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Couple Questions: 6 Reasons Why The Wrong Couple Still Exist Now


Couple Questions: Why Do We Have Unhappy Couple

Before you think of getting married to that beautiful lady, handsome man, there is always something you need to do to avoid mistakes, there are some of the couple questions you need to ask yourself before a step into a home.

Many homes are destroyed and divorce today because of avoiding those things they were to considered before becoming a couple.

Marriage is a beautiful thing, is like heaven on earth, seeing yourself with your kids, and husband/wife, but it is like hell when you are with the wrong person who wasn’t made for you. 

Don’t be too carried away because you want to get married, that’s why in this article, I will be giving you some important couple questions in which you need to sit down and think about them before saying “Yes I do”

Below are some of the couple questions you need to ask;

  1. VISION: When we go for a man with television and leave

a man with a vision there is a possibility of marrying the wrong

person. But still, that doesn’t mean that it is taboo for a man

with a vision to also get a television.

Don’t use that as an excuse to cage someone’s daughter in

perpetual poverty just because you have a vision that made

never manifests because you do nothing about it. If you have a

vision, work on it in and on time not until when she leaves you

your eye now open. (and please if you don’t work on the vision

you have while she is still with you and after some years of her

spending with you and she now decides to move on, please don’t

call her a hole digger because no one is in love with poverty.

As a lady, is that the kind of man you want? If you are not sure, sit down with him, bring out some of the couple questions and let him tell you his plans, if it is in line with yours, then you should know what next to do in other to grow together.

  1. SEX: Yes, I said it. when sex is too early and nice we think

that’s it we are sexually satisfied we don’t care about any other

thing outside that.

Sex makes a GMR – Genetically Modified Relationship, early

maturing… Instead of thinking about how to make the

relationship better, we start thinking of how to make the next sex

escapade better. we don’t check other aspects if the man is good

for a life partner instead we check if he is good in bed.

If Se* is not really why you want to get married, then ask yourself some of the couple questions like; After marrying him or her, will I have happiness and enjoy my marriage, or will it only be when we are in the bedroom?

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  1. MONEY:

Even the scripture says; “the love of money is the root of evil or

maybe even route to all evil”…

Money is a spirit and it can make us become a couple with evil, wrong people.

For example: when a guy has money, different kinds of ladies are

attracted to him including snakes and with that, he will be

confused about who to marry. He will start seeing the decent ladies

has so straight.

In the manner, when a lady has money, some good guys with low

self-esteem get scared of her because of her wealth…

And with that, she only ends up with chaps with nothing to offer

except for their funny English accent…

With too much money it is difficult to make a great choice when it

comes to marriage.

Too much money gives you too much access to the wrong chaps…

And if you are not careful, you end up marrying a cadre. By the

way, cadres are always up for sale to the highest bidder.

Ask yourself a couple of questions; am I marrying for love or for money? If you have peace of mind after this, then you can decide what next to do.

Never marry for money, because one day, you might regret it.

  1. CHURCH:

In the circular world, it is said you are allowed to kiss a

few frogs before you meet your prince or princess charming.

But many churches do not tolerate this. If you keep changing partners, it leads to immorality.

So with this, you are compelled to stick with one church member even without the atom of love just because of fear of what the members will say, you keep faking to be a happy couple.

He could be prayerful and a candidate for heaven, yes, but marrying them, you start experiencing hell on earth.

Just because he or she can speak in tongues does not mean that

they know how to speak to a partner.

At the time, is because you don’t want to disappoint papa, even without knowing if papa will disapprove the union if you go to him but because of fear, you stay

and end up marrying the wrong person.

The Couple questions: Am I in control of my home or the church? Is it through God’s will? Lord if it is your will, speak to me. Have you ever been asked him to show you a sign before? If not, this is the right time to do that.


many people lose out because of this point. they want people

with class, people with high profiles, they end rejecting the good

ones because they are busy looking for chaps.

Going for a shining star is not taboo but when you are looking

for it in the wrong place and at the wrong time is the case.

Are you looking for hips, six-pack? Don’t let those hips deceive

you, don’t let that six-pack cheat you…

There is more to marriage than slay king, slay Queen.

Beauty becomes an added advantage when you marry the right person.

But the chap you married because of beauty, becomes a beast. (the couple is warned)..

A couple of questions: Does his or her looks speak the same as his heart? Does he have a beautiful heart just like his physical looks?

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In a family, there is always that  one aunt or uncle from the

the village who thinks they know better who we  should marry; “no,

you can’t marry that tribe.. no you can’t marry someone with

such a career,  Iyammi ami udotto (that one doesn’t suit you)”.

And before we know it, we are choosing and marrying for our

the family instead of doing it for ourselves. Some of us are in the wrong

relationships right now because our friends told us that another guy

was not cool enough.

We had no idea what they meant but we listened to them… And

now we are dating and almost marrying the wrong person just

because we had no courage to stand on our own decision, we

allow our friends to decide for us which at times 30% was a good

advice while 70% is wrong. choose who to couple with wisely.

A couple of questions: If this marriage is a wrong choice, who is going to face the trauma? Is it going to be my home that I will have a voice or is it going to be run by our parents in which they will almost all the decisions for you?

Don’t make the mistake of ending up with the wrong person because you will not like the taste of it.

I wish you a blessed home indeed.


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