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The two (2) negative effect why talking with your hands is a necessity


why you should adapt to talking with your hands

Talking with your hands should be in our heart thereby making it to becoming a part of us before we start planting of hopes in people’s heart.

Talking with your hands in this aspect means, talking then putting it into action. We are in a generation where we talk more than we can do.

Why should we start talking with our hands 8 GUIDE FOR THE YEAR 2020

  • PROMISES: promise is like unseen arrival, promise gives hope and once we make it, we have given hope and relief to someone.

Promise we say is an affirmation of intent, large and small which mark a wide number of interpersonal activities from marriage to specific behavior toward another person to the completion of tasks at home or at work. This requires us to declare a conscious aims.

At times we talk more than we can do, we make promises, some which are bigger than us and some which are not even necessary to make.

To the extent that people don’t know when we mean the word we say, we walk around telling people how we will render help to them, we make them believe us, they start praising us and praying for us, and we gladly say amen to it with a smile on our faces.

Few weeks, few months, a year no respond from you, they don’t know what to think any longer, their faith chatters, all hopes gone, they don’t know what to believe anymore, they start doubting anything called promises, they miss their destiny helpers, because they couldn’t believe anyone anymore and with that they expect nothing good from the person, except empty promises as usual. NEVER TOO LATE

Why? It is because they are used to people lying to them and making empty promises without fulfilling them and with this kind of encounter, they miss out in their appointed time unknown to them.

Is it in marriages? We promise to love our partner for life, I will never leave you for anyone else. 11 Tools that can spice up intimacy in your relationship

I will get the work done. Now, these above are our conscious objectives but people have so many out-of-knowing thoughts or feelings, we may not know of our unconscious outcome about a stated commitment.

we are happy walking around still doing more promise and fail and killing people’s destiny indirectly because of false hope which causes delay in destiny, backwardness, no going forward no going backward.

Most times we make promises without having an avenue on how to fulfill those promises. We make promise to get rid of something or someone at a particular point in time.

We also make promises to get what we want. Have we ever thought about these promises we do make without fulfilling them, either make us or mar us in the public?

Mr. Rueben Amano who is a socialist once told me “if only we know the covenant we make in the name of promises, we will find it difficult to make one”. 80% of families isolate every day because of unfulfilling promises and about 60% of relationship (courtship) breaks out of bad promises.

Most times we make promises without minding the hope we have given to someone. No matter how little the promise is, it is pertinent we fulfill it.

A lot of young ladies endanger their lives because of promise words the heard from one guy like that who promised them that he was different from the rest.

talking with your hands

Worst part of it is that many ladies knows well that this word are just words which 70% of men who uses it, are not serious with the statement but still, they will still allow a man to take advantage of them through this words by promising  them heaven and earth. Just to have what they want.

The question I do ask is “why do we take promises for granted? 24 Fact about love everyone should know

  • DREAMS: A dream in this aspect is like a business plan, which something we put it down in a book for processing without even knowing how long it’s going to take to achieve it in real life.

Dreams are dreams and they remain in the dream world until we make it manifest.

At times when having this dreams, we walk around telling people like our friends, families etc. what we are planning on doing without actually doing it.

One month, two months, six months, a year plus we are still walking around without taking any step. We talk without during it. We don’t have to walk around telling people our dreams/visions all we have to do is to start from somewhere “no matter how the beginning is small”, the later shall be greater.

When we have this kind of understanding and mind set, anything is possible and the move we take is what announce us not the talking.

Billionaires don’t enter everywhere they see to sitting down and talk on how wealthy they are. instead their present alone tells you everything you need to know about their pocket. Click To Tweet

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