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6 Ways To Let A Guy Know You’re Interested: The Outstanding Approach


Ways To Let A Guy Know You’re Interested

There are many ways to let a guy know you’re interested, but some of them can be too forward or scary. The truth is that every girl has been there before in one way or the other. You’re out on a date with someone you like, and you want to let them know that you are interested in them. But how do you show your interest without coming off too strong? Here are 10 ways to let the guy know that you’re interested in him without being too obvious about it:

1) Smile at Him Constantly

2) Touch His Hand When Talking To Him

3) Nod And Laugh At His Jokes

4) Act Confused When He Says Something That Isn’t Clear To You

5) Put Your Hands In His Lap While Sitting Next To Him (He’ll Be Surprised!)

6) Make Eye Contact With Him

7) Compliment Him

8) Flirt with Him in person and through text

9) Keep in contact With Him

10) Look Good to your ability

# 1 Smile at Him Constantly: It’s important to show a guy that you are interested in him by smiling at him. A smile is one of the most attractive things about any woman, so it makes sense that this would be an effective way to let someone know they have your attention and interest. One thing to note: make sure not too big or small; keep them genuine!

Ways To Let A Guy Know You're Interested
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#2 Touch His Hand When Talking To Him: If you’re out with a guy and want to show him that you are interested, touching his hand can be an effective way for both of you. When your hands touch when talking or laughing together it will make the moment even more intimate.

Note: You might not like this next part…

Asking too many questions about himself is also something guys don’t like! So if he’s telling a story, stop asking follow-up questions and let him finish! He’ll appreciate how much you care enough to listen without interrupting.”

#3 Nod And Laugh At His Jokes: Not every guy knows how to make a good joke but then you shouldn’t be looking for the best comedian before you can laugh at the silly ones he is trying his effort to make just for you to enjoy his company.

Many guys prefer ladies that they can be free without having to be too careful because they want to impress them. Therefore, laughing at his jokes and making him feel confident, is one of the simplest ways to get his inner attention and this shows him that you’re interested in him or that you like him too.

#4 Act Confused When He Says Something That Isn’t Clear To You:

It’s always important to understand what someone is saying, even if you’re just meeting them so that it won’t be awkward. But sometimes when a guy says something and you don’t quite get it, act confused for him because he’ll definitely take the time out to explain in more detail until you fully understand his point of view. You should also follow up with questions about what he said after or during his explanation so that there are no gaps in the conversation!

Note: It can be hard not to interrupt every question but try to resist as much as possible. Guys really like how girls have such great attention skills – it’s super attractive!

#5 Put Your Hands In His Lap While Sitting Next To Him (He’ll Be Surprised!):

This act may sound like a very bad idea but then it is very active Yeah, Your little hand touch can help you build more atoms in your body system which he may not be able to resist especially if he is interested in you too.

Your touch is like an invite to you but don’t make it obvious, make him think that you are getting free with him especially if you don’t know if he has an interest in you as well.

#6 Make Eye Contact With Him: The quickest way to let a guy know you are interested is to make eye contact with him. When you look at a guy and hold his gaze, he’ll know that it’s an indication of interest!

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#7 Compliment Him:

When you compliment a guy, he’ll feel great about himself and good about your interaction.

You should make sure to wait for him to say something before you go in with the compliments because it’s important that they are genuine! One way to be unique is by giving physical compliments- what does his hair look like? What color are his eyes? How did he grow up?”

And if all else fails: “Nice shoes.” Stand out from other girls by telling them how much better their outfit looks than theirs – this will get any guy’s attention!”

“I love my nails,” she said aloud without thinking as her fingers tapped at the keys of her laptop. The words had been uttered without really knowing why or where.

#8 Flirt with Him in person and through text:

It’s important to flirt with a guy when talking in person or through text. Guys love it when girls make them feel like they’re special and popular! You can tease him by telling him that he looks handsome today, or flirting with the idea of kissing you for his birthday this year.”

“Don’t be afraid to look at me,” she said teasingly as she avoided eye contact. “I’m not going anywhere!” He chuckled lightly before stepping closer, wrapping an arm around her waist and pulling her into himself so their bodies were touching chest-to-chest. His arms felt warm against hers as his long fingers cupped her cheekbone gently while drawing her face up towards his own.”

#9 Keep in contact With Him: This is very important, if you don’t want to lose him, ensure that you keep him close but then, don’t act desperate because if you do, you will lose him.

Show him that you care about him and things that have to do with him that is why you keep checking up on him, this is a symbol of friendship and love make use of it.

#10 Look Good to your ability: When you dress up, a guy will automatically see how attractive and sexy he is to you. But don’t overdo it because that’s just not good for the eyes!

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The Ways To Let A Guy Know You’re Interested: The Subtle Approach

There are six different ways on how to show your interest without being too obvious about it. Ways one would use the subtle approach includes smiling at him constantly when talking and touching his hand every time there is an interaction between the two individuals; nodding in agreement when listening intently during conversations; laughing aloud from jokes made by the individual and acting confused if something isn’t clear enough for comprehension, etc.

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