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Krish: hahahha girl you wish…

Kristina: what?? Michael sharks is your brother? like biological brother?

Krish: are you playing with us right now?

Sarah: no I’m not.

Kristina: but since when? You guys are not even bearing the same name.

How come he is your brother or is he your village brother?

Sarah: see, you girls only know my first and last name which is Sarah S. Anderson

Krish: So?

Sarah: the “S” in my name stands for Sharks. Which is Sarah Sharks Anderson.

Kristina: shut…… up!!! Are you serious?

Kristina and Krish: (wow) we are sorry. We didn’t …….

Sarah: (cuts in) It’s okay girls… people like calling him that even in my present and perhaps, you

girls never knew he was my brother.

Kristina: wow so what more secret have you kept from us?

Sarah: hahahahahha.

At the end of the discussion.

Sarah: so please can you befriend my brother for now at least let’s see if having a decent

female friend beside him will change him?

Kristina: will change him? How will having a female friend change him?

Sarah: Mike mindset is that every lady that comes closer to him is coming for his money so

he doesn’t believe in friendship with an opposite sex.

Krish: so you mean that my sister will not make any money from this project to avoid wrong


Kristina: come!!! Were you trying to use me and make money?

Krish: lols not like that na. at least you need an upkeep.

Sarah: name your price I will pay you.. but please don’t make him fall in love with you thus

He will try flirting with you, keep it in a friendship level to avoid anyone getting hurt.

What do you say?

Kristina: okay I will give you a respond by tomorrow after dinner with your brother.

Krish: yes!!! I knew you will do it… game on..

Kristina: hey lady….. I didn’t say I will. I said till tomorrow.

(they all laughed)

Before 8pm, Mike was always in Kristina living room waiting for

her to get set for them to go for

dinner. Kristina then came out she was on red short gown with silver accessories.

Mike: wow!!! You look extraordinary on red.

Kristina:(smiles) thank you.

Mike: may we? (he pointed to the car packed in the entries.)

Kristina: yea sure.

(on reaching there)

Kristina: wow this place is beautiful

Mike: yea it is. Is this your first time here?

Kristina: yes

Mike: you don’t mean it…

Kristina: I mean it…. I’ve always wanted coming here with my sis.

Mike: that means I choose the right place for this dinner.

Kristina: (smile) I guess.

Waiter: welcome sir.

Mike: how are you?

Waiter: fine sir.

Mike: is our table ready?

Waiter: yes sir.. please follow me.

(while they were eating)

Mike: do you like the food?

Kristina: I love it..

Mike: smile. I’m glad you do. So tell me about yourself?

Kristina: nothing much about me. I’m just a simple Akwa Ibom lady from the family of three.

Two girls one boy, my brother just had admission into NIT

Mike: that’s nice what about your sister?

Kristina: her name is krish we live together.

Mike: “krish”, “Kristina”

Kristina: lols actually her name is Christabel we are identical twins. Too much India movies she

felt in love with the name krish.

Mike: that’s cool. Like I’m in love with you now?

Kristina: hahahaha.

Mike: I’m serious, I like you.

Kristina: mike, liking someone is normal.

Mike: hahahaha abi. So what do you want me to do now?

Kristina: we can just be friends you know? At least get to know each other.

Mike: two adults being just friends? Is that even possible?

Kristina: you may never know unless you try experimenting it.

Mike: hmmm okay. If you say.

Kristina: what’s your own story the one that media doesn’t know.

Mike: hahaha well, we are just two. I and my sister, her name is Sarah, she is great you will like

her when you meet her.

Kristina: yea she is great.

Mike: have you met her before?

Kristina: oh no, but I can’t wait.

Mike: okay.

Kristina: is getting late we should start going.

(they both stood up and walked to the car)

Kristina: did you pay those guys?

Mike: yea It was booked so I paid online.

(he took her home and then departed to his house)

On reaching home, he saw his friends already seated in the front stage waiting for his arrival.

When he saw he started laughing.

Mike: come guy una no get una houses again? (don’t you guys have houses again)

Moses: shut up this one na house?

Miracle and Mike: laughed…

Miracle: tell us did it go well?

Mike: we….. (pause as his phone started ringing) shhhh stop talking she is calling.

(he picked the call)

Kristina: hello

Mike: hello beautiful

Kristina: I just wanted to say thanks for the dinner I enjoyed it.

Mike: I’m glad you did. So can we do it again sometime?

