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Having a peaceful and understanding marriage Is what everyone ever prays for but most times it likes those wishes are far from what they later got in their marriage. Does that mean that marriage is not a good thing? No, marriage is a good thing, the certainty is that it was originally ordained by God to mankind.

Many people encounter bad marriage with that they end up in divorce as if divorcing is the final solution or option they got.
You can still save your marriage by making your spouse your best friend.
What do I mean here, what I mean is that all it takes to save your marriage is for you to marry your best friend.


1. IS YOUR SCHOOL MATE: Being your school mate in this aspect doesn’t mean you both must attend the same Nursery, high school, or college together.
In this aspect, it simply means someone you can learn things with, someone who knows that no one is perfect that life itself is a learning process, whereby he/she is ready to learn alongside you.
In the process of doing that, you two keep on growing together in knowledge.

2.  YOUR BEST FRIEND IS YOUR PLAYMATE: There is no happy home without fun. I don’t mean fun only when you need something from your spouse, I mean leisure even when you are not demanding sex or money.

Ladies in the site, how will you feel if while cooking or making some cookies in the kitchen and your husband steps in pretending to be kissing you but end up running away from the kitchen with one of your cookies???
Men in the site, how will you feel if your wife steps into the living room while sitting with the guys and leave you with an unexpected kiss? Is lovely,, right?

Now, watch out for such marriages because that’s a happy home and that only occurs because they understand each other, they know what each other are capable of, the likes and dislikes. They know their limit. This occurs when you marry your best friend.

3. IS YOUR TWINS: Did I say marry your sister or your brother?? No ooooo lol twin here means to marry someone who looks like you, thinks like you, someone you are compatible with.
It may be in your way of life, character-wise, etc. Someone who wants what you want,  someone who is not the opposite of your very self but instead he/she is your carbon copy.

4. IS YOUR SECRET KEEPER: Having someone you can share your secrets with and not getting scared that you will hear it from a third party aside from the two of you, is a good thing and you can only share that with your best friend, not your lover.

5. IS ALWAYS HONEST WITH YOU: If you do things and everyone claps hands for you always and no one questions you or rebuke you when you are wrong then it means you are with the wrong people, which will not help you to grow.

Your best friend is someone who will treat your fuck up and still take you back no matter what crazy thing you did.

6. YOUR OUTING MATE: If you have someone around you yet you don’t feel comfortable or energetic, it simply means that you are with the wrong person, so you need to figure it out before it’s too late.

Whosoever you are with should be like a duplicate of you. This means you both needs to think alike sometimes. 

7. HE IS YOUR PRAYER PARTNER: That’s nothing that interest one in marriage when it comes to spiritual matters like marrying a man or woman who prays the same prayer point with you instead of praying the opposite.

I can go on and on telling you who your best friend is or who your best friends are but I will not do that, I will stop here for now and therefore walk you through more things about best friend.

Qualities Of A Best Friend

1. Honesty
2. Understanding
3. Supportive
4. Accommodating

After listing a few of these,  now the question is why should you marry your best friend?
1. Your best friend will always be honest with you
2. He/she will not be learning how to understand you because it was already established.
3. Communication will not be hard to establish either.

4.  After communication and understanding, you need a fun and lively home, that’s where accommodation comes into play.
If you are a fun kind of person, you will also have a best friend that is living like you, and that will help in making your marriage fun.

5.  He or she knows your likes and dislikes.
6. He/she knows your flaws but still hangs around like a best friend to support you even when there is reason to give up but no, I can’t leave my best friend because he needs me now more than ever.

Note this, that’s the best quality of a good best friend. So don’t joke with this kind of people.



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