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12 Small ways on how to be a better husband now


how to be a better husband

Wedding is sweet and beautiful, especially on your imported suit, and a beautiful lady that you have been eyeing for a long time finally stands beside you in a white gown on the alter smiling at you and you do the same. But have you ever check on or pray about how to be a better husband when you marry.

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It will be an error if after the wedding night, in a few weeks, months, a year, etc you two start fighting over some unnecessary things that as a couple, it suppose not to be an issue.

So before getting married, one of your prayer points should be Lord show me how to be a better husband and father that every child or woman will be proud to have in their lives, not the one that will always remind them that it is better to be single or fatherless than having you in their lives.
Make your woman proud of having you not as a perfect husband but as the best husband she could ever ask for.

—Best husband qualities—-

For you to be a better husband, there are some qualities you must possess in other to make this marriage work and some of these best husband qualities are stated below;

1 Be a friend, a big brother, a son: You can’t stay long with someone if you don’t establish a good friendship with them. Yeah, you might be saying what does friendship has to do with marriage? But I will tell you this, friendship has everything to do with your marriage.

Friendship helps you in creating a good atmosphere for communication.
It also helps in building trust. Without trust, no marriage can work.
It will help you be accommodative.
It also generates peace in the home. Etc.

So be a friendly big brother and a son to her that she can lean on or open up to when she feels like talking to someone about something that is bothering her within.

so the first step on how to be a better husband is be her best friend

2 Believe in yourself: if you don’t believe in yourself, no matter what your wife tries doing will look like a waste of time to you.

So first discover who you are, what God has in store for you, and work hard for it.

The best thing that can happen to you is when you are using yourself as a good example when your kids come to you for advice. It makes them proud of you and also a motivation to them.
“If my father can make it, it means I can make it even better.”

You can only strike to be better in life or in anything you do, only if you believe in yourself.

3 Drop the mentality of I am the man: Well, yeah you are the man and no one is struggling with you over that, but there is some level you will reach in life or in your home that you will say let me do it, or let me help.

You may not know how to cook, but you know how to boil water, you may not know how to do that but you know how to chat with someone, etc.

Drop man mentality in the sitting room, go to the kitchen while your wife is trying to fix a meal, keep her company, by chatting with her, looking for her trouble, claiming to do it better than her, offer an assisted hands even if you don’t know how to do that thing.

Why all these?? It will help trigger the feelings.
ii. Most ladies use the kitchen as their quiet place to think both about positive and negative things, but you as the husband being there with her, can help not just her but you in bringing your wife’s thought back to you.
Instead of thinking about something else, she will start thinking about you, and how lucky she is to have you.Be supportive: being supportive does not only have to be about money but believing in her, her dreams, her plans will be a big thing for her.

4 Be an Inspiration: most times discouragement comes and then end up generating depression in us, as a man, understanding your woman’s mode will help you to know when she needs someone to talk to, a shoulder to lean on, and a word of wisdom from you.

5 Distance your friends from your marriage: once you are married, that’s another level in your life, that you won’t want anything to bring you down. There will always be people with a different understanding of what marriage is and what it takes to have a peaceful home.
Keeping your friends out of your marriage will help you to run your home with your wife and not your friends running your home for you.

6 Be passionate: The way you behave and treat your wife determine how your home will be.

being passionate when dealing with your family will be a great way of showing them that you love and care about them.

7 Be Dependable: Allowing your wife to go outside to depend on someone is one mistake you wouldn’t want to do.
Being accountable to your wife in whatever thing that you do will determine if she can depend on you or not.

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8 Availability: A real man is always there for his wife and children no matter the situation at hand.

which means there are always there to play their role as a father no matter what.

9 Not a quieter: when you are not quieter, you will be an independent man, which many women like.

10 Compromise: Before you even think of getting married, you got to know that you are no longer going to be a man alone.

which means whatever you do or act, you have to think about others which include your wife and children.

11 Don’t judge her: Yeah, don’t judge her. she is not perfect neither is she trying to be, instead, she is trying to be the best for you and the children.

In the process of doing that, if she makes a mistake, don’t judge her, cause you will only make her feel less than herself. and I don’t think you want to do that.

12 Communication: Communication is one of the important qualities of a good husband every man should have.
Learn how to communicate with someone without having to fight with the person.
Learn how to talk and sort things out together as a couple.

—–How to be a better husband and father–

Being a better husband: It is very important to try being a better husband because there is no how you can be a better father if you don’t first try being a better father.
For you to be a better husband and father, you must ensure that you possess those best husband qualities in you. And if you discover that you don’t have them, then I will advise you work on yourself first to acquire those qualities before thinking of getting married anytime soon.

So now that you know how to be a better husband.

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