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when love happens 2


 When love happens 2


Chapter 2 of when love happens

(after they all agreed to the challenge rules and later departed to

their homes.

Mike wasn’t himself anymore so he started thinking and making

plan on who to flirt with for the two months’ challenge)

Two days passed, he still didn’t make a choice of the lady he

wants to use as bet yet.

On the third day, he went out jogging then beside the

Amusement park, he saw some group of individuals doing cookies


As a business man, he walked up to them to required about the

business on reaching there he discover that they were just paid to

promote the business which means that the actual owner

wasn’t there with them.

So he called one of the promoter which was a lady. (and the

conversation went like this)

Mike: hello there (he smile at her)

F Promoter: hello sir.

Mike: (flirting) you look beautiful on that T shirt.

F Promoter: Thank you, you are not looking bad either.

Mike: what are you guys promoting?

F Promoter: products from a bakery store.

Mike: tell me about it

F Promoter: Okay. We have cakes/cupcakes, pizza, shawama,

cookies etc.

We give you 20% discount on pizza, shawama, cakes that you

order from the store this season and 5% discounts on cookies.

Mike: that’s a great deal. I would like to try it out but first, give

me the address or contact details.

F Promoter: (smiles) I can give you my contact number for now.

Then when we get to know each other, I can then give you the

address. For security purposes.

Mike: (smiles at her) okay no problem. But I was actually asking

for the store address or contact details.

F Promoter: oh I’m sorry, I thought you were asking of my own

personal contact and address.

I’m sorry please.

Mike: it’s okay I understand. It happened all the time.

(after giving him the address of the store, he departed. On

reaching home that evening, he told

his friends about the incident that occur and also about the plan

of making a deal with the store.)

Around 8am on the next day, he decided to visit the store, so he

dressed up and left.

When he reached the store he sat down and a waiter walked up

to him with a menu after checking the menu, he decided to make

an order so as to sit and observe the movements in bakery.

Few minutes later a waiter came out when he looked, it was a

beautiful lady walking up to set the order on his table then he

said Hi, but before he could make another statement, the lady

already left to attend to another customer.

But he kept starring at the lady until he was done eating. He then

walked up to the counter to pay his bill using credit card.

While the payment was still in process,

Mike: Hi I’m Michael Sharks but you can call Mike. And may I

know who the beautiful lady behind the counter is?

Kristina: (smiles) I’m Kristina

Mike: so Kristina, do you work here full-time?

Kristina: actually am the owner of the bakery.

Mike: that’s nice, a career lady right? The beautiful woman that

owns this beautiful store.

Kristina:  yes that’s me Mr. Mike the co-founder of M3 groups of


Mike: wait a minute, so you know me?

Kristina: who doesn’t know you in this country. I’m a great fan of

yours, I started my bakery

store a year ago after reading some marketing articles on your


Mike: wait, you knew who I was from the very start and you also

happen to be my fan, then

why didn’t you save me the stress of starting a conversation?

Kristina: so is it a taboo to initiate a conversation with your fan

even if the person is not up to

your class?

Mike: oh no, don’t get me wrong. Just that, I don’t remember the

last time I start a

conversation with a lady.

Kristina: I see, I’m sorry that I don’t behave like other ladies.

(the chat continued for about 10 minutes)

Mike: It was nice meeting you. Can I get your personal contact if

you don’t mind?

Kristina: seriously? My personal contact? Are you trying to flirt

with me right now?

Mike: hahaha of course not. You know, I might even run some

review on your business to bring

more costumers for you. You can never tell.

Kristina: (smiles) okay. This is my card.

Mike: thanks. I will call you at night.

(he left the bakery to the office)

Moses: hwfa man, you are late.

Mike: yea, sorry man. I went to that bakery store today.

Miracle: so? How did it go? Did they agree to advertise with our


Mike: I didn’t even remember about that. But I saw something.

Miracle: what did you see that caused you to forget the deal you

went there for goodness sake?

Moses: Is only a lady that can cause this confusion.

Miracle: ah (he laughed) my man, was it truly a lady matter?

Mike: well yea but, is not really that. If you see this lady, the way

she talked.

There was something about her that I’ve never seen before on all

these ladies.

But don’t worry guys, the deal is off but the bet is on. I got this…


(To Be continued on when love happens 3…)

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