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3 Reasons you should get over the one that got away now


You should get over the one that got away

He is the one that got away, he or she broke up with me, he is the reason my life is like this now, etc So what? Does that mean that you are unimportant? Of course not.

The one that got away only got away because he or she does not know what you carry, he doesn’t know how special you are. Is the person’s loss, and not yours. so cheer up and live on with your precious life.

Yeah, life is precious that’s why you don’t have to waste on the one that got away because he or she did not deserve you or deserve to be with you.

Instead of wasting your life, and your time over someone that did not appreciate you, why not look at the brighter side that is coming your way.

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When one door closes, another one opens. The same goes with a relationship, you can’t force someone to love you, no matter what you do for them, they will only stay as long as you continue doing it for them but once you stop doing those things, they back out.

You don’t have to blame them, they have discover that they are not good or perfect for you, therefore they now decided to step out, and leave your life instead of staying to waste it. Then why not cheer up and celebrate instead of lamenting?

The one that got away only went away so that the one for you will step in, and make your life colorful. The truth is that, the one for you will not come in as long as the one that got away is still in your life.

Do you still want to know why you should let the one that got away to go? Okay, if your answer is yes, then let’s continue.

1 Open doors: As long as you are still holding on to someone or something that is not yours again, you indirectly close doors to your new opportunities , and from meeting someone new.

Let me ask, Why do you want to close your doors when the one that got away as completely got away and he or she has moved on yet you lock yourself in?

The truth is that you will get old and start being an object of pity by friends, family members, neighbors, colleagues, etc. Don’t let someone come and ask you how you are holding up.

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Although it is better another person asks you this than for the same man or woman to come and ask you “how are you doing”? This question is not just a how are you doing question.

It is a question to know if you have moved on or if you are still feeling frustrated. Then why do you want to give him or her that room to do such confirmation. It is worth it? ask yourself that question.

2 You Deserve better: Do you know how special you are? I guess you don’t so let me remind you. You were created with a beautiful future, a future to do great and mighty things, then why do you want to throw that away just because of the one that got away.

What is yours will always be yours but what is yours, can’t be yours no matter what.

3 Failure: Most people do think that once their relationship breaks up that they are failures, well, is not cool to have a broken relationship but it is very bad to have a broken marriage.

So if I want to ask you this question, what will you say “A broken relationship or a broken home”? Yeah, you have tried all your best to make the relationship work but yet he or she decided to still be the one that got away, do you have to destroy yourself all because of that?

To have a broken relationship does not mean that you are a failure, just take it as a step to being a stronger person before you get married.

Why do I say you should take it as a step? It is because marriage is not for the weaklings, you have to be strong to be able to run your home. If not, you will break down.

So don’t waste your time on someone who does not even care if you exist anymore. You are wonderfully and Fearfully made, Don’t let anyone bring you down.


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