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What Are All I Need To Know About Long Distance Relationship


What Are All I Need To Know About Long Distance Relationships? Before discussing anything about long distance relationships let us first see the meaning of long distance relationships.


What Is The Definition Of Long Distance Relationship


Long distance relationship can be defined as a type of relationship between two partners who are geographically separated from one another. An example of long distance relationship is when a girl resides in Texas, the US and her partner resides in Florida, Us, or when a guy resides In the United States and his partner resides in Canada or Mexico. From our examples, we have seen that in long distance relationship they are always a geographical separation between two partners


What Are All I Need To Know About Long Distance Relationship

Advantage Of Long Distance Relationships

Although being in a long distance relationship has numerous disadvantages, they are also some advantages of being in a long distance relationship and Some of those are:


1. You get to road-test your trust :

Being in a long distance relationship helps you to trust your partner more, since you are far from them, and you can’t monitor their activities it gives you a kind of confidence to trust their words and whatever they tell you.


2. You have more time to pursue other passions and interests :

Being in a long distance relationship gives you more time to pursue your personal interest for example people who are in a short distance relationship sends at least 72 hours with each other weekly but when you are in a long distance relationship these 72 hours spent can be used to invest in your personal work and other interest.


3. Help you develop independence :

Long Distance Relationship helps you to be more independent instate of depending on your partner for certain things long distance relationship will teach you how to get those things yourself since your partner is physically absent. You can also read 10 Fun Things To Do By Yourself That is Outstanding

Disadvantage Of Long Distance Relationships

1. Loneliness :

Since you don’t have the opportunity to see yourself frequently one partner will become lonely and the relationship might seem odd


2. Higher Tendency To Cheat :

Long distance relationship gives the partner a higher Tendency to cheat this start from the point when one partner starts to feel lonely and tries to kill this loneliness might decide to start an affair with someone close by.


3. Expense :

Long distance relationship tends to cost more expenses than a short distance because sometimes partners will love to see each other and will have no option but to travel to see their spouse, and money spent on the journey is a big expense that could be used to sort out other needs


4. Miscommunication :

In long distance relationship, they are always one form of miscommunication or the other because there are certain things that are better discussed physically but as a result of distance such things might be appropriately handled or communicated


Questions to ask before you decide to go into a long distance

Before going into a long distance relationship they are several questions you are expected to ask your self and the answers you get from these questions will help you determine whether or not to go into the relationship


If you are not even sure if the person is  who you want to be with, you can check out these questions which will help you to get to know who you want to go into long distance relationship with 21 Questions For a New Relationship


1. How often will we be in touch :

This is a very important question you need to ask the person proposing a relationship you ask him or her how often will you guys communicate with each other either it’s going to be 3,2 or once a day from his or her response you will either consider going into the relationship or not the main reason for getting in touch with each other often is to reduce the rate of loneliness that comes with long distance relationship.


2. How frequently will we see each other :

Since you guys are not close to each other is it very essential to confirm how regularly you guys will see each other physically, is it going to be every month end or once in three months or during every festive period it is very essential to know the answer to this question before accepting or rejecting the proposal.

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3. What are your thoughts on exchanging pictures and videos :

Since you guys don’t see each other often the best way to feel the present for each other is to be sending your current photo or videos to your partner often this will help to kill loneliness a little so before accepting any long distance relationship proposal make sure you must have arranged the days and times you will exchange personal photos and videos

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Tips on how to make long distance relationship work

1. Try to communicate with each regularly :

Communication is one of the key factors that can make a long distance relationship work always try to hear from each other regular basis on your working schedules, but it is advisable that you always hear from each other at least twice or three times a day.


2. Do things together :

Although we know that you both are separated by the distance you guys should always try to fix time to do things together, for example, both of you can arrange Fridays for wearing your couple Anko. With this step, you will always have the thought of each other at heart.

You can also check how to spice up your relationship which will help you both even in the long distance relationship.


3. Try visits to each other :

Since it is a distance relationship and you both can’t see your selves regularly you should try to fix a time to visit each other, if the distance is just a few cities away then the visit should be at least every month end but if your partner happens to be from another far state then you should try to fix a one time every three months and if it happens that you both base on different countries then the visit should be at least once or twice a year. Note this ideal is topically for the middle class to help them reduce expenses but if you have enough funds then you can visit as many times as you want



4. Know each other’s schedules :

You should try to know your partner’s schedules, so you can remind them sometimes in case they might forget for example if your partner work on the shift you should try to know his or her shifting position so that you know the right time to get in touch with them.


5. Set relationship goals together :

It is very important to set small relationship goals together and achieving these goals will make both of you happy and keep the relationship stronger.



Before going into a long distance relationship make sure you have measured the advantage and the disadvantage of being in a long distance relationship if you know you can stand the relationship then you are free to go into the relationship but if you can’t cope with long distance relationship then we are at relationship network advise you not to go into it at all. If you have read this article to the end by now you must have made your decision whether to go into a long-time relationship or not. In case you have any questions to ask feel free to ask via the comments section and we will be glad to answer you.

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