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How To Stop Liking Someone In 4 Simple Ways


How To Stop Liking Someone

For some people, they can’t stop liking someone even if they want to. How many times have you had a crush on someone and just couldn’t shake them off? How many times have you liked someone’s Facebook profile picture or Instagram photo only to find yourself liking their next one?

How often do you find yourself scrolling through your memories of the past year with this person in it, wishing that things could be different between the two of you but still unable to get over them? If any of these things are true for you then we’re here to help! We’ve put together 4 steps that will guarantee your success in getting over whoever it is that has caught your eye.

Before you start reading how to stop liking someone, it is important that you have a reason or you know a reason behind why you want to stop liking the person. because after everything, you might not be able to get that friendship or relationship back and that will be heartbroken. So know the when and the why.

In this, you will not blame the person because you started it, therefore before you go for how to stop liking someone, go for the “WHEN”.

#When should you let go of a crush?

Sometimes, you have to let go of the crush but then how do we know when it is time?

– When they are taken (married)

– When they start dating someone else

– If your feelings change for them and you don’t like them anymore

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In this, many people would want to learn how to stop liking someone but there’s no point because sometimes even if you try hard enough, things just won’t work out. It could be that one person doesn’t feel the same way about another and these types of relationships always end up in heartbreak or perhaps a friend zone. This can happen with family members too! You might really love both sides of the family but as soon as Uncle Jack gets married then, Aunt Suzy will be your aunt by marriage and not blood.

If you have a crush on someone who is in the friend zone then chances are, they already know about it but there’s no way to stop liking them because of that factor. How can you avoid this situation? Simply don’t tell them how you feel! If they find out one day from someone else or if they see a hint, just say “I was only joking” (even though it wasn’t). Of course, this method might take a while for some people–but as long as it works eventually then why not use this strategy?

How To Get Over Someone Who Doesn’t like you back

In order to get over someone who doesn’t like you back:

– Stop seeing him/her – delete their number even if he has been your long-time friend or you have been in some kind of relationship with him.

– Stop looking at their photos and status updates on social media – this way, the memories would start to fade away (trust me!)

– Don’t ask someone out when they are already taken! How does that make any sense? If he’s not single then move onto the next one. Move on and find a new person who likes you back.

If these steps don’t work for you try repeating them until it works because eventually, something will happen where your crush starts liking somebody else which could be an indication that things might just change. So keep trying my lovey! And remember… stop obsessing over what is unchangeable and focus.

#Can someone leave you if they love you?

Some people might think that the person you like can’t leave you if he loves you but I want to let everyone know that this is not true. How many times has someone been in a relationship with somebody and then they find out about their secret lover from years ago? How often do these types of relationships end up in heartbreak which is why it’s important to get over your crush as soon as possible!

The reasons behind getting over someone vary on each individual, so it’s always best that when deciding how long one should stay “in love” or try hard enough to get them back because there could be another person who likes what they see too!

So Yes, someone can leave you even if they love you, most times it is because of your happiness, or because they are deeply hurt by you, etc. So since love is not a do-or-die affair, the best thing is for them to walk out.

#4 ways to stop liking someone

#1 Give them distance:

If you want to stop liking someone, give them distance. How?

– Stop talking or texting with them.

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– Avoiding any kind of contact because they might think it’s just a phase and if it is then don’t try too hard to get back on their good side. They’ll come around eventually but in the meantime, find somebody else who likes you!

This way will work for some people but others might be stubborn so there are more ways that can help make this process easy:

* Remove social media from your life – delete all photos of him/her online and unfollow him/her on Facebook

* It could also be helpful to avoid going where he/she goes unless you meet up by chance.

#2 Avoid Lonely environment for the time being:

Usually, when people are lonely, they tend to think about the person who left them and this makes their hopeless feelings even worse. How can one stop liking somebody in a few days?

– Stay away from all those activities that remind you of him/her – turn off your favorite song if it’s his/hers

– Avoid places where he/she is likely to be (e.g.: work) because seeing her might just make you have more feelings for him than before so stay clear of these scenarios! If you do happen upon each other, act like nothing happened or like everything is fine but don’t look into their eyes too much as this will let them know how serious things really are between the two of you.

#3 Get yourself busy on a daily basis:

If you want to get over somebody who doesn’t like you back, make sure to keep yourself busy on a daily basis. How?

– Join clubs or sports teams

– Start working out – it will help with your stress levels and while exercising, don’t think about him/her because that’s the last thing he wants for his crush is some kind of pity party! How to stop liking someone in just a few days?

Stop going through the past memories.

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#4 Make new friends:

When you start making new friends, it will help distract your attention from the old ones. How to stop liking someone in just a few days?

– Join clubs or sports teams so that you have some other people who are interested in the same things as you – this will give you something else to focus on and make sure not to talk about him/her with them! Remember, he’s not worth it because when they find out how much of an asshole he is then they’ll probably think less of him than before. Besides, there might be somebody better out there for you anyway 😉

* Go ahead and delete his number if possible then ignore any texts he sends but don’t block him yet until we cover our next step.

If only these tips on how to stop liking someone, work for you then please give us some feedback or share.

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