Kristina: okay sure. Are you home now?

Mike: yea I’m home. Just missing you.

Kristina: smiles Okay take care of yourself Goodnight dear.

Mike: okay sweet dreams love.

He ended the call.

I told you guys, I run this town, game on…  abi two months? just prepare the 10% and

keep for me.

Miracle and Moses looked at each other but said nothing.

Krish: wow that guy is really ready to twist your brain girl. Please be smart.

Kristina: see who is giving someone advice.

They all laughed.

Sarah: I know he is my brother but Krish is right this time please be careful he is good.

Kristina: okay I will.

(Kristina and Mike kept updating their friends about the progress of their friendship but things

started changing on the fourth week, they started being secretive no more update to their

friends, no more conference calls, no more putting of phone on speaker while calling one


On the second week of the second month, Mike got sick and was hospitalize. When Kristina

heard it she decided to visit.

Kristina: good afternoon nurse

Nurse: yes…..

Kristina: looking for Mr. Michael sharks.

Nurse: and you are?

Kristina: Family

Nurse: okay room 14 VIP quarters.

Kristina: thank you.

On reaching there, Mike was awake and his friends were with him.

Kristina: hi

Moses and Miracle: hi

Mike: babe

Kristina: how is your health?

Mike: I’m getting better.

Moses: cough

Mike: oh guys this my dearie friend. And babe these are my friends, Miracle and Moses. We

growth up together.

Kristina: wow is great to finally meet you guys.

Moses: same here.

Miracle: we’ve heard a lot about you.

Kristina: when will you be discharge?

Mike: today

Kristina: today? But you don’t still look good.

Moses: he insisted on going

Kristina: insist? Why?

Mike: babe soon the media will full this hospital and I can’t stand them.

Moses: but who will take care of you at home this one your sis is sick too?

Kristina: your sister is sick? Wow

Miracle: maybe we will get a maid for him.

Kristina: no need for maid…. I will take care of him

Mike: looked at Moses and Miracle and smiled…. Babe are you sure you want to do this?

Kristina: I guess… or don’t you want me around?

Mike: of course I want you. Just that…

Kristina: then stop talking.

Mike: okay thanks babe. I love you.

Kristina: smiles.. I know.

That evening, Mike was discharge. Kristina moved in with him just for the treatment period.

Few days later,

Miracle: my man.

Mike: welcome guys.

Moses: how’s your health?

Mike: I’m good man. Thanks for coming around….

Moses: anytime man. Perhaps what can you do without us.

Mike: hahahahaha mad man.

Miracle: your babe is really taking care of you oh.

Moses: I swear. See how a sick man shine.

Mike: hahaha well she is a good lady am telling you.

Miracle: but my man, you try oh.

Mike: for wetin? (for what)

Miracle: keeping her till now, guy what is the secret, you don fall in love so? (have you fallen in love).

( Kristina coming out from the kitchen overheard their discussion. She waited at the lobby to

hear more)

Moses: See question oh guy, what else will keep this kind of guy that doesn’t believe that love

still exist without money in this bondage till now if not our 10% of the company shares.

Mike: guy wetin dey do you? (what’s wrong with you) don’t allow my babe to hear you oh.


(before Mike could finish talking, Kristina left, she went to the room and packed her stuff. On

reaching the living room)

Moses and Miracle: hi Kristina

Kristina: hello guys, (she turned to Mike) something came up at the bakery that require my

immediate attention. So I will have to run.

Mike: okay…… but what’s with the box?

Kristina: which of the box?

Mike: your box

Kristina: oh yea the box. I need to stop by the house and pick new set of clothes.

Mike: are you okay?

Kristina: yea I’m fine.

Mike: okay babe. Call me once you reach. I………

(she left immediately before Mike could complete his word) love you.

Moses: is everything okay with you guys?

Mike: yea everything is okay…. I guess.

Miracle: Moses, you were right oh, our man is in love.

Mike: smiles…. shut up…….

Three days later, Kristina, krish and Sarah were at the bakery

Sarah: girl I’ve never seen you like this, is everything okay between you and my brother?

Kristina: yea, yea, everything is fine.

Krish: come on Kristina, tell us what the problem is. If is Mike, then I will get him beat up for

you. You know na

Kristina: smiles thanks dear, but he did nothing to me. Just that I just don’t know what to

believe any more after what I heard from them.

Krish: what did they say and who are the them?

