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13 Outstanding sure Ways You Can Attract Men To Yourself


What attract men to women

To attract men: One thing is sure as a woman, do you want to know that one thing? I guess you do. One thing that is sure is that God created us, women, with four sights which simply means that we have what it takes to get what we want and what it takes to also lose what we have. It is because the power is within us.

Most men are moved by what they see first before coming for what they want.

Quote me right, what I mean here is that, if a man sees beautiful ladies walking by, he will, first of all, check all of them out from afar admiring them when done and he is sure he has to picture them all out, he now makes a move to the one he wants..

So with your four sights, you got to make sure that your mend appearance speaks almost all about you. Do you have to walk naked for him to see? Of course, NOT, exposing everything under your clothes just to attract men, will only land you with flirt who are just there for a nightstand. And I don’t think you are looking for that.

Therefore below here are few things you can do as a woman to attract men even unknowingly to you.


Responsible men go for responsible ladies. Your dressing has a lot of role to play in this your task to attract men that’s why it is our point number one.

“Your dressing determine how you are address” dressing seductive will attract lustful men to you who are looking for a girlfriend matter but if you are looking for a man not a boy, then dressing decent and moderate is your key.

2. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF: appreciate the woman you have become, loving yourself and noticing how awesome you are, will be a big plus to standing your ground in all you do.

Don’t let any man or woman makes you feel less than yourself, so when you wake up in the morning, look yourself in the mirror, if you don’t have a mirror, use your phone and take a selfie and see how awesome and beautiful you have become.

Avoid self doubt because it will only generate pity party to you not friends who will help you get what you want.

3. GET SKILLS: striking to be successful with or without a man shows that you are independent and many successful and skillful men Likes such ladies.

So for you to attract men, get yourself out from your heavenly bed room and get yourself busy, get a job so that you will not be a burden to your man.

4. SMILE: yea we do have our bad and good times but let your good times be seen often than your bad time especially in the public.

Learn to smile and ensure that your smile has the power it suppose to have as a lady to melt a man’s heart to smile back at you without resisting.


If you have friends, sit out with friends sometimes if you don’t, then take yourself out, enjoy yourself, make yourself happy because when you are happy not so depressed, men will have the courage to walk up to your table to join you without being scared.

Taking yourself out to be happy helps you look younger than your age.

6. MANNER OF APPROACH: I know we women can be so emotional at times and with that, we easily react to things before we even start thinking.  So showing a man a bad reaction when he approaches you especially on the first day will only send a signal to him that you are not the one.

7. ABILITY TO INITIATE GIST: being current on news, sports, politic etc will help keeping them interested in making friends with you because you will not be a person to sit out with.

8. GET INVOLVED IN MEN’S GAMES OR AFFAIRS: One of the games men like so much apart from soccer game is video games, it is one thing not to be able to play but staying with them and be laughing and cheering the party that wins up is another way of showing them your charms. But don’t be lousy.

9. SMARTNESS: Being beautiful without an insight on anything either career wise, Academy, Inspirational, motivating, skills etc is a big minus when it comes to attracting a man.

So let him see one thing in you that makes you outstanding from other ladies, show him the best side of you and a little of your bad side so that he won’t take you for granted.

10. CONTENTMENT: Being contented with what you have and working hard to be better than who you were yesterday instead of comparing yourself with someone else will only send out one signal ” She Is Special and unique” .

11. SOCIAL LIFE: Work as hard as you can to be better but still, get a life. Even after making it in life, your profit will not give you a complete happiness but the kind of friendship world that you created while claiming up will keep you going.

Men Like ladies that are friendly and social and you are friendly, you are easy to talk or chat with.

12. SPIRITUAL LIFE: Set your life in the right path with Christ, be Godly and committed in the things of the Lord, be active, worship God in truth and in spirit, not to get a man but to prove to God that you believe in what He can do.

So your way of handling things in the house of worship will determine how many brothers or visitors are looking or admiring you without your notice. So be active in your place of duty, be skillful.

13. HAVE SOME HOBBY: Don’t be boring, get something that you can be interested or gist someone about, it will show that you are interesting to chat with.

If there is a man you admire so much or your man, you need to learn some stuff.


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