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4 Outstanding things you need to know about online dating


What is your view on online dating

The truth is that online dating is almost like being in a long-distance relationship with you that you can’t see for over a year or more than that.

Although in an online dating, you may happen to date even an unknown person but hoping to see him or her one day.

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But the truth again is that there is nothing wrong with online dating especially if you follow all the dos and don’ts of internet dating.

Online dating or dating apps has helped a lot of people to find their life partners and not just that, it has also helped a lot of people to gain connection in high places both within and outside their countries.

So if you ask me, i will tell you that there is nothing wrong with online relationship. so all you have to do is follow the rules and regulation when you are still in the process of getting to know your partner physically.

And some of those online dating rules are;

1 Don’t meet in a secret place: I know that you two are in love but the fact still remains that you are yet to know the kind of person he or she is. although even the ones you see everyday there is still of possibility of not knowing te real them either.

But in an online dating, you have to ensure that your first and either second meeting is in public for safety purposes.

2 Tell your friends: If you can’t bring your friends to the venue just to hang around to look out for you, then tell them about your date with this guy or lady.

It will help in a way that if they are asked, they can know how to use search for you. Which means if you later change the venue of your date, you need to keep updating your friends.

2 Don’t go to his house: Yeah, don’t visit his home after the first nor the second date, ensure that you feel safe being around him. though people can pretend just to get what they want.

That’s why i said don’t visit his home on the first date nor the second, make sure that you get to know him a little more.

3 Choose the second date venue: This might sound unimportant but the truth is that someone can still play you even after meeting in public.

Yeah, remember that you met at the public place where he choose and you followed. which means that he can arrange everything in the venue to look real in a way that you will not know.

So in this case, why don’t you make the choice of where you two to meet? Remember is an online dating where you two are strangers who are trying to get known to even other using dating apps.

4 Be patience: Being moved into his arms immediately just because he introduced you to someone has his woman is a sign that tells him that if he introduce you to his siblings that you will wake up from his bed the next day.

Online dating scams

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You mind be wondering after reading many things on the internet against online dating but i will tell you this.

The answer to this question is determine to how people handle the whole thing when they are in.

How can you be sending someone money on the first date and expect the person to love you genuinely even after finding out that you are not his or her type of partner she is looking for in life.

Don’t get me wrong, it is not everyone you see on a dating apps that are after money or after a guy who is financially rich, some are there for real love.

But when you start with spending money on the lady and somethings saying nuity things, do you expect her to love you or to be careful of you.

Online dating is never a scam, people gets scam because they acted on their on their own without following the guideline of the online dating site that they met.

Is Online Dating Safe

Nothing is safe even with someone that you are seeing everyday. dating is all about taking risk because you believe that something good may come out of it at the end.

so being security concious is the motto of any dating be it online dating, long distance relationship or neighboring dating, etc because all is a risk.

Does online dating really work
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Just like every other relationship, online dating also works at times it doesn’t too. This is not because it is an online relationship, but it is because every relationship’s success is determined by how you handle your relationship or run it.

Every relationship has equal ability and capability to succeed or to fail. so handle yours with care.

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