Kristina: M3 of course. Do you know that this guy used me in winning a 10% share of the

company bet he had with his friends.

Krish: oh Lord shivah

Sarah: come krish, must you be saying that all time. The earlier you realized that you are not

an Indian, the better.

Kristina and krish: laughed

Krish: but that guy wicked.

Sarah: wicked? What makes him different from us? Were also playing a game don’t ever forget that.

Krish: well, that’s true but still, he played with my sis emotions.

Sarah: krish don’t be sentimental. You know very well that your sister doesn’t love anyone

except her bakery.

Krish: hmm Sarah are you that dump? When your brother got sick and you turned your back on

him, my sister had to move in with him, just to take care of him what more do you want to see

before you notice the changes in front of you that she loves your brother.

Sarah: hmm she loves my brother? What love is that if she can’t even admit it in front of us.

I don’t think……

Kristina: (cut in) can you girls please stop. I know the plan wasn’t to fall for him, but what did

you expect me to do. After moving in with him, I notice so many things about him, I felt at

home, safe and loved.. no man has ever treated me the way your brother did. I can’t believe

he was twisting my brain. How could I be so stupid to believe in love again.

Sarah: again?

Krish: well, Sarah everyone has a story.

Sarah: hmmm so let me get it straight… do you still love my brother?

Kristina: I love him

Sarah: but he played you? What will you do about that?

Kristina: we are not innocent either remember, I wish all his words were true. I can’t believe I

fell for that. My heart just deceive me..

Sarah: then if you love him that much, don’t back out.

Kristina: how? He doesn’t even love.

Sarah: I guess he does.

Kristina: how do you know that?

(someone from the table behind Kristina responded) because I told her.

When she looked it was Mike sitting behind them with his friends.

She stood up immediately and wipe her tears.

Kristina: what are you doing here and for how long have you sat there?

Mike: I came to take you home… and for how long have stayed there, well long enough that

krish couldn’t join again in the discussion because I begged her not to.

Kristina: take me home as what?

Mike: I love you

Kristina: you love me? Is there a new bet on ground and you need me to win again?

Mike: come on Kristina, I will be a fool not to love you.

Kristina: then what about the bet?

Mike: I was hurt, I didn’t know what to do any more but when I met you, you were different. I

could have called off the bet since if only I knew that you were real.

I only realized it when my Sister told me about the plan you girls had.

Kristina: “plan”?” your sister”( she turned to Sarah and said) start talking.

Sarah: well you stopped updating us about the progress of your friendship with him, you

changed, you were no more doing conference call. So I decided to find out by going to stay

with him during that weekend.

Krish: eheheh you told us you were going to visit your family not your brother.

Sarah: yea, but Mike is my family too.

Kristina: please keep talking Sarah…

Sarah: when I reached there, I also discover that my brother changed too. He couldn’t stop

talking about you. I couldn’t endure my brother getting hurt again so I told him everything.

Kristina: everything huh?

Mike: yea she told me everything, how you don’t believe in love also and how they planted you

in my life as a friend. But it was too late because I was already in love with you.

Sarah: I knew you were in love with my brother even when you didn’t want to admit so from

seeing the changes from the both side, we decided to change the game.

Mike: I wasn’t sick, it was just part of the plan. Come on Kristina, if you didn’t love me, you

couldn’t have come to look after a grow up guy like me.

Moses: so the doctor, the drugs, the reaction on your face?

Mike: well, that’s our family doctor, the drugs were just vitamins and as for the reactions, they

were real.

I’m allergic to cheese but to make it look real, I had to take it then I called my doctor to be

stand by.

See, I’ve not been this serious in my life for a long time, believe me babe. I love you and I’m

sorry I played you.

Kristina: smiles you took cheese just to get my full attention… I’m sorry that you had to go

through that just to make me realized who much I needed you.

Mike: then marry me, I promise to be faithful.

Kristina: hahahaha I know…

Mike: hmmm you know? Sarah told you about my past?

Kristina: hmmm I guess..

Everyone started laughing…..

Mike: then will you marry me or will you like to confirm from Sarah first?

Kristina: hahahaha of course I will marry you.

Mike: Thanks sis I hold you one big time.

Sarah: anything for family.

Moses moved closer to Krish

Moses: are you single…….

Krish: smile.. yea.

Moses: can I ask you out?

Krish: as a date?

Moses: yea if you don’t mind

Krish: I don’t mind…

Everyone started shouting………. As celebration started…






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