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9 Most Common Parenting Mistakes you did not know


Serious Parenting Mistakes we do

Being a parent does not mean that you are above making mistakes. Being a parent determines a lot of work and one of those works is trying all your best to avoid the many parenting mistakes, other parents do.

As a parent, it is possible to make a lot of mistakes without even knowing or noticing your partner, children, etc.

Being a parent is a big and greater responsibilities as to when you were just you and your spouse or when you were single.

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Parenting mistakes happening does not signify that one is a bad parent but when it is obvious, then it is. Because as a parent which you have become, your next duty to make sure that you get in the good side of your kids.

Now the case is “How can you do that” being on the good side of your kids without spoiling them?

This is where this article is necessary, the points here might be common, or even the most common but it is among the most critical parenting mistakes that a lot of parents do not take nor see as anything.

Now what are those parenting mistakes;

1 Having a Favorite: As a parent, picking a side among your children is a very wrong move that you will only end up dividing the love the children shared.

Envy in a family is always started by the parents, when daddy loves the second daughter most and mummy loves the first son most, these few things generate conflicts in the home between siblings.

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2 Ignoring Their Social Life: No matter how busy you are, ignoring your child’s social life is a sign that you don’t care about whatever he or she does with their lives, and that gives them room to become whatever they like.

As a parent, avoiding these parenting mistakes is something you shouldn’t play with. Because whatever your child or children becomes tomorrow can be trace to their childhood.

Get to know the kind of friends your children keep, know their girlfriends and boyfriends, know their hidden talents.

Yeah hidden talents, sometimes find time and sit out with your kids and have a friend to friend discussion and not a parent and kid discussion. With this, he or she will open up to you, telling you all the talents they have discover they have and the once they are yet to find out.

Use this to help them on the ones that you know that there are good but never try to stop them.

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3 Don’t make them perfect: There is nothing like perfect, so you as a parent asking your child to be perfect when you are not perfect is like telling the child to leave his or her and live your own life for you.

Which on one day, it will backfire. Yeah, backfire in a way that if care is not taken, you will end up losing the relationship you once had with them.

Teach your child the good ways of life and things that are bad, but don’t try to predict or decide their every move because when they have the opportunity to voice out, they will.

A perfect child will only being a pretending child. Pretending to be perfect in your presence but worst in your absence.

4 Always Scolding Them: Rebuking your child as a parent is not a bad thing, it means that you want them to walk in the right path. But when you become over protective and constantly scolding them, they will definitely get use to it.

Knowing that if they commit that all you will do is your normal scolding as usual. And that’s bad because instead of your children respecting you and obeying you, they will become actors in your presence.

5 Comparison: Comparing your child to another person’s child is very bad and not to talk of comparing your first son to your second son. then you are looking for a fight between siblings.

Comparison kills marriages and likewise parents and children relationships. so to avoid these parenting mistakes, you just have to ensure that you stay away from comparing your child to his or her friends or comparing them between siblings.

You as a parent may think that you just wanted his or her to sit up to try and be perfect like the siblings, but to the one that is involved, that’s not the interpretation.

The interpretation is that you don’t love him or her just the same way you love the siblings. and with this, he will seeing himself as a rejected child and these kind of parenting mistakes are critical and must be avoided by all means.

The are other ways of correcting a child without comparing them to each other. You just have to create a good relationship with the kids and you will see everything falling into place.

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6 Overlooking issues: Is good that you want your kids to be able to be taking care of themselves in your absence, but what about as you are around? here, parenting mistakes includes you ignoring to fix problem between your children.

No matter how busy you are, always remind them how much you love them and why they should love themselves even more.

7 Give them space: Giving your child space does not mean that you shouldn’t look into how they have become has they are growing. A child who is to spoil will still spoil no matter how you them in your shadow, one day they will still escape.

Give them space that they can explore and see how life is and with that, they will know why it is necessary not to play with life.

8 Understemating them: Motivation helps a child to try to be better everyday. Never understemate your child even when you know and see their weakness, use it to motivate them to be better.

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9 Not being their friend: To avoid parenting mistakes, be your children best friend. It will help you to establish a good relationship with them.

But how will that do it? there are things that your children cannot have the boldness to tell you as a parent, but if they see you as their best friend, they will open up to you without thinking twice.

There are making other parenting mistakes and i will be updating it regularly so please come back again.

And good luck in creating relationship with your kids or future kids.

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