if he still loves you not you want to let him know that you still love him, so let him do the eye starring game.

If he keeps starring at you and be smiling, or flirting with you, know that he is still in love with you.

4 Tell him he loves good too: if you are working in the same company with your ex and he keeps complimenting you on how beautiful you are, tell him he is not looking bad too. But don’t hang around for long after saying that. Leave him with his heart right there for him to process what he just heard from you.

If he is not over you, he will come to you and ask you may be one of these questions “did you mean what you said to me this morning”? Act dump by asking him to remind you of what you said. Don’t worry, he will get the signal and process.

If your ex is over you, then it is time for you to move on. But if you think that maybe you made a mistake of letting go then you can check these 10 Sure signs that he loves you without saying it it will help you to know if you made the right choice or the wrong one.

Success in your relationship.


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