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Many of us don’t like hearing the word let’s be friends because it irritates us we prefer it to be a Yes or a No.

“Let’s called a spade a spade” but one thing we do forget is that friendship is the most important reason we want to get into a relationship with a particular person at a particular time and that’s why it plays an important role

Before we talk more, what is friendship to us.


“FRIENDSHIP” has so many meanings, it means attachment, good-fellowship, familiarity, harmony, alliance, fondness etc etc.

We will further say “Friendship is the process whereby different individuals or animals comes together to associate.

“Anyone we can’t make friends with, we can’t establish a good relationship with the person” No matter how hard we try, we will only end up pretending to love the person just to fulfill all righteousness. Click To Tweet

Note that, in this kind of situation, Happiness and peace of mind is very far away.

Many people feel bad when they hear the word can we just be friends? let’s be friends etc. And with that,they give up on trying, if you ask them why? they will tell you that there is no need of being friends with someone they are in love with. But that’s very wrong. you liked her?  

what about her? Does she like you but she doesn’t want to jump into the a relationship immediately, then she now decided to use this friendship period to get to know you a little bit. Love is a gradual process, it can get to anyone at any time most times, when you least expected.


A little story:

I have a friend, each time we decide to either hang out or see a movie, she will invite other of her friends alone.

Now one of this her friends who was in a serious relationship according to her, each time she comes around, her fiance will be calling every five to ten minutes to check on her. And each time that occur we will be making fun of them singing love songs for them, but instead of her to be smiling after the calls, she will start lamenting most time.

One day, I decided to ask her why her mood always changed each time the guy calls her. What she said marvels me

She said” why will a guy be calling me every five to ten minutes anytime I tell him I was going out with friends, is that not in security?

I now ask her what was wrong with that, perhaps is it not what ladies want, she say to me, ladies, not me, cause to me, I don’t like too much phone calls, I prefer text messages.

He calls too much and it makes him looks desperate and with that, I feel uncomfortable.

Immediately I heard that statement, I now decided to interview her.

My questions were as follows;

  1. Do you love him? She said yes she does.
  2. How long have you known him? She said three months.
  3. And how long have you guys dated? She said three months
  4. You dated him that same month you knew him? She said well, it was like a week or two later.


After the whole thing, I now discover that they didn’t create friendship first before they started their relationship. Which means they started their relationship in trial and error.

The man likes phone calls and checking on his fiancee but in the other hand, the fiancee is not okay with it. She is busy complaining all the time because she prefers text messages to phone calls. Now, that’s individual differences.

We may not know the dos and the don’ts of a person unless we are closer to them through friendship.

when friendship is created first, we will get to know who we are dealing with, the persons likes and dislike. Despite the fact that you won’t know everything at that moment but gradually, you will know.” It is better to marry your friend than your lover” your friend knows your ups and downs.

And still stays around, there are things you can’t tell a lover why?Because he or she may run away.

therefore, don’t feel bad if a lady or a guy tells you let’s be friends… what you should worry about is after this, will there be a possibility of something developing between you two or will it just end with let’s be friends.

Well i will say that’s up to you, the things you do and the way you handle things will determine if she will stay or not.


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