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5 Outstanding Things Every Man Wants in A Woman


Men are simple creatures. They want one thing from a woman: to be treated like a man with respect and dignity, so they can feel loved and respected. What do men want in a woman? In this article, we will give you 5 things that every man wants in a woman, so the next time you find yourself wondering why guys act the way they do or what they expect from women, this list should help answer some of your questions!


#What attracts a man to a woman at first sight?


#Physical appearance: men are visual creatures, so if a woman is dressed nicely and looks good from head to toe, she will be more attractive.

what do men want in a woman

For a man to be attracted to a woman by just a contact does not always mean that it is lost. Most times the way we appear or dress can determine how we are addressed.


#Nonverbal communication: when speaking with someone for the first time it’s important that they can carry on an intelligent conversation without getting distracted by other things going on in their life. Being able to focus solely on him and his words means he feels respected enough to want to get closer!


#Manners of Approach: when a man is attracted to a woman, he will usually try and flirt with her. If she can catch on quickly enough that it’s not meant in the wrong way then they may continue talking as friends.


If this situation arises, make sure you’re polite about answering him, or else he might get turned off! This is one of the easier ways men can decode a lady who has a clean mind.


#A man sees how we present ourselves – are we wearing clothes that complement our body type and style? Do we have good hygiene? (including hair care) Are there any obvious stains on our clothing like makeup smudges from when we were eating lunch before work today? Have we applied some perfume lately so he can smell us closer without?


The above list of what guys want in a woman is something we’ve all heard before – but why does this happen? When you put yourself out there as being confident and beautiful instead of needy or desperate, it makes you seem like less competition for guys who have been burned one too many times


#Can a man fall in love with a woman at first sight?

The answer is a resounding yes!

Some men might be more attracted to the physical qualities of a woman. Others may want someone with who they can find compatible intellectually and share things in common. For some, it’s as simple as wanting someone that has the same sense of humor or other similar interests


As you can see, there are many different reasons why men would fall in love at first sight – but what does this have to do with women?

Men need good-looking women because when they look happy and confident, it makes them feel like they are man enough when compared. And if he feels proud having you on his arm then so much better for him that he’ll get even more attention from other people around him


#How does a man act when he’s falling in love?


Men will be happy when they see a woman that’s attractive, so much as to make their day better. They’ll also want to spend more time with her or do something special for her like cooking and cleaning. As mentioned before in the list of things every man wants from a woman is someone who can take care of him and he will show that by doing these acts himself!


A man might start making excuses about why he doesn’t have another date lined up since he feels confident around this one girl – but don’t think it’s only because she looks good on paper; men need some feelings too! If you were an extremely confident person then maybe there would be no question if they are falling quickly for you or not.


#How do you know if a guy loves you but is scared?


What all women should know:

– He’ll be very attentive to you. The man will want to spend as much time with you as possible and do things that make your life easier, like cooking or cleaning for the both of you.

Signs he wants a future with you

Things might start escalating quickly if this is a person who’s confident around his friends but he may also need some love in return! If he really likes you then it won’t matter how many times he calls; either way, it’ll mean something different.


Also, remember that men are just as vulnerable when they fall in love – so don’t take him seriously until after a while has passed and these acts continue happening consistently.

A man can tell whether or not she loves him by paying close attention so if you want to be in love, then be but not fake it or you gonna be the one to lose in the end.


#What Do Men Want In A Woman


#1 Men want women to be honest: They don’t like being lied to, and it’s not uncommon for a man in his twenties or thirties to ask “have you ever been married” before they’ll date someone new. It’s always best, to tell the truth! If not, one day the truth will come out eventually anyway.


#2 He wants a woman who is playful: Men want women who can be playful. They like to have fun and enjoy the little things in life. A playful marriage or relationship means a happy relationship.


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When a woman is always so straightforward, it ends up bringing insecurity and jealousy and when this happens, trust is destroyed. Every man wants to experience love too just like the women.


#3 A woman who is emotionally mature: Every man wants an emotionally mature woman. Men want relationships where they can feel loved

A woman who is on her own emotional path can be very attractive to men because she’s not waiting for him to fill in all of those blanks or expecting that he knows what will make her happy without listening from her firsthand. When a woman has reached emotional maturity she won’t need as much validation from others which means more time free for the relationship with themselves and their partner- meaning less stress overall!

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#4 A Woman Who Is Caring:

Every man wants to be loved and every woman’s main desire is to love. When a man feels like his partner has this unconditional quality of care, it can make him feel more connected to her emotionally which creates an environment where he will want to spend time with her even when she isn’t trying hard around the house or cooking meals for him.


A caring woman can take on many forms but at the end of the day if you are giving your all in any way possible then that means something- regardless! If you could see yourself as one who cares about others without asking anything back from them, I hope these tips were helpful.

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#5 An Independent woman:

This is not a requirement for every man but in many cases, men want to be with someone who can stand on their own two feet. Men like women who are strong and independent because they know that those types of females will respect them as well as others around them! When a woman stands up for herself it creates an environment where he knows she has his back at all times which makes the relationship stronger.


Men also appreciate when female opinions so this quality might make you more attractive than other qualities if your opinion differs from theirs or even if it’s just different enough to make things fun! If you could see yourself as one capable of standing out without leaning too much on anyone else’s shoulder then I hope these tips were helpful.


Some other things every man wants in a woman are;

being honest with him because they don’t like liars but this does not mean that they are perfect but then, they deserve the best too. he also likes someone who has some sparkle or spunkiness – something which will keep him interested over time, etc.

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