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10 Important Things a man wants in a relationship


If you look from a far distance, it may seem like a lot of men do not have a choice when it comes to being in a relationship but that’s not it, there are things a man wants in a relationship that if there are not found in a particular lady, they just move along or sit and past time.


From the very first and second day of your relationship with the man, he has already started scoring you in terms of things a man wants in a relationship likewise the lady.


What a lady wants in a relationship is kind of slightly different from things a man wants in a relationship which means that as a lady, the things you want from your partner in the relationship, your partner also wants the same from you. 

So to get what you want, you also need to give it out.


1 A strong woman: a woman who can withstand whatever life throw at them, they still stand their ground and do not change along with the situation.


2 A caring woman: as a woman, calling your partner first to ask him how his day is going, does not make you less than a woman.


Calling your man to check on him is a sign that you care about his welfare too in as much as he cares about you too. 


So as a woman, you must know that caring is one of the things a man wants in a relationship and they are not above being cared for also.


3 A motherly heart: You don’t have to buy gifts for a man before you can show him that your heart is with him. therefore how can you do this?


You can show a man that your heart is with him by trying all your possible best to be at his side when he is down or depressed. when he feels like talking to someone, give him a listening ear, Talk to him by giving him some motherly advice.


Distance may be the issue in this aspect of your relationship, but the truth is that you don’t need to be very close with your man before you can show him your motherly side of life that’s if you have one.


But if you don’t have, you will need to work on that because among all the things a man wants in a relationship, they need a woman who can speak to them as a mother could speak to a grow-up son but still with respect.


A supportive woman: To be a supporter, you do not need to be financially okay before you can support your man. Since your man does support you when you need it, don’t wait for him to ask you for assistance before you can make a move.


Note: It is not all men that know how to keep their pride as a man and then ask a lady for support. so know your kind of man and be there for him when he needs you just as he is always there for you.


A good home manager: A good home manager is a woman who does not showcase her man’s weakness in public.

things a man wants in a relationship

A good home manager is a woman who is ready to cover up her man’s nakedness both in the house and outside. she speaks the same voice as her man when they are with friends.

She is someone who doesn’t make friends know that her man


A faithful woman: What many men use in knowing a faithful woman is when they are broke or pretend to be broke. But that’s not true, a woman who is not mending to be faithful to you will not be even if you are broke or rich. 


A faithful woman is a faithful woman no matter your condition or your current condition in life.

As a man, all you have to do is show her love, don’t ever hide from her how much you love her if you truly do, and then sit and see her being faithful to you.


So if you are a faithful woman in nature, don’t ever give your man the impression that if he goes broke that faithful will depart from the relationship.

8 A secured lady: insecurity only generates an inferiority complex, and when a lady is so insecure in her relationship with someone, trust can never be built, and the relationship is likely to scatter in a short time.


No woman ever feels secure in her relationship and still has the time to monitor her man’s movements day in, and day out except if she wants an unhealthy relationship.


9 A woman who can cook: Although not all men that go for women who can cook as long as they are rich, they can always afford a servant. 

But still, one thing you need to know is that “any woman who can control a man’s stomach, can control his heart”.


If you don’t know how to cook, then learn it, because one day, you may need it to surprise your man and also use it in getting your man back to the house.

Things a man wants in a relationship


9 A romantic woman: one of the things men want in a relationship or marriage is a woman who knows what being romantic in a relationship can do for the relationship.


As a woman, your man is trying to make the relationship or home lively with all he can, and with all his moves, you still behave as if you are not seeing it.  

That kind of relationship will not stand. Learn to reciprocate love when you are given one, at times, be the one to generate it.


To make the relationship work, you must agree to work with your partner to make things turn out the way you two want it, or else, you will lose it when he is finally tired of trying.

And then start looking for another woman that will be ever ready to reciprocate it even more than he is showing.

Learn how to spice up your relationship


10 A real woman: A real woman is a woman who does not fake her personality just to get a man’s attention. A real woman is a woman who knows what it takes to keep a man.


She is a woman who knows that nagging and shouting are never a solution to a misunderstanding between her and her man.

She is a woman who knows that it takes more than physical beauty to keep a man.

Now you know a few things a man wants in a relationship, Who are you, and where do you belong?


Remember that whatever a man does in the relationship is indirectly one of the things a man wants in a relationship. that’s to say that he will not like to act the opposite of what he wants from you.

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