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when love happens is one of my original play.

There lived three friends Mike, Moses and Miracle (M3).

Mike was tall, chocolate skin and muscular, Moses was cute but

short, Miracle was fair, tall and slim.

These three have been friends since childhood that everybody

who knew them started calling them M3.

M3 were so closed that they never wanted to separate from one

another even their parent never tried to separate them.

M3 have been together until university level.

In the university, Mike studied computer science, Moses

marketing while Miracle studied Law.

At the end of their study year, Mike was able to obtain a master

degree scholarship to study in India best Institution of


Miracle was called to bar immediately he completed his education

and Moses went into digital marketing businesses.

Few years later, Mike was through with his Masters and decided

to come back to the country.

Even when his parent asked him to stay over there and start a life

maybe go for doctoring, he said No.

On reaching the country, he now decided to bring up a business

idea during his sit out with his friends. Which they all agreed to it.

A month later, Mike being good in his field, decided to build a site

with the niche m3gist and later shared

responsibilities between his friends.

Moses was in charge of the marketing, advertisement, promotions


Miracle was in charge of the latest trending in national and

international news and Mike was in charge of the maintenance

and also programming tutor.

A year later, their m3gist website started gaining popularity they

then went further and rented a building to use as a company.

With this, they started helping people running local businesses in

their city by registering their businesses, products with m3gist for


Mike, Moses, Miracle founders of m3gist marketing group of

companies was recognized all over the world.

Mike being the brain behind m3gist, tall and handsome guy, he

could get any lady he decides with that, he believed that there is

nothing like love without money.

His friends tired talking him out of his flirting life style but it was

in vain.

One day they were having lunch in a restaurant when a lady

walked up to their table and said “Hello handsome” when they

looked up Mike discover that she was referring to him so he

looked at his friends and later turned around and smile at the

lady and said, “Hello beautiful”.

Am Sandra she said and I’m Mike. So, Mr. Mike do you mind we

speaking on phone?

Then handed over her card to Mike before Mike could respond.

Then he said sure who with his right senses wouldn’t call a

beautiful damsel like you. They both smile and held hands for a

minute then left.

(Immediately she left)

Mike discovered that his friends were starring at him with surprising eyes, he then laughed and said what?

Am I the one that went for that one or she came to me? Guys see

that’s life, when you are tall, cute and rich, love is very simple to get.

Miracle: (to mike) you better be careful because being cute and

rich does not prevent disease when it comes knocking.

(they all laughed and started eating their launch)

Miracle was really disturbed by his friend’s life style he then

decided to discuss it with Moses so that they can make a plan on

how to make him stop.

(That evening, they went to Mike’s apartment while chatting and

watching India love movies, an idea came into Moses head and he

spoke out)

Mike, have you ever stick with one lady up to a month before?

Moses asked.

On hearing the question, Mike laughed, Of course not… why

should I be wasting my time

while there are other ladies out there waiting for their own share

of this (he touched his body).

Miracle and Moses decided to use his statement to their own

advantage knowing very well that Mike doesn’t like losing to

anyone when it comes to challenges.

So they said Mike if you date a particular lady for at least two

months, we will give you 10% of our share of the company.

But he laughed then stir at them and said you are kidding? Then

he discovered that they were not smiling so he said, you guys are

not kidding?

We are serious but it’s okay, we already knew you can’t do it.

(he was mute for some minutes)

He said, but two months is too much now….

Miracle: So do you agree or you are backing out?

Mike: No I agree, perhaps 10% from you both will go a long way.

But I got to choose the lady I want. Do you guys agree with me?

Miracle and Moses: (both agreed) you are the boss.



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  1. Promise says

    This is a nice story.. I am anticipating to read thenexr episode

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